If you are new to affiliate marketing, not to worry;   My affiliate referral program (often called affiliate marketing program) is a trailblazing, easy, results driven program for you to make passive commission income by referring people to the products and services offered on my website.

The concept is this - my website has a growing number of products for sale. Products that add value, make an impact and generate results. Products that people are increasingly appreciating and glad they found.  

For your part, you are looking to monetize your skills and social assets in a way that you make money, ideally passively, leveraging your website, email list, social accounts, and/or other contacts and associates that are relevant and interested in the kind of products that are available on this site.

For my part, I'm people working to make a larger impact by getting these valuable products out to the world and into the hands of those who need them, in any and every way possible.

With both of our objectives in mind we enter into a win-win partnership here – You enter the Chad McMillan Referral program (click any link), and you can make referral commission income from every sale I make through your referral.  The program is simple to set up, very easy to use, and you can start earning referral income today.


  • Join my affiliate (referral) program by clicking this link. (link to Leaddyno, my affiliate program dashboard).

  • Receive your referral link.

  • Share links to my website and products via social, email, website banners, Pinterest pins, you name it. 

  • Make a commission from every referral sale that comes through your link to purchase from my site.

Simple, right?  This way, I don't lay out huge upfront costs for advertising, and you are paid for everything you legitimately earn, wherever you are; by simply leveraging your own network of contacts and resources to do so.

There are a lot of ways you can attract people to click on your referral link. These are some ideas that I’ve found to be efficient:

  • Sharing your persona; link through banner ads on your website or blog.  (I have some banner options you can use to get started!).

  • Sharing your link via social media.

  • Embedding the link in your email newsletter.

  • Including a specific product in an advertorial or editorial blog post on your website.

  • Sharing your personal experience with the product through any of your channels or groups.

  • Creating and pinning pins on Pinterest with backlinks that include your referral code (*Note - must reference this as an ad by putting (ad) or (aff) at the bottom of the pin description).

Personally, I’m open to how you want to approach, communicate and share your link - as long as you understand and follow all appropriate laws governing affiliate and referral disclosure for your chosen platform.  Also, ensure that you place these links and banners alongside safe and positive content; placing it in conjunction with malicious content that would be harmful or detrimental to my brands (McMillan Strategies and Chad McMillan) may result in suspension of banning your from my program.  (Nothing to fear here, just a heads up.  Let me know if you have any questions about these things, as I am def here wanting to help you succeed!)  


My starting commission is 50% per sale of my info products (courses, e-books, etc). Commissions on other products I may add to my site are still to be determined.  Payments are made immediately upon the clearing of the transaction, meaning money comes in, and BOOM, you're paid.

All you need to get started is to sign up, get your referral code, and you're on your way.

What are you waiting for?