Build a Business you Love; Imagination Park to Co-Produce Three Seconds


Build a Business you Love.png

Once upon a time I met an accomplished but still dreaming entrepreneur. He wanted to do big things in the film business, the business he loves; to be the biggest film producer in the world.

To some, that might sound crazy, but that vision, coupled with the right talent (which he has), is the kind of person I like to work with.

Now, a couple years later, after working his ass off and staying focused on his dreams, this guy and his team are quite literally starting to crush it.

Fast forward to today's Imagination Park announcement, where Gabriel Napora has built a solid film production nucleus with creative wizard Yas Talaat, Chinese media guru and financier Ben Lu, and accomplished Hollywood producer Jeff Rice, who are collectively joining the production team to produce "Three Seconds," starring Clive Owen and Rosamund Pike.

In my honest opinion, this is yet another great achievement in a long line to come for a guy and a team who have set their minds to something and are following their hearts.

Where's your heart at?  Where do you want to go?

Listen to it, trust it, and let it guide you, where I assure you the rest will look after itself.