My Creative Purpose and Personal Freedom Course

The Art of living in personal, financial, and creative freedom; social impact, philanthropy, travel, and the creative arts.


Freedom, Independence & Flexibility. An action-based course to find your creative path and purpose, awakening your spirit, creating a social impact and learning the art of scalable personal, financial, & creative freedom.

Creativity is a driving force. Not knowing how to gain profit from your conscious creative efforts, not being able to channel your ideas to be a force for good and lacking growth driven strategies for your talents is enough to make any driven, creative spirit question their vibe and inspiration. If you don’t have a roadmap to guide your actions, inspire your next move or next project; that feeling of hopelessness and resignation will beat your fighting spirit.

 It’s time to change, to thrive, to be free. This course is a catalyst for internal shifts of the creative mind, a fundamental connection with your artistic mindset, your trailblazing entrepreneurial spirit and your adventurous soul.  I’m a free spirit, discovering my passion for creative expression and the arts, constantly pushing my limits and making waves wherever I go. I’ve lived through this and I choose to share what I have learned, bring new energy and add value to push you to live your best life and change the world.   



I’ve been making waves in the corporate world. I’m a driven, impact-seeking entrepreneur. I’ve been pushing the bar in the entertainment world. I’ve done it all. I’m doing it now. My experience is not just a story I tell; it’s the pattern and formula I live my life by. I choose to share my story and my trailblazing approach to business, creativity and life with those looking for new energy to build movements, advanced creative strategies and actionable insights to consciously achieve freedom, independence and flexibility.


My financial knowledge

I’ve been impacting the corporate and financial world for more 12 years. I understand the corporate dynamic. I’ve successfully negotiated high level merger and acquisition deals and have transformed public companies from under $1 million to over $25 million.

I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve cofounded and invested in more than XX conscious startups. Imagination Park Entertainment, my latest and most profitable new venture, is publicly traded and has become a world renown entertainment company. 

I have achieved a balanced approach to business – a perfect combination of my corporate experience and my new found spiritual, chill vibe. With this approach, I guide creative minds, impact driven entrepreneurs and world blazing adventurers to find their creative passion, explore assertive and forward-thinking business strategies, find financial freedom and scalable revenue in their creative projects.


My journey

I’ve lived this awakening journey myself.

My personal transformation has opened the space for me to honor my creative passion and feed my artistic curiosity through Film, TV, Music and media.

I now vibe free through my artistic connections, my creative productivity and the strategies I have implemented in my own path to freedom.  

My objective is to build bridges by sharing my experience, tools and insights through artistic expression, advanced trailblazing business strategies, purpose and scalable wealth for creative, impact driven, social entrepreneurs. 


My Alchemist Balance

I’m a combination of business-driven success and true Alchemist spirituality.

Through my Alchemist approach to business and life I have achieved balance, abundance, freedom, social impact, adventure and everlasting legacy.

This fresh, conscious philosophy will create a challenge-all-standards roadmap to your creative path and purpose. A push to boldly go forward, live a life of freedom, independence, flexibility and scalable monetization - all while making an impact.   

Are you ready?



I am a result of my experience, of my journey. I’ve gone down this creative path, and continue to do it every day. I’ve identified the perfect balance of a creative passion, a firm business philosophy and spiritual, alchemist philosophy.

I flow in this balanced mindset through my life and choose to guide you in your journey with that same philosophy.

The ‘Creative Purpose and Productivity’ course focuses on advanced trailblazing strategies for creative, impact driven and socially focused entrepreneurs. By sharing the tools and tips I’ve learned through my own experience, I will help you develop your own interpretation of the art of living in personal, financial, & creative freedom. Will help you hold your space by making a social impact, traveling and living a life of adventure – all by finding scalable wealth in your creative art.


Are you Ready?




The ‘Creative Purpose and Productivity’ course will guide you in your journey of creative self-discovery, shape your trailblazing business and generate innovative strategies. It'll also focus on your personal growth through travel and discovery, while scaling long-term sustainable financial growth by offering:

  • Vibeing videos and resources that will teach you every tip, trick and action you’ll need to awaken your creative passions.
  • Worksheets that drive your creative spirit to find your path and purpose.

  • Fresh insights on how to consciously achieve creative, personal and financial freedom.

  • Insider tips on how to create a visionary social impact, while gaining personal financial growth from your creative passions.  

Want more details on course modules, topics and what to expect? Get the fool scoop.   

As you begin to achieve deep and lasting personal and professional successes, learn how to find balance in all areas of your life, making time for travel, adventure, creative endeavours, social contributions, and otherwise overall harmony in ultimate alignment with your soul’s path and purpose.
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This last step of this 360-degree life-changing Mastermind Series is the ‘Creative profit and purpose course”, centered around the Art of living in personal, financial, & creative freedom; focusing on social impact, philanthropy, travel, and the creative arts.

By sharing my own experience, my personal passion for the arts and my journey, I will empower creative entrepreneurs and trailblazing spirits to drive forward toward enlightment. Through self-exploration and personal development, all those wanting to create an impact in those around them, live a life that flows creatively, a life of abundance; will be able to find their purpose.

 By identifying the steps needed to change, trailblazing spirits will adjust their life vision, create their business to find financial and creative freedom and live a life of abundance and conscious purpose.



