"Chad has been an invaluable mentor to me. His expertise, wisdom and knowledge (are) mind blowing."

~Ashleigh Gryzko


You are looking for change through connection. A connection that guides your spiritual awakening, your entrepreneurial drive, your world-changing creative projects and your trailblazing journey to conscious living.  A connection to other like-minded souls who are on a similar path to exchange creative ideas, hard hitting experiences and positive outcomes.



My social channels are your connection to me and other open-minded doers geared up to make a positive impact in their own life and those around them. Through my social channels I share a taste of my spirit, my philosophy and all my positive vibes – it’s my way of adding value to your journey.


For all conscious spirits.

My FB group is for a place of general support and exchange of ideas. In this platform I put forth my own personal experience and insights of this journey, to guide those awakening their spirits, taking on their first entrepreneurial leap and those holding their artistic space through my courses.  I offer positive vibes to all open-minded souls pushing to live the life they want.   



For the visual lovers.

My Instagram feed is a powerful reel of visual art inspiration that focuses on sharing my thoughts, my passions and my own adventures.  Using images and videos, I share my personal insights, my philosophy and my everyday life stories to inspire, empower and influence positive change in my digital community. 



For the straight forward thinkers. 

Twitter is as straight forward as it gets. 140 characters of relevant opinions about controversial topics from my chill, fresh point of view. Politics, culture and social commentary, from a conscious, metaphysical perspective that adds value to the conversations and makes an impact on other’s perspectives. 



For impact-seeking entrepreneurs.

Short, straight up, tell-it-like-it-is videos that provide a fresh insight for trailblazing entrepreneurs in need of new energy. Tips, tricks and how to’s from my personal experience and my alchemist point of view.



For up and coming, conscious trailblazers.

The place for results-driven, open-minded spirits looking for tips, tools and inspiring ideas that add value to their journey.  Arts, business and conscious lifestyles infused with good vibes and positive energy.



For the business minded.

That fine balance of conscious living and business driven lifestyles flows through this channel. Creative tools, artistic tips and world class mindful business strategies for forward thinking entrepreneurs and artistic spirits alike.


Sound Cloud

Music for everyone, from yours truly.

My personal artistic vibes and passions are shared through uplifting tunes and inspiring melodies created from my own inspiration. My artistic vibes, visions and magic are projected through this space of creativity and sound.


My newsletter is your insight to my perspectives, my experience and my lifechanging vibe. I choose to share my conscious approach to business, my alchemist view and my chill take on life to add value to those around me; all thought weekly updates, adventurous storytelling and artistic magic.