360º Personal and Entrepreneurial Revolutions.

The only thing holding us where we are and leading the life we want is ourselves.
— Chad Mcmillan

Go Deeper, vibe higher, flow free – in every aspect of your life. My Prosperity Mastermind series is a 4-pillar program I’ve created for trailblazing spirits in need of an empowering, empathetic hand up. Inspired in my experience and the path I still walk on today, I lead by example – living a fulfilled, free and awoken life.  

Through every step of this path to prosperity, impact driven entrepreneurs, creative minds and open-minded spirits will get constant flows of positive energy, encouragement, and leadership. We will work together to look inward, push forward and get long-term conscious results.

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Lifestyle Transformations

Exploring inward to grow outward.

Meaningful lives and fulfillment require conscious commitment, understanding and self-acceptance.

The ‘Lifestyle transformations’ program guides you through personal awakening, internal understanding and actionable insights that drive you to take charge.

After taking the course, you’ll be a free spirit with a fresh perspective on life, achieving huge, incredible, and wild success - while positively impacting our world.



First time Entrepreneurship

Setting the foundation for prosperity.

Trailblazing ideas and impact driven businesses need long-term vision, flowing strategies and strong execution to thrive.

My ‘First time start-ups’ empowers you to build your own business and change your life, through expert guidance and proven tools.

Completing this phase will make you move to the beat of forward thinkers and changemakers, making strategic decisions that add value to your business and your life.



Visionary Ventures

Positioning for significant prosperity.

Visionary businesses are defined by their people, built upon their achieved success and grown by constantly raising the bar. 

Pillar no.3 of the series- ‘Visionary ventures’ connects impact driven executives to conscious business strategies. These think-outside-the-box actionable insights fuel higher profits and higher purpose.

This to-the-point learning experience gives you the tools to create fresh strategies, scale sustainable revenue, and add value to those around you.



Creative Purpose and Productivity

Living in personal and creative freedom.  

Balanced lifestyles are purpose driven, impact seeking, abundant and adventurous.

This last pillar of transformation pushes free thinkers to reach inward and find your true creative path and purpose. It guides you to achieve independence and flexibly through scalable financial freedom.

Through this empowering, alchemist inspired program, you will be able to creatively flow, while you achieve the fulfillment, abundance, and freedom you seek in your business and your life.




“Penny Stocks Bible” my fresh take on the penny stock market.  


Corporate Renewals


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