There is an intelligent force in the universe that is trying to help you succeed, if you will just open all of your senses to hear it and listen.
— Chad Mcmillan


You are a seeker. You know that the only way in is through and you’re ready disrupt your current lifestyle, to take ownership and responsibility your life and your business – no matter how hard it is or how much it sucks.   You are a conscious spirit with a financial drive who is ready to embrace new ideas and perspectives, and you are willing to do what is required to change.

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Free thinkers, world beaters, impact-minded artists & entrepreneurs - Welcome.

We are growing entrepreneurial and conscious lifestyle communities.
A collection of like minded up and coming critical thinkers, sharing our experiences
and empowering each other across the world.

My online community is a safe platform where creative, visionary free spirits come together,
seek advice and find inspiration through my unique philosophy –
that fine balance of business growth and conscious living.

Each social profile has a unique purpose. Specific content is curated for those looking for positive energy, encouragement, insights, and to connect and grow with others on a similar path.

Trailblazers Mastermind Open Group

This group is an open community that encourages a constant exchange of ideas, thoughts and opinions regarding the major pillars of my program, courses and philosophy. A support platform for dreamers and doers looking to improve their circumstances in every sphere of their life. 

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Lifestyle Transformation
Private Group

Exclusively for change seekers that have signed up for my Life Transformation Program, this group is a support system. Students who have taken the first step in their life transformation journey will encounter like-minded spirits going through similar situations, a community of collaboration and growth that will have their backs through their awakening process. 


First Time Entrepreneurs Private Mastermind Group

This group is open to business minded entrepreneurs that have enrolled in the First Time Entrepreneurs program, phase 2 of the transformation journey. This collaborative support group is a forum for driven, trend setting rock stars to get some actionable insights, tips and tricks from others in a similar space and mindset.


First Time Executives Private Mastermind Group

Students of the First Time Executives Program will have exclusive access to this private group. This unique, forward thinking community will work as a driving force and provide the needed support for all those trailblazers going working thought phase 3 of their journey to do a 180 º life shift, build their first successful business and work with likeminded folks in their first high impact business endeavor, be it a private or public startup or a conscious corporation.


Creative, Artistic, and Impact Entrepreneurs Private Mastermind Group

This creative group is open exclusively to students of my Creative, Artistic, and Impact Entrepreneurs program, the 4th phase of our transformational journey. This support community is made up of a collection of impact-driven artists and entrepreneurs working to transform their lives financially and spiritually, and working through it together. All members are in the process of building their first businesses, focusing their energy towards building high impact ventures, and finding their personal, creative, and financial freedom.


Bonus Open Group - First Time Stock Market Traders Group

This group is an open community for all the impact-minded, business driven individuals who have read my book “The Penny Stocks Bible” and are seeking to connect with likeminded stock marketers and get insights, tips and relevant knowledge on new startup investment opportunities in the stock market.

You can’t win if you don’t play.
— Chad Mcmillan