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  • The Penny Stocks Bible | An Introduction to Penny Stocks Investing for Beginners

    Learn How I Generate Multi-X Returns Trading and Investing in Penny Stocks - and You Can Too.

    Understanding trading, investing, and the markets is an important life skill.  Unlike many who like to talk about them, I’ve actually spent over 15 years in the c-suite executive chair of these early-stage penny stock companies and understand how they work - inside and out.  Now, you too can consider my company building and investing strategies in these early-stage companies with my Penny Stock Bible investing book to better time your penny stock investments, minimize downside risks, and maximize your potential gains.

    Did You Know?

    Penny stocks, also referred to as micro-cap stocks, nano-cap stocks, small-cap stocks, or OTC stocks, are common shares of small public companies that trade for less than one dollar per share. In North America, these often considered earlier-stage companies trade on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSXv) and Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) in Canada, and OTC markets in the United States.  While considered higher risk, it is not uncommon to see companies who are succeeding in their ventures to realize significant increases in their valuations from these sub-$1 levels.  The work of a successful penny stock investor then, is to filter, determine, and invest in which companies they believe those will be.

     What’s Included

    • The complete Penny Stocks Bible digital ebook you can download and start reading right away.
    • Over 90 pages of insights gained from over 15 years of direct experience in the penny stocks world.
    • My favorite resources where to find your next great penny stock pick.
    • My full due diligence checklist to filter and high grade your selections.

    Features of this Book

    • 90 pages of insights on how early stage Penny Stocks work from a 15 year experienced, early stage penny stock executive.
    • My favorite resources to find my next best penny stock picks.
    • The pitfalls I watch out for to protect and hedge my own investment downside risk.
    • An explanation of the life cycle of penny stocks, which helps improve investment timing.
    • My full due diligence checklist I use to filter my picks and increase my chances of finding big winners.

    Benefits You May Realize Upon Completing this Book

    • Increased knowledge of how penny stocks work.
    • Multiple resources to help you find your next pick.
    • A full overview of my own penny stock investing strategies.
    • Improved timing for better chances of trading success.
    • A 10,000 foot perspective on the industry so you can filter what’s real, and what isn’t.
    • The ability to trade and invest with confidence, like I do, and transform your portfolio.

    How to Use the Penny Stocks Bible

    • Read through the book a first time, and learn all of the key fundamentals of how these companies work.
    • Sign up for free accounts of the resources I share with you that will help you find you next pick.
    • Run your picks through my checklist filter to assess how strong a potential pick might be, and increase your chances of potential success.
    • Stop throwing your money away and start making better investment picks.
    • Enjoy the ride of your next winning pick.
    • Refer back my concepts and strategies I outline in the book until considering them become second nature.

    About the Author

    Chad McMillan

    My professional career has spanned over 15 years of senior executive level management experience in the early-stage capital markets and I have personally led and been involved in numerous multi-million dollar startup financing, merger and acquisition, and reverse takeover transactions with and for what the street endearingly call “penny stock’ public companies.

    From this vantage point, I have personally experienced firsthand the explosive growth that can occur with these companies, and their potential to generate exponential returns for early investors and shareholders in the process.  Now, with many of my friends and colleagues looking to get into and asking me about the markets, I offer some of my own core strategies here to those interested, so you too and participate in this incredible financial growth potential armed with key knowledge, clarity, and confidence.  

    What Others Are Saying

    "Chad shared with me one of his top picks and soon after it tripled in price.  I then read his book and it makes perfect sense, giving me the tools and confidence I need to continue picking winners."

    ~Jason Clegg, Investor & Trader

    "Amazing book and some great insights. Really made me see and learn investing in a different perspective than what I was used to. Thank you."

    ~Hugo, Penny Stocks Bible Reader

    "I have had the pleasure of knowing Chad for nearly five years and have interacted with him in various capacities over that time. Chad has come to be a trusted source on marketing, early-stage finance, and capital markets. His experience as an entrepreneur and company starter has provided him with the on-hands experience that can only be learned in the field."

    James Black, VP, Listings Development, Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)

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    Learn How I Generate Multi-X Returns Trading and Investing in Penny Stocks - and You Can Too - Start Today.

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    Legal Disclaimer

    I am not a certified financial analyst, broker, or professionally qualified to offer investment advice. Nothing in this book constitutes or can be construed as investment advice or an offer or solicitation or advice to buy or sell stock or any asset or investment. All of my content should be considered an opinion and my opinions may be based upon information obtained from research of public documents and content available on websites, regulatory filings, various stock exchange websites, and stock information services, through discussions with company representatives, agents, other professionals and investors, my own professional experience, and field visits. My opinions are based upon information believed to be accurate and reliable, but my opinions are not guaranteed or implied to be so. The opinions presented may not be complete or correct; all information is provided without any legal responsibility or obligation to provide future updates. I accept no responsibility and no liability, whatsoever, for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages or loss arising from the use of my content. The information contained in this book is subject to change without notice, may become outdated, and may not be updated. This content reflects my personal opinions, strategies, views and nothing more.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Tyler E.

    I had zero knowledge, experience, or confidence in this arena...then this book was suggested to me. Each time I re-read it, I learn something new, and reinforce the foundational skills needed to be successful at trading. There is value here for anyone and everyone looking to explore the penny stock action.

    Duncan B.

    A Wealth of knowledge! Straight to the point.

    Martin P.

    I have read The Penny Stocks Bible several times. It is a wealth of knowledge that has been revolutionary to my reborn opinion and understanding in the arena of trading. Chad's professional insights are immense and captured in a concise manner, that any trader at any level can tap into. His book is an invaluable resource for positioning yourself for success in the world of trading. 👏👏👏

    Garrett D.

    The Penny Stocks Bible was one of my first education materials that I read when getting into public market investing. I was a fresh investor prior to reading it, with next to no knowledge beyond just the basics, so I needed something that could cover a lot of material in a reasonable length. Luckily, this book did exactly that. After reading, I felt much more prepared to make better informed investments in stocks that were higher risk but had the potential for higher reward. Since then, I've managed to make several very high returns, one was even over 1000% in less than a year. I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in getting started or leveling up with penny stock investing and exploring what is out there... the opportunities are virtually endless.

    Sean M.

    Brilliant insight from a financial insider. Looking forward to more of Chad’s work!