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Crystal Healing Clarity Abundance Bracelet | Raise your Vibration

A bracelet designed for a true-blue trailblazer, our Quartz Healing Crystal Abundance Bracelet is the perfect accessory for those born to innovate. Dalmatian Jasper and Natural Agate beads bring a sleek look to your wrist, and when combined, they are believed to clarify and strengthen your life’s purpose.  Since our best ideas seem to come when we relax, Dalmatian Jasper promotes playfulness, joy, and protection from negative thoughts. This healing crystal also boosts your determination to succeed. If that doesn’t totally pique your interest, Agate attracts an extra dose of forte and protection from stress.

Wear this Quartz Healing Crystal Abundance Bracelet to amplify your already shining strengths as a leader.

  • Every bracelet comes packaged atop a beautiful card that has your stone’s meaning on the back.