(Chad) comes from a very loving, open and brilliant place, which makes every moment working with him incredibly inspiring and enlightening. He is always available to guide and support me, with patience and faith in who I am and what I am building. I am infinitely grateful to have such a phenomenal mentor.
— Ashleigh Gryzko



I help aspiring people, projects, and companies, transform their dreams from vision to reality, by applying the principles of conscious living, entrepreneurship, sound financial management, and creative freedom.



A startup executive, venture capitalist, creative artist, and spirit guide, I’m a trailblazing, open-minded, and passionate old soul with a straight up, no-nonsense, (but still empathetically aware), results driven business background. I understand the universe, in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration and I make a conscious effort to infuse that awareness into my everyday life.


Chad McMillan has great presence, focus, and his instincts are usually dead on as it relates to people and opportunities. He has a real knack for finding great opportunities and making them even better.

My experience has hit me with highs and lows, but I have always chosen to get back up and keep growing. Through these life changing situations, I have come to embrace a unique philosophy and way of life that I feel perfectly balances both financial success, prosperity and a healthy, mindful lifestyle.  Today, I collaborate with trailblazing and open-minded entrepreneurial spirits by sharing my unique business approaches and life changing financial growth strategies mixed with my holistic, alchemical and deeply metaphysical perspectives about who we are, why we are here, and how we can each and all manifest for ourselves everything we want and need in our lives.



Coaching, Guiding, Mentoring.

I can tell you right now that I have already experienced so many things in my business and life that I am exceptionally grateful to be here.  As such, I'm proud to share the insights I’ve gained along the way through my business and lifestyle guidance course series.  I promise you these deep and inspired offerings will help you transform unhealthy patterns, shift stagnant energy, draw in abundance and prosperity, and otherwise empower you to realize transformative, lasting, and impactful results in all areas of your life.

Seeding, Building. Leading.

I use what I’ve learned to give business driven individuals a hand up in starting or renewing their business. I partner with companies that inspire me, and together we create impact driven strategies to consciously raise capital, start or grow innovative ventures and multiply credible success, all while changing the world.

Creating, Exploring, Inspiring.

I’m making creative waves everywhere I go. I am filled with artistic intensity, fully committed to my passion for film, television, music and the arts. I seek to work with similar consummate artists who will inspire me to continue exploring my creative abilities, pushing boundaries and opening myself up to new adventures.


My kickass experience creating business strategies.

I’ve been effectively making moves for more than 12 years in the financial scene by closing big merger and acquisition deals and transforming companies from $1million to +$25million. 

I’ve found the perfect combination of my financial experience and conscious way of life. This approach allows me to inspire entrepreneurial spirits through their business ventures and in their life.

My ‘buy in to’ your journey

I believe that when people are real – change will come. In others’ commitment to change, lies my commitment to others. Though mentoring, seeding and creative inspiration I share tips, tools, and actions I use in my own life – my secrets. My buy in is my commitment to empower those around me to create the life they want by pushing the limits, challenging the status quo and inspiring sustainable change.

My Alchemist’s approach to life

As a true believer in the Alchemist way of life, I have an eye for potential greatness. I see things from a possibility angle and invest in this potential, making magic happen and pushing       through what is expected. I carry this forth with business and people that inspire me, through guidance, investment and creative partnerships that get results.


My experience has taught me to work only with people who are ready and open to change. I seek passionate and inspirational souls stuck feeling like underdogs, both spiritually and financially.  Doers with the drive and hunger to push forward, who need guidance on where to start. Awakening spirits in need of a kickass business and life expert to show them what needs to be done to get real long-term, conscious results.

I choose to work with open-minded spirits, impact-driven entrepreneurs and creative minds who are ready to take ownership of their present and future to get the outcome they seek.  Are you ready to collaborate and build together?