My High Impact Ventures and Executive Management for Startups and Public Companies Course

A fresh, conscious approach to growing a company, starting a new business, creating an impact and producing long term, measurable value – all while driving higher profits and higher purpose.


New energy, flowing creativity, value based actions. No matter the industry, fresh ideas and conscious based strategies are a requirement to stay ahead of the game. Not knowing where to begin, where to go or how to generate long term growth can leave you feeling lost, like an underdog who’s lost the drive.

 You’re ready to look inward, tap into your creativity and identify value-based, actionable insights that will change the status quo of your company (or push you to create a new one), and this course will help. Through my experience, I’ve put together a in series of tools, tips, case studies and actions that will push you to raise your own bar, find your inner trailblazer and free your spirit. You will bring new energy, more value and impact to your business – all while changing the world.    




I have years of direct experience successfully turning around struggling companies from nearly every executive role. I’ve done it all. I’m still doing it. I’m booming. I choose to share my fresh, balanced approach to business and life with those looking for new energy, creative strategies and actionable insights to consciously produce value and life-long success. If you're struggling to find traction and support for your mission and ideas, raise capital, and grow your business, this is the course for you. 


My corporate past

I’ve been here. I understand the corporate dynamic. I’ve made waves in the financial sphere by negotiating several successful merger and acquisition deals and have transformed public companies from under $1 million to over $25 million.

I was corporate. I wore the suit. I was the vibe. I understand the ins -and-outs of this world, the trailblazing people, the fast-paced dynamic.

My contribution is my balanced approach to business – a combination of my corporate experience and my new found spiritual, chill vibe.  Using this approach, I guide driven executives and entrepreneurs to push the bar, be creative, explore new boundaries and implement conscious driven strategies that scale revenue and make an impact.

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My entrepreneurial present

I'm an awoken spirit who believes in everyone’s ability to success. I’m committed to sharing my experience, tools and insights, with trailblazing entrepreneurs in need of a hand up in their journey.  

I’ve partner with impact driven entrepreneurs and have co-funded more than half a dozen startups. My latest world-class project is Imagination Park Entertainment, a publicly traded and world renown entertainment company. 

I partner and invest in up-and-coming business by adding value through my philosophy, management methods and resources. I empower impact driven minds to connect with their purpose, meet their goals and generate conscious and sustainable success.


My balanced business approach

I’m an Alchemist. I’m a business minded spirit. I am the perfect combination of both.

My Alchemist approach to business and life drive me to challenge conventions, inject fresh energy, share value based know-how, and build bridges to make an impact in those around me.

My fresh, conscious business philosophy will guide you to create a think-outside-the-box strategic business plan that will fuel higher profits and higher purpose.

Are you ready?


I’ve done it – successfully. I know what it takes – I lead by example. I found the perfect balance between an assertive business philosophy, structure, and analytical thinking and a spiritual, alchemist philosophy. I vibe freely in this balanced mindset through my life.

With this approach I will guide you in your journey to shape startups, create innovative strategies, rethink company values, find a fresh direction and scale long-term sustainable revenue – while creating an impact.

Through each module of the ‘High Impact Ventures and Executive Management for Startups and Public Companies’ you’ll get full access to the resources and insights I apply in my own business ventures. Together, we can challenge your current business, inject new energy, raise capital and change the world.  


Are you in?




The ‘High Impact Ventures and Executive Management for Startups and Public Companies’ course offers a fresh business perspective and a conscious life approach that empowers business driven forward thinkers. The tools and tips shared during the course will drive executives and entrepreneurs to push forward, challenge the rules and inject new energy into their business. The course will also help business-driven trailblazers find that delicate ‘work-life’ balance that we all crave through:

  • Think-outside-the box videos and content, focused on what I do best – conscious business and ultimate freedom. 
  • Fresh insights on national and international Public Markets and Public Venture Capital.

  • Corporate Structure, creative lean leadership and strategic marketing strategies that drive conscious and ethical growth.

  • Strategic capitalization action plans to achieve your business goals.

  • Negotiation and communication tips to get major financing, big wins and market success.

Get more info on each module, my experience and how this chill approach will help your business thrive.

At the end of the day, every day, I want to rest easy knowing the I am contributing to the evolution of our race and world in way that matters; by building great products and solutions that solve major problems, by telling stories that inspire millions, and by enjoying the blessings of every great moment that I still get to be here.


The High Impact Ventures and Executive Management for Startups and Public Companies is the third step of my Prosperity Mastermind course. 

