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Picking Yourself Up; How to Get out of a Slump

Chad McMillan
VC | Creative Artist.

Ever been in that place where nothing seems to be working and something's got to change?  Well I have, and in this segment I cover my top 10 ways to shake up my energy, recalibrate my vibration, and get myself out of a slump, including:

1.  Playing Great Music.

2.  Moving my Body and Exercising.

3.  Smiling and Laughing.  Lots of Comedy.

4.  Positive Self Talk.

5.  Changing up my Scenery; Travel or Vacation or Something Similar.

6.  Watching an Inspirational Clip or Video.

7.  Meditation.

8.  Doing One thing towards my Greatest Goal.

9.  Give Something or Help Someone Else.

10.  Stop Everything and Do what You Love Right Now. 


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About Me

A Founder, Principal, or Executive Member of start-up and small cap companies in a variety of fields, I have been intricately involved in public and private company management for over 10 years.  I have led and been involved in a number of multi-million dollar financings, merger, acquisition and joint venture transactions, and most recently completed a 10 month pilgrimage exploring intuitive techniques and the principles of higher consciousness. 

About McMillan Strategies

McMillan Strategies Contributes Intuitive Insights in Alignment with the Advancement and Awakening of Global Collective Consciousness, both in Business and in Life.

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I have spent some 15 years building and financing startup companies, with a deep passion for positive social impacts and the creative arts.  Now as I continue about my personal and professional journeys, I share everything I know and have learned with you here.


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