First Time Entrepreneurship


A step by step guide to starting a successful business, staying chill during the process and creating effective business strategies to generate a steady and consistent profit.


We are all meant to do great things in the world. It’s hard to visualize it when your trailblazing spirit is on perpetual pause. Stress, self-doubt and debt have you stuck in a rut; you’ve lost your vibe and you don’t know how to move ahead because the path is unclear.

If you’ve made the decision to cut the bullshit, take control and get the drive back to successfully start your own business, this course will guide your journey.  The First Time Entrepreneurship course is a roadmap to startup and business enlightenment; a learning path designed to help you start a profitable business, sustainably build, and grow anything and everything you seek for your professional life.

“You have to learn to play the game at the highest level.  There is simply no way around it, and the sooner you do, the sooner your life will change”


As an awoken entrepreneur myself, I’ve founded several conscious driven companies that have sustainably grown from small startup to public company in just XXX years. I know the path to success; I flow freely though it with every new business I choose to work with, every new impact-driven entrepreneur I share my experiences with, or every new startup I help drive forward.


My kickass know-how

My Prosperity Mastermind course series is based on my trailblazing experiences, what I’ve learned through the good and the bad. I’ve successfully co-founded more than XX startups. My latest one, Imagination Park Entertainment, is now publicly traded and world renown. Using a metaphysical and conscious approach to business, I’ve worked with thousands of forward thinking spirits. Through my experiences and insights, I guide driven entrepreneurs in their path to build lean, mean, impactful, trailblazing, and world-class companies.


My straight forward, emphatic style

I'm a free spirit who vibes high and seeks to add value to the world. I've chosen to share my tools, secrets and insights with those around me to make a collective impact. My goal is to challenge, inspire and push awoken spirits to become impact driven entrepreneurs. I do that by empowering you to make sure goals are met, strategies are implemented, and long-term commitment and success are within your grasp. I add value to your process through my philosophy, management methods and resources, to connect you with your path and to experience the joys of a fruitful, limitless, free life.


My guiding philosophy and modern Alchemist approach.

Like a true Alchemists, I see potential, opportunities and possibilities in everything around me. I know that every awoken spirit has the possibility to succeed - it's just a matter of choosing success and pushing hard towards it. My alchemical approach to business and life will inject new energy, provide value based know-how, share visionary ideas and build bridges to get you to live the life you want – one with endless possibilities of success.


My Approach

I lead by example. I’m a chill spirit and I balance the poles of business philosophy, structure, and analytics with a spiritual, alchemist philosophy. I implement this balanced mindset in every sphere of my life.

I will use this same balanced approach when guiding you in your path to impact-driven success. Through each module, I will share the secrets, tools, and insights I apply to my own life to challenge, inspire, and empower you to create the business and life you want.

I flow thought life connected in every step. I don’t play the game halfway, and I choose to work only with people who do the same.


Are you in?



The First Time Entrepreneurship course empowers up and coming entrepreneurs by giving them a spiritually awakening, think-outside-the box roadmap to establishing their first business. I give those who enroll a hand up and guide them toward their vision of success, conscious living and freedom through:

At the end of the day, every day, I want to rest easy knowing the I am contributing to the evolution of our race and world in way that matters; by building great products and solutions that solve major problems, by telling stories that inspire millions, and by enjoying the blessings of every great moment that I still get to be here.”
— Chad

This second phase of the Prosperity Mastermind course includes tools and resources that will help you establish your impact-minded vision, make assertive business driven choices and take strategic, consistent actions that will add value to your business and your life. 

By choosing the life you want and taking action, I will guide you to turn your first startup business dream into a conscious, profitable reality and make the impact you’re ready to make in the world.



  • Chad McMillan’s Guide to Kick Ass Branding
  • Social Media Management Setup, Tips, & Tricks.
  • 101 Additional Apps & Tools for your Small Business.
  • Small Business Resource Guide of Leading Small Business Resources, Websites, Channels, and Gurus of our Time to Help You Grow your Business.

I’ve worked with a lot of entrepreneurs and those who commit and believe in my process, become trailblazing changemakers; Impact-driven entrepreneurs who push the bar, break their patterns and consciously decide to move forward by taking my “First Startup” course get a fresh perspective and:

  • Fully understand how to run a successful conscious business
  • Have clearly defined goals and business strategies.
  • Understand their company’s unique strengths.
  • Craft a unique, compelling brand.
  • Have the financial tools and admin knowledge to drive the company forward.
  • Create a community around their business.
  • Maximize their social impact.
  • Leverage their growth to raise their capital.
  • Structure and close real business opportunities, sales, and partnerships
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The ‘First time Startup’ course is for passionate trailblazers in need of an assertive, awoken spirit to guide them in their journey to expand their potential. Dreamers with the desire to create inspiring and high impact projects, with the drive to put in the work to make them become a reality, realize their potential and make an impact.



People who choose to be critical and judgmental. Those who are resistant to humbly exploring, pushing through, and changing their current circumstances. Tired spirits who are not ready to make the transition from mediocre to extraordinary life.

If you want to change your life, then your life has to change.




Go from dreamer to doer.

You decide to change your life and start your own company; you enroll. The course is an online self-paced course. You can start building your first start up as fast or as slow as you choose.

Your homework.

You’ll have a daily challenge, some inner exploration and a conscious business roadmap to follow. You’ll get a follow up email after every session, a reminder that you’re in this rockin’ journey to make an impact, start your business and achieve professional and personal success.


The buy in email.

You’re committed to becoming a successful, trend setting entrepreneur. First step? send me your buy-in email with all your questions. I’m fully committed to your journey and I want to make sure I cover everything you want to know in our sessions.

Your social community.

Your access to our “First Time Entrepreneurs Private Facebook Mastermind Group ” is your support system. This community of trailblazing entrepreneurs will be your network of fellow doers going down the same path – participate actively, make connections and grow your impact-driven network.


We begin our trailblazing journey.

You’ll have access to go thought all 10 webinar sesh for XXX weeks, with anytime access from any laptop or you phone. Each session is

Picture this:  trailblazing business, conscious living, financial freedom, inspired lifestyle, satisfaction.

To succeed in this transformation, you need to have a desire to change. I’ve gone through this process and continue to live thought this every day.


We can do this -  together. Start your business and do what you want to do in the world, make an impact and give yourself the best possible chance for success.





1.  How much time will I need to complete the course?

My courses are self-paced, which means you can begin your journey and start living your full life as fast, or as slow, as you choose. You’ll be able to access the course content on your laptop and/or your phone.

2.  How long will I have access to the webinars?


3. Do I need to start with the “Lifestyle Transformation” course or can I begin somewhere else?

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5. Is there a chance to get feedback or support?

Yes.  By enrolling in the “Lifestyle Transformation” course, you get access to our community of trailblazing spirits. This course gets you in to the exclusive “Lifestyle Transformation Private Facebook Mastermind Group.” The change-makers in this group is on your same path. This is your support system.  Join the conversation with like-minded trailblazers who are living their awakening journey, just like you.

6.  What if this is not really for me?

I have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy, for you and for myself. I need you to trust me and this process, to put in the work, flow consciously through the process, honestly commit to the program and to these changes but still feel like you’re not getting any value – get in touch. I’ll evaluate your case, understand where we missed the mark and give you a full refund. It’s important for my personal growth that you share your mind with me – My trailblazing mindset pushes me to continue to improve on the daily. 




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