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How's your bio? And World Class Team Building.

Chad McMillan
VC | Creative Artist.

Who's your team, how's your team, and what teams are you a part of?

Team building is an art, and it's a leader's ongoing work.  Every piece and component of the team you build shapes the current experience and future direction of your project and/or company.  As you build a team around whatever your mission, you need to consider the culture you want to create and the community you want to grow, where this includes everything from the kind of management you may require in executive roles, the types of partners you want, and shareholders as well.

So, how is your teambuilding going?  Do you have a team? Are you part of a team?  How do you fit in?

One Company I'm watching do a great job of this right now is Imagination Park.  Sure, I'm a shareholder, and might be a little biased here, but in my honest opinion, the reality is that every day they are very effectively attracting and onboarding world class talent that deepens their braintrust, talent pool, and access to opportunity; first moving newcomers into advisory roles to explore the working relationship together, and then deepening the relationship and their authority as they perform and more trust is built.

For example, check out this announcement about the appointment of David Uslan at the link below.  His bio and background reads very impressively, and while that doesn't necessarily define how he will perform for and with the company (the proof is always in the pudding), it is one heck of a calling card.

What is your calling card?  Who are you seeking to attract to do business with you and how would your bio read if I were announcing your involvement in one of my projects or companies to the world?

You and only you get to write your own story, your legacy, and if you haven't really thought about or started doing that yet, then the best time to start is now.



I have spent some 15 years building and financing startup companies, with a deep passion for positive social impacts and the creative arts.  Now as I continue about my personal and professional journeys, I share everything I know and have learned with you here.


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