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5 Healing Crystal Benefits for a More Balanced Life

5 Healing Crystal Benefits for a More Balanced Life

Chad McMillan
VC | Creative Artist.

Have you ever walked into a boutique that sells healing crystals only to find yourself inexplicably drawn to a particular stone? Against all logic, and for whatever reason, this stone has to be yours.

The crystal that so effortlessly stands out from the others seems to hold a captivating lure. And before you know it, it has been purchased, placed in bubble wrap, and carried to your home to be displayed somewhere meaningful.

Feeling a powerful pull toward a healing crystal isn’t the least bit uncommon. Your attraction to this stone might mean that it holds a significant benefit meant for you. How can this be?

Throughout the centuries, and in many cultures, healing crystals have been known to offer health-giving vibrations that can affect us in many positive ways. Numerous healers throughout the ages, including modern times, use healing crystals as therapeutic modalities to create a more balanced life for those seeking same.

But before you set off into that urban landscape of shops to find yourself a gorgeous healing crystal, we'll equip you with the basics to save you some time. For starters, there is a saying in the healing crystal world, “Let the stone choose you.”

What does, “Let the stone choose you,” mean?

Donna Marie Hohman is a Crystal Healer of thirty years and runs a thriving personal practice, and she explains that "An easy way to let your crystal choose you is to hold the stone in your hand for a few minutes, and if it warms, it’s yours (if it doesn't, it’s not).”

Unlike a dating app where it’s almost too easy to swipe left or right based on a quick aesthetic judgment call, choosing your ideal stone has little to do with appearance.

“Do not let the beauty (or lack of beauty) determine whether the stone is for you; instead, let the feeling it gives you be the factor that chooses it,” says Hohman.

Another way of figuring out if a healing crystal is right for you is by paying attention to your body language.

After you hold a crystal, put it down.

“If you sway toward the stone, your body wants that stone, but if you sway away from it, it is not good for you, and your body does not want that stone,” notes Hohman.  

The pointers above offer an excellent jumping off point when it comes to choosing healing crystals based on gut instinct.

But if you are like many others, and you're in the market for a more tailored outcome from your healing stones, such as attracting moreabundance into your life, you may desire a more in-depth approach.

For this very reason, Hohman gave us an exclusive rundown of healing crystal benefits to help you live your best (and most balanced) life, and they are:

1. Increase Energy

If you find that keeping up with a demanding work schedule, Herculean fitness routine, and flourishing social life to be waning your energy levels, you're not alone.  Modern life is dynamic and enjoyable, but to stay sharp, you may want to enlist the help of healing crystals.

Rutilated Quartz: Known asThe Illuminator, healers use this stone to cleanse and recharge chakras which may bring increased energy.

As a significant energy amplifier and clarifier, many healers use this stone to inspire vitality in clients.

Smokey Quartz: For those who wish to feel energized, but also grounded, Smokey Quartz tends to be a popular choice, explains Hohman.

2. Manifest Abundance

Maybe you're saving for an extended trek on the Camino de Santiago - awesome! But you know what would make the trip even better? Upgrading your economy seats to business class as you fly to and from Europe. Manifesting abundance and luxury is fun, so let's find the right crystal for the job.

Jade: Jade it is known to be money attracting stone.

"In my opinion, any green stone has that color vibration which means it attracts the color green to you and therefore bringing green money to your hands," says Hohman.

3. Ground Energy

It can be a delicious experience to feel highly energized and invigorated, but often overwhelming, too. Balancing our life force spirit with feeling grounded by earth's elements can bring a more measured and fulfilling approach to life.

Black Tourmaline: "Black Tourmaline is the best grounding stone I know because it is very heavy in its vibration and will sink you right back into this moment," mentions Hohman.

Hematite:This healing crystal grounds you like none other, but it can also be too strong for some causing headaches. I have observed that men seem to do better with Hematite and women better with Jet," explains Hohman.

Jet Stone: Black with a silver sheen, the Jet Stone has a light density which can bring a subtler approach to grounding your energy than that of Hematite.

4. Attract Romance

Nothing quite beats receiving an emoji-filled sweet nothing from your love interest via text. Romance has an undeniable way of lifting one's spirits. And healing crystals are known to help attract love.

Rose Quartz: Known as theLove Magnet, Rose Quartz, and its soft pink hue is used by healer's to open the heart chakra of clients.

"If you put rose quartz near your heart and wear it through the day, it will attract love, and if you add malachite, it will attractabundant love," says Hohman.

5. Inspire Creativity

If it weren't for trailblazing visionaries who push boundaries, we'd most likely still be commuting by horse and carriage rather than cars. Creativity is a vital part of life and finding a healing crystal that can inspire us is a great place to start.

Green Fuschite: This stone is known to stimulate our minds. When it comes to problem-solving, Green Fuschite can strengthen a connection to our intuition, so we can more easily think outside of the box.

When it comes to living a more balanced life, healing crystals offer limitless possibilities. Why not start your journey toward equilibrium in style by accessorizing with one of our gorgeousChakra Crystal Bracelets?

Check them out, and let us know how you feel..




I have spent some 15 years building and financing startup companies, with a deep passion for positive social impacts and the creative arts.  Now as I continue about my personal and professional journeys, I share everything I know and have learned with you here.

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