Getting Ready for my Proven 4 Pillars of Growth 2 Prosperity Program for Profound Conscious Awakening, Lasting Lifestyle Transformation, Boundless Creative Expression, and Long Term Financial Freedom


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Many of you have been asking my about my coaching and mentoring programs, and shifting and opening up and going deeper into the vibe about everything I’ve been starting to launch here..

Firstly, thank you for all of that.. It’s awesome for me to hear that my efforts and insights and activities are having a positive impact in your world..  THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!! :)

So, now this said, I’ve wanted to provide a little more color to what I’m doing here, and what’s to come and how this can positively help you along your way in your journey.

You see, for me, for years I’ve felt my voice was clouded.  I’ve felt that it was quietened by many people who’ve felt threatened our otherwise by my experience, insights, perspectives and ideas.  For years, there’s been a good flame burning inside me keeping me energetically connected to my path, but simmering, more like a fire in a rain storm; under pressure, but not out.

When you first start exploring these kinds of experiences you can look at the world and say ‘oh, woe is me, everyone is working against me."  And you know what?  That story works for awhile, because it makes our lives feel safe.  Like it’s ok not to step up, contribute and share; to face the risks of possibly making mistakes or to be criticized by our peers for whatever it is we feel we should and are meant to do.

But eventually, this becomes exceptionally toxic, as we seek to distract ourselves from the fire; from what burns inside us, our unique magic, and the gifts we are meant to share with the world.  And eventually, all of this avoidance burns us out, until all we have left is the realization and basic understanding that whether we are acknowledging it or not, and whether it brings up fear for us or not, that our path is our path and we are meant to share our gifts and contribute to the world, where ultimately, the only way for us to do this is to accept and face ourselves.

Now, this is a big moment obviously, because no one can do it for us.  You can twist and turn and deke who you are for as long as you want, complaining about the things you are experiencing that you don’t like, or you can do something about it.

One of the biggest challenge for people I’ve found, and were once my challenges as well, is in finding people who can help you.

Once you start shifting, and say ENOUGH, I am ready to let go of my victim story and my excuses and what doesn’t feel good, and LEAP with courage and trust into your dreams and a vision for a better life, then everything you want and need is right here and coming for you.

Truly, this is why I’m here.  In some way or another we are connected and in some way or another through your connection to me I am meant to help you along your path, show you and offer the tools you need along your way, help you connect deeper with your purpose and your mission, and level it all up in alignment with your deepest wishes and greatest good.

When I was younger I used to try and convince people of these things I now know, but now I don’t bother.  Now I just do what I do.  I am a deep and seasoned intuit at wizard levels, truly (which has been proven and demonstrated in many examples over and over again which I am happy to share as we go), though of course I say that humbly, while at the same time I am a deeply experienced startup and capital markets executive who very much understands many of the fundamental business and financial systems that currently tie the people of our whole together.

Imagine this then, when I realized I am blessed with the balance of perspective to lend and blend both of these poles, and all of these gifts together, to empower metaphysically aware and in tune, positive global impact and high vibration considerate businesses and entrepreneurs along their respective paths no matter from where they are at present, nor where they want to go?

I’d suggest to you that this is a great magic, a great blessing and a great gift, and so over the past several years I have been exploring how to bring all of this to life.  But not only bring it to life in a way that helps others, but to bring it to life in a way that still honors myself, and the power and path of the combination of my own experiences, so that I too can continue to live and grow create and explore and contribute from my edge as well at the same time.

This is why if you’ve been following my journey over the past several years you’ve seen me take on some pretty epic projects, and adventures, and opening without fear to speak my truth and create as I see fit from a deep place of trust, confidence, and alignment in and with my path.  I’ve discovered what these purposes are for me, and now I am just beginning to flex my metaphysical and entrepreneurial muscles to bring all of this to life.

So, now, let’s bring all of this back to you.. 

You too have a path and a purpose.  You too are either rocking it, or just starting to rock it, or want to start rocking it in a way that feels great financially, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically among others.

So how do you do this?

This is where I want to give you this full perspective today or where I and we are going here, so you are in the loop and can have a feel to see what’s coming..

