The buzz for the film - 'The Kindergarten Teacher'

Pretty awesome news out in film land today.  

Heading into the weekend just got word that independent feature film 'The Kindergarten Teacher.' starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, has just been picked up by Netflix.

Why does this matter? Well, while not only having personally invested in the film, Imagination Park Entertainment is a producer (which is one of my largest and favorite holdings), as is associate Gabriel Napora as executive producer, (who I have enjoyed working with and helping along his own journey wherever I could the past couple of years).

To catch you up if you aren't yet in the loop; The Kindergarten Teacher was also recently a grand jury finalist at Sundance (once of the most esteemed independent film festivals in the world), where Director Sara Colangelo also picked up the award for Best Director.

And this is all on top of where, earlier in the week, Protagonist Pictures out of the UK picked up the worldwide rights to the film, ahead of Netflix picking up the Canadian and US rights today.

Awesome and quite promising news all around for the project, with great reviews and a lot more buzz to come for this film I am feeling and I am sure.  

Proud of all of these stakeholders and the production team here, kudos to all!

Taking Ownership of your Life

Yesterday I heard someone yelling and looked out the window. Walking up the street was a man raging and yelling all kinds of obscenities, but at who? Someone it seemed like, but not someone I could see.  It seemed to be someone in their mind.

This is important. For years I've quietly tried to help people down on their luck. I've had experiences with same in the past and know well what it feels like when you don't feel you have any help nor anyone to turn to really, (which you'll probably recognize is a large foundational part to everything I'm building, doing, and sharing now in my activities; shining a big beam of light out there to help other people that may need it and are quietly suffering in the shadows find their way).

Regardless of wherever you feel you may be at in your own journey at the moment, the point of this story is that the pattern I have found, from so many people who seem to be angry and suffering and walking the street in poverty etc. is that most of them seem to blame everyone else for circumstances. Granted sure, of course, there can sometimes be psychiatric or other forms of mental illness present on a number of levels that may require deeper consideration here,(so I don't want to glaze over or over generalize these potential underlying conditions), BUT, as a general pattern, in my experience it genuinely seems to me that those who seem down on their luck or are unhappy about their lives consider themselves to be victims of their circumstances.

This said, for me, looking back at my own journey, in all the various ways that I've personally carried this kind of narrative in the past I have also seemed to experience same, where conversely, in every way that I have dropped this narrative and taken ownership of both of my life and my own power to change it, everything has shifted with me to the positive as well.

So, with this in mind, I gently ask: What victim stories do you feel you are carrying and how are those currently holding you back in your life?

Consider exploring the ways you personally either carry these victim stories in your experience or not, and, if and where you are unhappy with your life experience, not to project or blame it on others, but to step up and do something about it. To take ownership of your life, and goals and visions and life experience, and let these other stories go.

Trust me when I say this and take it from me; from this place, all great things begin.

Want some more inspiration today?

Where are we going?

Where are you going?

Had a nice get together with a friend last night to chat about ideas and visions and wants and needs and direction and all of these great things, and one of the real takeaways from the conversation for me and both of us I feel was the point for her to be clear on where she wants to go.

This comes up a lot for me in guidance and mentoring discussions.

How specific are you about your visions? What are you working towards? What do you want your life to look like?

Not being happy with your life in this moment means you feel something isn't right with it, so how would you like that to change? What EXACTLY would you like to be different?

I believe that once we are truly clear and honest with ourselves about what we want, then everything in the universe conspires with and for us to achieve it. For my part, I get clear about my visions every day; in meditation, in creative sessions, during nice long walks, you name it. I channel ideas, take notes, and create vision boards. I paint a very clear picture across all areas of my life about how I would like it to look vs. where I am at right now and then work backwards from there, setting the intentions and putting the vibes out there to achieve these goals.

Ready to get at it? I believe today's as good a day as any to get started, so check out some of my own vision boards below using my favorite tool, where we can also both create either public and private vision boards for ourselves in alignment with our own individual heart's consent.

HIGHLY recommend.

Build Strong Bridges for Long Term Business Success

Over the past several days I've been assisting a friend of mine in their first real business negotiation. Now, if you've never done this, it is an art form, pure and simple.

You see, first starts the dance; the connection, however it is made, leading at least into an initial mutual interest in the potential of working together. Then comes the research, where each party digs deeper into each other's activities, exploring how some kind of collaboration or partnership might be possible. This is then followed of course by a discussion if there is still mutual interest to move forward from both parties, and then finally comes the close (really truly the opening), which is the process of putting these ideas to paper and both parties signing off, beginning the new business relationship and partnership.

Mastering the art of negotiation, or bridge building, with a spirit and intention to long term and strong business partnerships no matter what you do is a critical skill in your trailblazing entrepreneur's toolkit.

Truly, this topic alone could be (and might soon be) its own course, (and I may come back to elements of it regularly) because once you master this process you will open huge doors for yourself with vast wealth creation potential; you will become a dealmaker, fully capable of crafting your own business partnerships with ease as you simply go about your day.

What do get started learning more about this?

Move your Energy

How is your energy flowing today?  

For my part, I just caught a little bit of the flu (which distracted me from writing yesterday), but that's ok, I recognize it for what it is, and I know it'll soon pass.

Consider this premise - We are energy. Our energy ebbs and flows, where I suggest illness comes from both a blockage of our energy flow as well as an attack to it (from both ourselves and others). Sometimes I think about what this world will look like in 1000 years when we have truly grasped and integrated energy medicine, awareness, and holistic practice into our world.

