Imagination Park Announces Representation in China by one of China's most prominent entertainment law firms - TIAN TAI



Vancouver, CANADA – March 22, 2018 –Imagination Park Entertainment Inc. (CSE: IP) (OTC: IPNFF) (FRA: GMS1) announces the appointment of Tian Tai law firm to represent the Company in China.

Tian Tai has the most prominent media and entertainment practice in mainland China.  The firm represents some of the most significant sector leaders in China’s blossoming media and entertainment companies, including SARFT, Alibaba, China Film Group, Huayi Brothers, Bona Film,, Warner Music, The Voice of China, Conde Nast (China), eChinaCash Network, Columbia Studios (China) and Warners Brothers (China), to name a few. 

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Tian Tai’s Senior Partner, Mr. Yang Xiaoming, states:  “We're pleased to represent Imagination Park Entertainment in China.  The type of work this company is doing is exceptional and will be a great fit for partnering with our clients to benefit from the rapid growth in China’s content industry.  We look forward to creating synergy between Imagination Park and our other clients in the family of Tian Tai, and together, build a long-term and prosperous relationship.”

Imagination Park Board Director, Ben Lu, says: "Having the most prominent entertainment law firm in China represent Imagination Park Entertainment in China is really a unique and unparalleled opportunity for our China focus and business growth.  Tian Tai represents some of the biggest companies in China.  We're very excited to be part of the Tian Tai nucleus.”

Imagination Park Chairman, Gabriel Napora, says: "The difference between law firms in China and Canada is that, in China the firms actively pursue business opportunities for their clients.  Since Tian Tai represents some of the best known names in our industry, you can see the potential here for Imagination Park."

Chief Creative Officer, Yas Taalat, says:  "Tian Tai has amazing contacts and connections in China.  They will be able to help us gain even more traction in the fastest growing entertainment market in the world.”

About Imagination Park

An emerging leader in digital content production, Imagination Park creates and delivers transformational experiences through the production and distribution of intellectual property for film, virtual reality, augmented reality & mixed reality in North America and China.

Through its joint venture company XenoHolographic, it creates novel holographic content and provides augmented reality products for both phones and wearable headsets, as well as rapid deployment of AR solutions, without the need for developers, while integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain.

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