MUST SEE - Christiano Ronaldo Bicycle Kick Goal vs. Juventus - Champions League Soccer

One of the Greatest Goals of all time and a Worldclass Example of Humanity through Sportsmanship


This week, in European Champions League soccer play, multi-time Ballon D’or (Golden Boot) winner Christiano Ronaldo scored an absolute beauty goal of a goal.


Now, scoring goals is something that Mr. Ronaldo does on the regular, but this goal is a must see.  The talent required to find the space, time the play, and strike with accuracy here on one of the greatest stages in world sport speaks for itself.

Truly, after playing soccer for over 30 years, (and where I’ve had a couple of glorious moments as well if I do say so myself ;), I have still never been personally been able to physically invert my whole body in such a way, let alone do anything like this.

Then, to make this moment even better, out of a sheer sign of respect and love for the game, the Juventus fans, (that is, the OTHER team’s fans), just simply began applauding Mr. Ronaldo for this demonstration of pure brilliance here.   

What a cool moment for everyone then, when everyone just looks around and says “Damn, that was good” and takes a moment to appreciate it.

Want to see the play? 

Check out Ronaldo's goal here:

(Credit to Wrsh98)

In this spirit, I suggest we ask ourselves, who deserves as nice, slow, genuine applause of gratitude and appreciation in our world today?

Think about it, and then just start clapping for them at work or wherever you are today, and let me know what happens. ;)

To your continuing success,