I partner with very select types of companies or startups to guide them in their initial phases, renewing their approach, creating an impact, producing measurable value and achieving strategic long-term growth.



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My experience in the Financial Sphere

My contribution is my experience. For more than 12 years I’ve been making waves by successfully negotiating merger and acquisition transactions. I have single handedly led the transformation of 2 public companies from under $1 million valuations to over $25 million valuations based on legitimate fundamentals. Embracing my skills and combining them with my passions, I’ve been effectively making moves with entrepreneurial spirits looking to start their first business or companies in need of a fresh start.


My commitment to your company

I am a true believer in the ability to succeed. If I choose to take on a company renewal or a startup, my commitment is unconditional. I will become a direct partner through total or partial acquisition, investment or by simply providing strategic advice. I will work directly with everyone involved through the turnaround or startup journey until conscious and sustainable success is achieved.


My Alchemist philosophy and way of life

In true Alchemist thinking, I look for things that have great value potential, and transform what is into what can be. This force of conscious, positive change drives me to challenge corporate conventions, bring things to life as they should be and make big magic happen, all while producing scalable revenue for all parties.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chad for nearly five years and have interacted with him in various capacities over that time. Chad has come to be a trusted source on marketing, early-stage finance, and capital markets. His experience as an entrepreneur and company starter has provided him with the on-hands experience that can only be learned in the field - for this I highly regard him as an advisor and someone that can help a company tell a better story, raise capital, and build a great company.
— James Black.

VP, VP, Listings Development at CSE - Canadian Securities Exchange

My Approach

Quote about the corporate turnaround process and Chad’s unique methodology


I handle corporate revitalizations or startups partnerships on a case to case basis. I’ve got a ton of things going on and if I choose to partner with a business, it’s because I’m inspired by the company and its people. Each business is unique and my involvement level will vary depending on what each business needs and what I can offer. 


I work close with each business owner, creating a mentor-mentee relationship that often turns into friendship. I apply my experience and alchemist philosophy to shape startups, renew strategies, review company values, find the right direction, grow a better team and scale sustainable revenue from the company’s offerings. Together, we will inject new energy into the company to consciously and wholeheartedly raise capital, embark on promising new ventures and produce long-term credible success, all while changing the world.


Interested in partnering?

Want to learn more about my impact?

Chad McMillan’s approach to working with companies is highly innovative and creative. He’s a master at insightfully finding a company’s issues, helping to solve them and then putting the right people in place to succeed. He’s also very adept at branding, marketing and sales. I would highly recommend Chad to any companies looking for a strategic advisor.
— Gabriel Napora.



If you want to change your life, then your life has to change.

I’m very selective of the companies I choose to work with. This opportunity is not for business owners who have not gotten to a place where they are ready to work with an independent, business savvy strategist. We won’t be successful if you’re not open to different perspectives or aren’t committed to implementing a mindful, business centered strategy. Lastly, I choose not to work with business owners who don’t have the drive and push to change their status quo and strive for better results.

I seek passionate and inspirational souls that have driven and push the limits. Companies in need of an awoken expert to push the business from an idea to a reality or an underperforming to financially stable, high impact, successful businesses. I will work with open minded spirits who want to embrace new ideas and strategies, put their business’s best interest first and are committed to do what is required to change.  Our partnership will be successful if you’re ready, willing and able to take ownership and responsibility of your company’s financial present and future.


Interested in Working Together?




I enjoy great projects with great people that push forward with strength and courage.  If your company is the right fit, we will both see the financial and world-changing fruits of our work. The companies I’ve worked with have become trailblazing entrepreneurs or renewed business owners with a fresh perspective that:

  • Fully understand how to run a successful conscious business.
  • Have the tools to execute a company’s authentic vision while being true to the company’s values.
  • Gathered innovative financial information, actionable insights and equity from our successful venture, and the drive to go forth and do it again.
  • Own a company that has become profitable and/or raises investment capital.


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Chad is that type of person you can rely on when you need an influx of inspiration, energy, and know-how. He is an enlightened businessman and transformational leader with a unique mix of can-do attitude, experience, and persona, who is able to light the path, motivate people and make things happen. Any serious emerging or established entrepreneur needs a coach to help her/him evolve - Chad can lift you up with grace and talent.
— Rolans Spornicu

Managing Partner and Senior Consultant
Evolment Canada Ltd.




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