As it pertains to my own health, I am in a constant state of listening, receiving, and interpreting my body and state of being. Where have I pushed it too hard this week? How am I meant to slow down? What am I meant to see and receive while I am in this state right here, right now?

In mainstream circles we always say fight this, fight that when it comes to medical issues, but what about embracing this, and embracing that? What about releasing this and releasing that (physically and energetically)? What about flowing with this and flowing with that (spiritually and experientially)? I suggest to you here that these latter techniques move us deeper into rebalancing our whole in our healing process, as opposed to tensing up and 'fighting,' thereby creating more stress on our systems and experiences.

What to learn more about who you are and who we are as energy beings?

Below is a link to my favorite book on the self, self-awareness, and energy healing to date. Not for the faint of heart, but I suggest to you it'll change your life as it did mine.

Start with Self Love

Happy Valentine's Day, sure, but Happy Self Love Day, too. Why? Is this just some hipster cliché rejecting this longtime celebration of partnership? Nah. I suggest to you here that:

Self-love is the foundation of all love in our life experience.

The work we do on ourselves, to move from wherever we are, to wherever we want to go, is a gift to ourselves from love, (while I suggest that the resistance and rejection of this work to honor ourselves in becoming the best we can be is the opposite of same).

Today, in this moment, whether single or married, or in partnership, or whathaveyou, explore this moment and all of your moments today. Try to begin exploring your life with a consideration and eye on your actions and behaviors. Do you experience your life from a place of self-love? Or not?

If not, it's ok; there's no pressure or judgement, we all have our stuff. But our work here will be to find the way for each of us into these higher vibrating states of love, so that you too can manifest and create and realize everything you've ever wanted, which I suggest to you now, you deserve.

My gift to you today, check out this empowering piece on self-love below.  I feel you'll dig it, as I did.

How's your Stamina?

In my opinion, there are 2 things you need to succeed in life; 1 - A clear definition of what success looks like to you, (i.e. where you want to be and what you want to achieve) and 2 - The stamina to get you there (and stay in that zone!).

Despite what we may feel sometimes, life is not a race. We don't have to achieve everything today. But if we do want to achieve anything, then I'll suggest to you that today is the day we should start that work. (No time like the present!)  

As we start to go about it, (directing our time, energy, and focus towards our own targets, milestones, and achievements), stuff is going to come up; our stuff, meaning our inner baggage more so than anything else; our own resistance to our own success, our excuses, our mirrors and messengers testing our resolve etc. etc.

So, the point for me today is to ask, how's your stamina?  How's your energy level?  Are you powered up and primed to start carrying your own torch over the long haul, to take yourself on?

To get us started this week, here are some tips that help me stay on top of my game:

1- Have a Clear Intention/Goal/Mission. (what do I want to achieve?)

2- Operate from place of passion (doing things I enjoy).

3- Get Consistent Rest - (6.5hrs/night minimum).

3- Fuel up with a Good Diet - (Plant Based).

4- Keep up Good Vibes (Music, Activities, and People). 

These are a few of the core pillars that keep me on path long term, through any and all possible hurdles, setbacks, and storms.  And in this spirit, I think you need a good playlist. 

Here's mine: 

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency and Technology like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain.

Bitcoin has grown to be one of the 30 largest currencies in the world, and it’s bringing a lot of other cryptocurrencies along for the ride.  Like any other speculative investment, it’s important to understand how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency work, before deciding to participate in this new world.

I've created and gathered some useful resources to help you stop missing out on these growing, everchanging markets. My “Quick and Easy Guide to Investing in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies” will give a step by step roadmap to how I personally invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Technologies.

Let’s get after it!


Start participating, acting and getting your share with these other resources.

How I Invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Technologies

I trust you've heard of Bitcoin, and maybe Ethereum and blockchain by now?  If you haven't, then you should know that these technologies are leading the charge in what we are generally calling the new crypto-economy; an emerging field of highly secure and transparent technologies that are already disrupting many areas of our lives.

Leading the way is the digital currency application, an initial intention to limit the power of central banks to control and manipulate global currencies, by creating a decentralized means of global exchange.

On the whole, it is a fascinating world with what I consider to be many many potential applications, so I have recently put together a new Youtube video to help explain the different ways that I personally investing in the space.

Check it out on Youtube below, and if you haven't yet, I invite you to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can keep up to speed with all of my latest.

How's your bio? And World Class Team Building.

Who's your team, how's your team, and what teams are you a part of?

Team building is an art, and it's a leader's ongoing work.  Every piece and component of the team you build shapes the current experience and future direction of your project and/or company.  As you build a team around whatever your mission, you need to consider the culture you want to create and the community you want to grow, where this includes everything from the kind of management you may require in executive roles, the types of partners you want, and shareholders as well.

So, how is your teambuilding going?  Do you have a team? Are you part of a team?  How do you fit in?

One Company I'm watching do a great job of this right now is Imagination Park.  Sure, I'm a shareholder, and might be a little biased here, but in my honest opinion, the reality is that every day they are very effectively attracting and onboarding world class talent that deepens their braintrust, talent pool, and access to opportunity; first moving newcomers into advisory roles to explore the working relationship together, and then deepening the relationship and their authority as they perform and more trust is built.

For example, check out this announcement about the appointment of David Uslan at the link below.  His bio and background reads very impressively, and while that doesn't necessarily define how he will perform for and with the company (the proof is always in the pudding), it is one heck of a calling card.

What is your calling card?  Who are you seeking to attract to do business with you and how would your bio read if I were announcing your involvement in one of my projects or companies to the world?

You and only you get to write your own story, your legacy, and if you haven't really thought about or started doing that yet, then the best time to start is now.