I am an awakening creative soul that has been called to presence in this medium, participating through curiosity and experiences to help shape world class creative projects.  

"(Chad was) totally level throughout our whole shoot, like a rock.  It's not always like that. Thank you, great work."



2017 Academy Award Winner for Best Actor.

 Writer, Director, Lead Actor, Light of my Life (Feature Film)


Not your Average Creative Artist.


My relationship with the arts started from a young age, but it didn’t become such a central part of my journey back then.  As I grew older, and started making waves in the corporate sphere, I began to play with creative approaches for my high impact business strategies. In true business-artist form, I was constantly taking action using an artistic-driven mindset, revealing that my artistic instincts have always been a deep part of my old creative soul.

As I have begun to awaken both consciously and spiritually in my life experience, I have increasingly and continuously began to open creatively, holding sacred space for myself to explore and honor these instincts, pushing through my own limits, broadening my experiences, and strengthening my artistic abilities through film, TV, music and media.

Chad has a knack for understanding story, and, more importantly, character development. His attention to detail in creating 3-dimensional characters in any role he portrays speaks volumes of his deep insightfulness and love for the craft. Chad would be a bonus for any film production looking for a smart and hard-working person ready to make his mark in the Biz.



Actor, Producer, Entertainment Industry Mentor and Advisor

Riverdale, Tomorrowland, Unforgiven, Imagination Park.


Keep trying to discover the universe in you
— Anon.



I’m drawn to the arts and artistic visions. I’m a free spirit, nourishing my passion for creative expression, pushing my limits and making waves wherever I go.

I don’t ask permission, I arrive in my artistic space and accept the vulnerability that these creative expressions require. I don’t wait for others, I lead with compassion, empowerment and an awoken spirit to make a collective impact.

I raise the bar, while lifting those around me to weave shared visions, ideas, creativity and magic that transcends boarders.

I look inward to my experience and alchemist philosophy and project outwards to vibe free and create, to share and honor my space and my impact in this place, my place. 


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Chad is an exceptional actor who brings his “A” game take after take and delivers every time. He’s very in the moment and is able to convey real emotion very effectively and he has a great look on camera. As an actor you won’t find someone more committed.
— Gabriel Napora

Co-Founder, Chairman, and Director, Imagination Park Entertainment



I enjoy great projects with great people that are passionate, driven and have the courage to speak their truth; Self-aware spirits with the courage to collaborate and share their creative visions, and positively impact our world.

Personally, I am creatively open; I flow. I look for like-minded artists who also feel called with a purpose to creative, communicate, uplift, inspire, and share.. Trailblazing creatives who seek to realize the positive balance between groundbreaking ideas and social contribution, all the while honoring the people, process, and support required to make it all possible.


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I’ve had the pleasure to work with Chad over the past year and he is an articulate spirit who is always up for a challenge. Chad brings an infectious, positive energy to his work and I highly recommend him for his integrity and gentle tenacity.
— Colin Wiebe


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