Dealing with Critics, Hecklers and Naysayers

Energies are moving back and forth constantly, even more when you’re making waves and changing the world. The larger the impact, the more people will have to say about it.

Today’s episode is about understanding where the critics, hecklers and naysayers come from, how to improve the way we respond, manage, and deal with them and how to find the value in their message while holding your space and continue making a positive impact..

Techniques of Attraction

We have this mindset that we have to go and chase everything to get what we want. It’s been my experience that the more aggressive come at opportunity in your life, the more resistance you're going to face.

In line with my energy and vibration, I approach business and life looking to attract positive energy, world-class business opportunities and talented people. I never go for the hard sell, instead I share my energy, ideas and knowledge to spark an interest and attract people that are looking for what I have to offer. In today’s episode of Fresh and Raw, I’ll tell you how I do it..

The Nomadic Business Lifestyle

In the last 5-10 years, we’ve changed the way we work, the way we connect and the way we collaborate. The technology that’s available now allows for us to live a nomadic life. With world-wide access to the internet and the right tools, you can live free, with no connection or dependency on time or location.

In today’s Fresh and Raw episode, I’ll share some personal insights of how I lead a digital nomadic life, while building world-class businesses, collaborating with teams around the world and making an impact. You deserve it, I deserve it, many others deserve it, and it's available for us now..

The Cutting Edge - How to Develop World-Class Companies, Products, and Ventures

To succeed in business and in life, we need to push the envelope. We need to constantly be on the cutting, the bleeding edge.  e need to align our mission, our paths and ourselves with others that are doing on this same path. It’s not good enough to just settle as a mediocre entity because we will just be treated as such because our ambition is under-serving us in what's possible and under-serving our companies in what's possible.

On today’s episode, I share my take on the cutting edge of business and life.. How to get to that high vibrating state of innovating and the benefits that it brings to us in both business and in life..

How to Get in the Game - Personal Insights on How to Rise Up, Stand Up and Make things Happen

Life is all about the game, about your intention to dive deep into all the different levels of it and to take it head on. In this episode, I touch on personal feelings, intentions, practices and short-term actions on how I plan to hold my space in all these levels of the game. Here, I share my insights, so you can take note of who you are, where you're at, of the business you're doing or the business that you want to do in certain areas. Let's rise it up, let's get in the game. Let's stand up and be counted..

Purity of Intention - Approaching Personal and Business Relationships with Honesty and Integrity

Purity of intention is so important to pay attention to. It’s the gateway that defines out success in our journey and our relationships with others. You need to understand the purity of your intentions and the purity of others’ intention to positively embark on a mission, engage someone in business, walk into a room and perform, and enter into a business partnership.  

In today’s episode, we’ll talk about how to read it. Feel it. Watch for it. Make adjustments and watch for shifts.  

Success - With or Without You

Success is a bit of a doozy topic, kind of a cool one today that is coming up that just needs to be really spoken about and really affirmed to the world and the universe.

It's so interesting, you know. Relationships, business partners, investor sentiment and psychology and emotions tied to success, with respect to us and our journeys, the way we behave and the way we sense and feel related to the things we're involved in or not or the things we leave or not. Today, we talk about aligning yourself in your path, how to keep moving forward and keep your energy and vibe positive.

Exploring Heroes & Villains - In the Movies, Business, Performance & Life

Dark and Light. Good and Bad. Day and Night. Today, I’m talking about how in business and in life we are required to be both Heroes and Villains. In line with my alchemist philosophy, I share how to find the balance and harmony in this opposites states of vibration and share my personal insights on how to, in that balance, achieve long-term success in both business and our lives..