Over the past several months I’ve been working behind the scenes to refine and build my own personal brand; my calling card to the world if you will, and only recently, as in the past couple weeks, have I even truly begun to share some of the fruits of what I’ve been creating.

On my own personal highest edge, I am working on world class creative projects, to help share my presence and vibration and message with a larger audience who seek it.  Then at the same time, I am envisioning, incubating, financing, and guiding high impact public startups on the executive and corporate levels, which have been a will continue to hold massive potential for for global impacts in the near, medium, and longer term.

And then, thirdly, but definitely not least, I have no begun to share my intuitive and business insights with what we would generally consider to be newly awakening souls; individuals, coming from wherever they are, with a desire to move through themselves and their own past resistance, into their unique magic and visions of their dreams.

I believe that these kinds of people, just like you, are the present and future. Small business owners, freelancers, and digital entrepreneurs.  We are living in a world where now more than ever, everything is possible.  You can, like never before, now quite literally run a business from most anywhere in the world, while sitting on a beach. Whether you like the beach, or a lake, or the mountains or whatever, this is up to you. But whatever you seek, so long as it doesn’t hurt other people, it is right now available to you.

Ultimately, these are the people I am seeking to help and serve through my online programs, though how do I do this without hurting or draining or sacrificing too much of my own energy or myself, nor distract me from my own path?  It's so important to me, not just that I sit here and preach, but that I lead by example. So that as you learn what I have to share, you also benefit from being able to see it in practice..

With this in mind, I’ve created the following elements..

-My website; my central portal for all of my activity.

-My newsletter, so you can pick up my vibe and perspectives and insights daily.

-My social channels, so you can collaborate with other like minds (Trailblazer’s mastermind), follow my journey (Instagram), dive deep into all kinds of curated and valuable resources (Pinterest), be introduced to cool new people and topics and missions (Youtube), and participate in the grand conversations of the world (Twitter).  (Not to mention Soundcloud, to pick up my vibes, and Vimeo, to follow my storytelling journey).

-My courses and e-books, so that in very clear and tangible ways you can learn the exact steps and processes, tools, and perspectives required to navigate various areas along your path at all steps, ultimately culminating into having a complete tool kit for you to attract, achieve, sustain, and thrive in health, peace, love, joy, prosperity, and abundance.

And trust me when I say this, these aren’t just buzz words, these are lifestyle choices, and they are yours if you want them.  Everything you will be receiving from me here on out will be to help you find it, get you there, and stay there.

How does that sound?

So this is how it’s all gonna go..

If you want to dive in right away, make sure you’re following all of my social channels and groups, which you can access here: or from the footer on any page of my website (

Next, I have outlined my mentoring course offerings in 4 key pillar areas; conscious living, first time entrepreneurship, advanced business strategies and executive management, and free creative living.

From here on out, over the coming weeks, I am going to start releasing my core programs, 1 module at a time.  These will be e-book and audiobook available, with specific guidance, tasks, and challenges for you, action plans, to start opening up and making magic happen for yourself every week.

And trust me, this is the real deal.  This is everything I do and have done to transform my life, follow my path, and live my dreams on my terms.  True story.

So now, if you’re still with me, I turn this back to you..

What do you want to learn?

While I’m releasing my core programs, I’m definitely not going to be limiting myself to anything, so at the same time, you can expect side products, tools, e-books, courses and more to come out.  Remember, my years of experience and insights that have been lying dormant, inaccessible for me to as yet share with others, and they are chomping at the bit to be released and share with you all.. so ASK AWAY!

Remember, every question you are asking is also the same question someone else is asking so grab yourself a tea or a coffee, kick back, and start writing a list.  Then, hit reply to this email and send it to me.  

I’ll then put these questions into my workflow and answer as many of them in stride for you as I can; in my newsletter, courses, social content etc etc, and where, wherever I feel I can’t will connect you with someone who can.

It’s just that simple.  The opportunity is here for all of us right now, and it’s ours to take hold of and go for it.

I appreciate that you’re here with me, and look forward to sharing all of these great fruits with you along our journey as we go..

Giddee up, now you know.. This is what we're doing and where we're going to go..

(Thoughts, comments questions?  Comment away below..)