  • The Dreamer’s Worksheet
  • High Vibrating Rituals and Power Tools Course for sustaining your good vibes.



Creative and open-minded spirits who choose to believe in themselves, live by the philosophes shared in the course and make the commitment to change and live their best life will achieve success. This course will guide you in the process and will:

  • Identify your unique strengths and weaknesses, and look inward to find ways to counteract them.
  • Enlighten you to truly understand your creative talents and how to successfully generate wealth from them.
  • Define clear goals to create a fresh, innovative approach to fuel your creative mindset. 
  • Show you how to integrate health, positive attitude and self-love to your everyday routine.
  • Create a community around you and be aware of your social impact.
  • Be an innovative, profitable, creativity driven entrepreneur.
  • Provide you with the tools to identify actionable financial insights and generate strategies to multiply your wealth
  • Teach you how to hold your own space in the creative, financial and entrepreneurial world.
There is no greater achievement then the peace we are able to find for ourselves, in this exact moment, and it is yours, when you are ready to let it in.



The Creative Purpose and Productivity course is a fresh approach to life, entrepreneurship and creativity. I hold this space for creative artists and trailblazing entrepreneurs in need of an edge, an assertive guide who truly understands their passion for the arts, their abundance mindset and their conscious lifestyle. Driven creatives in search of an inspirational spirit who understands their approach and can inject new energy and develop creative strategies to grow their profit and their conscious impact – together.



Creatives who lack drive and spirit. Entrepreneurs who aren’t hungry enough to want to change their circumstances. Trapped souls who refuse to vibe higher, identify who they want to be and work to break free of what holds them back, whatever it might be.






You first creativity and productivity move.

Your creativity is flowing, you’re vibing. You’re looking for a fresh perspective to monetize your creative mind – and you enroll to my online course. Get insights when and how you want to take them, at your own pace.


Your daily dose of creativity.

Every new module comes with an email from yours truly – a quick note to remind you that you’re rocking this journey. I’ll also send you a daily challenge, resources, project ideas, trailblazing projects I’m involved with and all the creative flow I can share.


Your buy in email.

You’ll be making creatives waves soon enough, but first – you need to tell me what you’re expecting from this course. Get your buy-in email ready; all questions, ideas, concerns - send them my way. I’ll make sure to share answers to your questions, solutions to your concerns and point you in the right direction.


Your artistic community.

Our ‘Creative, Artistic, and Impact Entrepreneurs Private Facebook Mastermind Group’ is made up of impact-driven artists and entrepreneurs. These awakening spirits are on their way to transforming their financial and spiritual vibe by creating their own business, looking inward to thrive outwards and finding their creative voice. Be a part of this trailblazing group of forward thinkers, share, discuss, vibe collectively to thrive collectively.


Your creative productivity perspective.

Whether you’re at the beach or a hipster coffee shop, you can access every module (videos, worksheets, resources) from wherever you are for after your first session. Start rolling out that creativity!


Download the details of your creative journey.

Each module will focus on a new topic that will get you closer to creative freedom and real, scalable abundance



Visualize a life of creative balance, abundance, freedom, adventure and impact.  Consciously living a life of creative vibes, independence and flexibility is possible – if you open your mind and spirit to it. 

To become a trailblazing creative entrepreneur, to flow and vibe freely in this mindset, your life must change.  By sharing my personal journey and my experience, I choose to help you do it. Looking inward and driving outward through creativity, new businesses, adventures and social impact; that legacy can be yours – if you choose to live your best life.


Are you up for it?




1.       How much time will I need to complete the course?

You go at your own pace. You can access each module from whatever device you’re using that day. You get to drive your own creative flow, fast or slow – you decide what works best for you in that moment.

2.       How long will I have access to the course resources?

The resources are yours indefinitely. I’ve chosen to share my experiences with you and push you to your best creative life; indefinitely. You’ll be able to come back to these resources as many times as you need to, for inspiration, guidance and creative impact.

3.       Do I need to take any of the other courses before I start this one?

The idea is to take the courses in order, starting from the Lifestyle Transformation and go from there. On the other hand, if you’re ready to get at it and find your creative path and purpose – start flowing with the course that works for you.

4.       Will I receive feedback or support while taking this course?

Totally. As you go through this journey of creative discovery, you’ll get access to out private Facebook community of impact-driven entrepreneurs and free-spirited artists. The ‘Creative, Artistic, and Impact Entrepreneurs Private Facebook Mastermind Group’ will be your support system during (and after) your journey through this course. Everyone in this group is working to achieve your same goal: to find personal, creative and financial freedom. Ask, answer, challenge – sharing your growth will help you and those around you and will make this adventure even more legendary. 

5.       What if this is not really for me?

This philosophy works. I’m proof it does. I’m proof that if you really want to change, are committed to living your best life and are ready, willing and able to really, really do what it takes – it works. If you’ve consciously put in the effort but haven’t gotten the results you expected, drop me a line. I stand by my teachings, that’s why I have a 100% guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied, I’ll evaluate your situation, understand what’s up and give you a full refund for the cost of the course.



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 First Time Entrepreneurship Course


Lifestyle Transformation Course

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