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Multifunctional Seamless Head Bandanna and Scarf for Motorcyclists

When you hop on your motorcycle, not only will your neck be protected from the wind wearing this graphic scarf, but you'll look the part, too. And you can infuse your daily life with a touch of biker style by sporting this versatile black and white accessory as a bandana, scarf, beanie, and you guessed it, even as a pirate cap.


  • FUNCTIONAL: The sky's the limit with these. Use as a foulard, bandanna, scarf, wrist wrap, beanie, pirate cap, headband, or sahariane.
  • COMFORTABLE: These scarves are made with microfibre polyester that is breathable and stretchy.
  • VERSATILE: Wear your scarf on your bike, motorcycle, in daily life, and during sports.
  • PROTECTIVE: Helps to protect your neck and face from UV, sunlight, wind, and dust.
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