My 4 Best Hardware Tools for Influencers and Entrepreneurs

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Digital innovation and digital intelligence are top priority for me. My trailblazing approach to innovation in a time of constant technological transformation is that of digital minimalism -  I’ve chosen tools that add value to my life, push myself (and others) forward, all while creating a profit.  It’s how I flow, how I hold my space in the markets, in my strategic partnerships and in my creative projects.

My personal list of tech hardware is simple and chill. It’s motivated by my choices and intentions to identify the tools that can significantly improve my results, my life and my impact in all the spaces I hold.

iPhone X

My connection to the world. My phone and computer. With 256G of data, it’s my communication hub.

MacBook Air

My trusted sidekick. The markets are always going, I’m always flowing, and my Mac always follows.

DJI Drone

My bird’s eye view. This one is on my wish list - watching from every angle, taking my vision to new highs.

Black Magic Camera

My pocket movie maker. This small, take everywhere camera will be my next acquisition –  my digital companion, for when or where ever inspiration strikes. 

There will always be new and smarter ways to get work done and improve how you do business. The growth of technology is exponential and there are so many new tools, opportunities and options out there, that it’s hard to keep track. But, true to my principals of digital minimalism, I’ve chosen to keep my business, my creativity and my life flowing with these tools.

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