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Where are we going?

Chad McMillan
VC | Creative Artist.

Had a nice get together with a friend last night to chat about ideas and visions and wants and needs and direction and all of these great things, and one of the real takeaways from the conversation for me and both of us I feel was the point for her to be clear on where she wants to go.

This comes up a lot for me in guidance and mentoring discussions.

How specific are you about your visions? What are you working towards? What do you want your life to look like?

Not being happy with your life in this moment means you feel something isn't right with it, so how would you like that to change? What EXACTLY would you like to be different?

I believe that once we are truly clear and honest with ourselves about what we want, then everything in the universe conspires with and for us to achieve it. For my part, I get clear about my visions every day; in meditation, in creative sessions, during nice long walks, you name it. I channel ideas, take notes, and create vision boards. I paint a very clear picture across all areas of my life about how I would like it to look vs. where I am at right now and then work backwards from there, setting the intentions and putting the vibes out there to achieve these goals.

Ready to get at it? I believe today's as good a day as any to get started, so check out some of my own vision boards below using my favorite tool, where we can also both create either public and private vision boards for ourselves in alignment with our own individual heart's consent.

HIGHLY recommend.



I have spent some 15 years building and financing startup companies, with a deep passion for positive social impacts and the creative arts.  Now as I continue about my personal and professional journeys, I share everything I know and have learned with you here.


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