Through tools, tips and tricks from my own trailblazing experiences, we will be able to establish a creative roadmap that will push your company -and yourself- to a higher level.  You will be a fresh drive in your company, bringing a new vibe and vision, making assertive and conscious business moves. You will strategically grow, create and flow – all while taking conscious actions that create an impact in your business and your life. 



  • RTO Roadmap
  • Advanced Management Master Strategies & Techniques Handbook
  • Corporate Fundamentals Checklist
  • Industry Resources and Financial Sources.





I've partnered with forward thinking, open minded executives who share my philosophy.  Those who commit and put in the work, become a new light in their company and:

  • Understand the strategies that need to be implemented to run a successful conscious business
  • Define clear business goals and create fresh, innovative strategies to achieve them
  • Identify their company’s unique strengths and weaknesses – and find ways to counteract them
  • Consciously create a community around their business, both internal and external
  • Are aware of their social impact and create strategies to nurture it further
  • Leverage their growth to raise the company’s capital, and their own
  • Collect innovative financial information, actionable insights and equity to continue to keep moving forward
  • Own a company that has become profitable and/or raises investment capital
Learn how to execute as a world class company and grow into new levels of global contribution, participation, and prosperity, limited only by the depth of your commitment, scope of your vision, and focus on where you want to go and what you want to achieve.



This phase of the transformation process is for positive minded executives who are looking for a fresh, chill, innovative take on their strategies. Open-minded, value focused spirits looking for inspiration, new energy and creative strategies to grow their profit and their conscious impact.



People who don’t have an open mind, who settle with their current circumstances and don’t have the hunger to want something better, for themselves and their company. Closed-minded, judgmental spirits who chose to stand still in mediocrity and refuse to vibe higher.

If you want to change your life, then your life has to change.





You need a fresh point of view.

You’re committed to your company, want to grow and are looking for a fresh perspective, so you enroll. Get that chill, refreshing point of view at your pace, fast or slow – you decide.


Your daily challenge.

With every new module you begin, you’ll get an email from me, a new daily challenge, a conscious business analysis, a chill balanced value-lead business approach and some personal challenges too.


The buy in email.

Before we begin making waves in your current company, you need to think about what you’re looking to get from this course – and tell me all about it. Send your buy-in email my way, I’m committed to you and your business and the more questions you share, the more answers I can offer.


Your fellow trailblazers.

The community of ‘First Time Executives Private Facebook Mastermind Group’ is a community of like-minded business driven doers. These forward thinkers are fellow changemakers are pushing the bar in both business and personal projects. Join them, challenge them and make an impact.


The fresh new perspective.

You’ll be able to access each video (10 in total) and all other course resources endlessly anywhere, anytime.



Strategic growth. Personal fulfillment. Abundance. Growing with and in a conscious, result driven company and being the force that drives it.

You can be that force of change, that new energy. Understanding your business, thinking creatively, trusting your gut; the foundations of a successful, impact driven business is yours - if you want it.


Are you up for it?




1. How much time will I need to complete the course?

This is a self-paced course that you’ll be able to access from your phone, tablet or laptop, wherever you are. Because it is self-paced, you get to decide how fast (or slow) you will start making changes, building strong foundations and making an impact.

2.  How long will I have access to the course resources?

You’ll be able to come back and check all the course resources indefinitely. As you grow and your company grows with you my corporate background, entrepreneurial skills and kickass experience will be a great resource to come back to for some fresh ideas and inspiration.

3.  Do I need to take the “First time Entrepreneur” course before I start this one?

The courses are meant to be taken in order; starting with the Lifestyle Transformation and flowing from there. But, you’re free to start your Prosperity Mastermind journey with any course that appeals to you and will push you and your company to a higher level.    

4.  Do I have to be in an Executive position to gain something from this course?

This course if for anyone who’s interested in growing into or moving into an executive role. By understanding the problems and challenges that executive management is faced with and trying to solve, you’ll be able to step up and provide solutions. You’ll learn how to take action in these positions, continue to grow (and get promoted) as you drive your company forward.

5. Will I receive feedback or support while taking this course?

Yes, of course you will. While taking this course, you will have to opportunity to join a community of forward-thinking go getters on our private Facebook Group - First Time Executives Private Facebook Mastermind Group. All members of the group are working thought phase 3 of my Prosperity Mastermind series. These fellow trailblazers will be your driving in this endeavor of building your first successful business or making an impact in your current business adventure.

6.  What if this is not really for me?

This works. If you commit, are ready, willing and able to consciously put in the effort, time and guts to lead your business and your life down the path you want – it works. If you’ve wholeheartedly done this, but can’t see the value, give me a call. I have a 100% guarantee, for both of us.  I’ll evaluate your situation, understand where we both missed the mark and give you a full refund for the cost of the course.



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