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Camouflage Compression Pants for Men | Workout in Style


Run Faster, Run Farther, and Look Good Doing it with our Friction-Free High-Performance Compression Pants.


Perfect for training in style and comfort, these compression pants can be lifesaver on long distance hikes or a run.  They’re form fitting, smooth and soft to the touch to help improve your performance, keep you warmer in colder weather, and eliminate friction.  No more packing it in early.  And no more chaffing!


With this real comfortable spandex and polyester blend from your waist to your ankle, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing them.  A sport elastic waistband will keep them snug, while true to the perks of shapewear, these beauties will also make your butt and muscles and frame look tighter and more fit.

Experts suggest compression pants can also help by improving the biomechanics of your motion and improve recovery.  Add to this that they come in a variety of cool camo patterns, and we’re feeling that at this price, these are a no brainer for a guy who wants to take his training game to the next level.  That’s right, we’re looking at you, bro.  



  • Tight and Stretch Fit for Compression.
  • Made of Spandex & Polyester.
  • Quick Dry and Breathable.
  • Full length for added warmth.
  • High Quality Elastic Waist for Comfort.
  • Strong Cross Stitch Seams for Durability.
  • Smooth and Soft to the Touch to Prevent Friction and Chaffing.
  • Great for Running, Crossfit, Hiking, Weightraining, or Any other Sport.
  • Available in the Grey, White, Geometric, Forest, and Blue camouflage patterns.
  • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Fits True to Size.



How to Use:


  • Wear for Any Activity for Extra Support and Style.
  • Follow Directions for Washing.
  • Layer for Extra Warmth on Cold Days. 



“I used to get crazy chaffing on my legs particularly from long distance runs that would be soo sore after, as well as delay my next run so they could heal. Since I’ve started using compression pants, they totally protect my legs from rubbing against each other.  With that pain gone, I can now run faster and farther with a ton of comfort, and I’d like to think look good doing it.”

~Chad McMillan


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