Powerful Inner Work Studying the Craft of Acting with Vancouver Acting Coach Mr. Andrew McIlroy..


I Spent an outstanding weekend this past weekend honoring the craft of acting with Mr. Andrew McIlroy, a well known and respected performer and acting coach in the Vancouver film & television community.


From my perspective, surrendering to The Work requires courage and humility.. To hold space for what may emerge, and honor a profound, authentic, and real connection with same..  To explore these new realm of my being, and to accept and fulfill my invite to share these experiences with the world.

Amazing and enriching and empowering.. Feeling blessed and grateful for the insights, support, and encouragement, thank you Andrew.

In my acting journey, I’ve learned not to worry about my choices, as much as to allow them to live.  Not to try to fit in to something to please someone else per se, but to honor a story while bringing my own natural interpretation with and to it with honesty and integrity.  Not to fault myself for what I may experience, but to honor and learn from what may come up for me, and channel these discoveries in ways that may allow me to make stronger and/or more powerful creative choices, that may reverberate in deeper, farther, and more impactful ways for the scene and the audience.

Would you like to see a taste of some of my work this weekend?  Check out this short scene I performed over the wknd below, where I play "Rob", who is confronted by "Jake," accusing me of harrassing him.. something I did not do.

Would you like to consider studying with Andrew?  I understand he's very tough to get in with, (blessed and grateful for my own opportunity), but also very very worth it, in my honest opinion.  I consider him a straight shooter, committed to The Work, and holding space to bring out the best of those he works with.  Outstanding, and an enriching experience on so many levels that I am still just beginning to integrate.. 

(Learn more about working with Andrew McIlroy here: https://www.andrewmcilroy.net/)