What is Conscious Business?

What is Conscious Business?  Is your Company awake?

Conscious business enterprises and people (also sometimes referred to under the label conscious capitalism) are those that choose to follow a business strategy, in which they seek to benefit both human beings and the environment. The Conscious Business movement, which emerged from the theory of corporate social responsibility, pushes for "values-based" economic values where values represent social and environmental concerns at both global and local scales. This effort is related to not-just-for-profit business models, conscious consumerism, and socially responsible investing. 

There is an alternative way of thinking about Conscious Business now emerging, which regards conscious business as more as an on-going process including awareness, self-awareness, awareness of purpose, practice (social theory) and relationships. (source: wikipedia)


  • Want to make an impact with your business?
  • Want to inspire your staff, clients, partners, community, and supporters?
  • Want to build a movement that mobilizes to make a difference?
  • Want to bless your organization with more goodwill and positive karma?
  • Want to increase organic and word of mouth brand awareness for your business?
  • Want to generate more sales and revenue while at the same time helping those in need or improving conditions in key areas that need real support and attention?
  • Want to sleep well at night knowing you are making a contribution to your community, society, and our planet as a whole?

AWAKEN YOUR COMPANY WITH THE PRINCIPLES OF CONSCIOUS BUSINESS.  Together we can and will make positive impacts on our world through the principles of conscious business and entrepreneurship.  

Looking for more insight on conscious business?  Check out these great and popular books on the subject:

Conscious Business; Build Value through Values: http://amzn.to/2gKt0M3

Sacred Commerce; Business as a Path of Awakening: http://amzn.to/2gKwOgH


How is your business adopting conscious principles?  Would you like conscious ideas from an awakening community of ideas to help you shift and raise the vibration and impact of your activities?


Want to raise awareness for your conscious company or projects?

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An Introduction to the Art of High Vibration Living

I have a new newsletter.  And a new mission. Reinforced through a new and emerging brand, and I believe all of these are awesome..

I am blessed to have a lot of people like you following my work and personal journey, often reaching out and seeking more insight through my perspectives on business and life, having watched me evolve and transform and create in so many different and amazing ways over the past few years.  I am truly grateful for all of my opportunities, and your interest and support as well, so thank you.  

This said, its become clear to me that it's time to start openly sharing my ideas and perspectives in a much broader and more tangible way, making these insights accessible to many more who may seek them right around the world, helping others learn some of the things I've come to know, as well as open the doors for you and others to get involved in my visions and projects as I bring them to life, not to mention vice versa.

All I ask is for you to keep an open mind, engage wherever you see fit across any or all of my channels, and let me know if there's anything in particular you're looking for out there as we go.  The most important thing on any path or mission is to simply begin.  No matter where we start, everything always takes new shape and evolves as it's meant to once we do, so, with that in mind, I am now starting to serve up my new tools, insights, and ideas, where the subject matter and value should quite literally speak for itself as my delivery methods, tools, and techniques continue to grow..  

Starting this week, I begin with an introduction to the art of high vibration living; moving from vibrational states of depression, fear, shame, resentment, anger, and self destruction, into states of joy, acceptance, peace, happiness, and abundance.  Check out my first video on the subject below..

Jackpot; How to Change your Life with my Winning Lottery Ticket Formula

Jackpot; How to Change your Life with my Winning Lottery Ticket Formula

We've all been raised to believe the odds of winning the lottery are stacked against us, but the truth is, you can't win if you don't play.  Have you considered how many other kinds of lottery tickets you can actually play with to give yourself much better odds at winning a life changing jackpot?

You might be living 9 to 5, grinding it out everyday, wondering how your life will ever change, how you will move into the fancy apartment, buy a home, or take the family on an awesome trip.  The reality is, the way I see it, the system is built is that if you don't have a couple 'lottery tickets' in your pocket, you may be hard pressed to ever grow out of your current living conditions; and I don't mean state lottery tickets like a Powerball or a Lotto Max, I mean writing you own ticket, with all the skills, and talent, and wisdom you already have at your disposal.  And I should know.. I've used this awareness to get ahead of trends and make myself and others a significant among of money on more than one occasion..

Digital Business; How and Why you Should Bring your Business Online

Digital Business; How and Why you Should Bring your Business Online

Believe it or not, I still continue to come across companies of all shapes and sizes that deeply neglect their online presence or digital focused business initiatives.  Now I realize it can be overwhelming for some, but I suggest to neglect it is to ignore a truly supercharged engine for your company, products, and activities.  In this segment, I outline severals hows and whys I believe you should bring your business activities online..

Company Financing; 5 Tips for Financing your Business, Start-up, or Idea.

Company Financing; 5 Tips for Financing your Business, Start-up, or Idea.

After years working on and successfully closing a number of multi-million dollar public company financings, I share some tips and insights on the process for start-up and emerging companies which have served me well over the years, including:

1.  Are you Ready?  Being Prepared.

2.  Do you know your Worth?

3.  Do you know your 'Target' Investors?

4.  Do you have Experience on your Team?

5.  Are you in the Right Space or Sector?

6. Do you Know how much you'll Need?

7.  What is the Money being Used for?  Use of Proceeds.

8.  Why You?  Why Now?


Plus Some Bonus Insights on How to Close your Financing, Including:


9.  The Lead Order.

10.  Circling the Wagons; The If 'A' then 'B' Close.

11.  No Wood.

12.  Adapting with Feedback.

13.  Doubling Back and Follow Up.

14.  Collecting Cheques.