My Conscious Lifestyle Transformation Course

Looking inward to thrive outward. Challenging inner demons, making positive lifestyle choices and committing to an abundance mindset to change your current circumstances and consciously live your best life.


Living in a fast-paced world, you struggle to find a sense of self, your spirit.  Your past, present and the uncertainty of the future dim your drive and your understanding of who, where, and what you are – and you struggle to find your own awoken spirit. Your current life is not the life you envisioned, and your path is blurred.  

I too have struggled with this in the past. I awoke, I looked inward to witness my own behaviors, the patterns I was living and chose to shift my inner compass and have been shifting ever since.  I chose to take responsibility of the life I wanted to live.

I want to show you how to do the same.


I have lived through this journey of self-awakening myself. I am not like other coaches, mentors, advisors or consultants. I don’t have fancy titles or PHD’, I’m an enlighten spirit that is the results of his experience. 
My vibe is still and chill. I hold my ground steadily and consistently and I chose to challenge, empower and drive forward those around me who choose to make a conscience change to live their best life. 


My personal journey

The Prosperity Mastermind courses are a result of what I’ve lived and learned, my personal journey.

I’ve been through it. I’ve had a broken spirit, had to face my demons and felt unsatisfied. I took the challenge to change. I’ve gone from underdog to free spirit, experiencing and learning through this awakening journey. I chose to reinvent my life around my passion, dreams and creative spirit and now live in abundant satisfaction, both personally and financially.

I built these transformational courses on my experiences and insights. My goal is to give you the opportunity to break free, learn the art and value of investing in yourself and grow your personal wealth – if you’re interested.


I lead by example

I’m living proof that my approach to life, business and creativity works. I blaze through my life as a free awoken spirit, implementing the techniques, methods, tools and philosophies I teach.

I lead, I vibe and I add value by sharing what my experience has taught me. I seek to make a collective impact, affect the world in a positive way and challenge those around me to break through their own barriers and live the life they want.

I have amazing gifts to share. Do you want to receive them?


My overarching Alchemist approach 

I’ve been on this journey. I know that conscious transformation comes from building a sustainable foundation and growing with clear intention.

True awakening comes from a whole, complete change. In true alchemist way, building your whole self - from personal rituals and mindfulness to personal branding and exponential wealth – will guide you to exponential wealth and personal satisfaction.


My approach

I’m chill, steady and consistent in every action I take. I have found a perfect balance between my conscious business philosophy, financial freedom and spiritual awakening. I flow with that same balanced mindset in everything I do in life.

I hold space for change seekers by guiding them in their inner exploration by collaborating, partnering and sharing the insights that guide my own life. I am not anchored to anyone. I choose to work with those who want results, embrace the change and have the drive to push the bar and live the life of their dreams.

This is the time to take ownership and responsibly for your life and the life that you want.


Are you in?



The Lifestyle Transformation sessions will guide your self-exploration journey to discover who you are and that unique magic you have to offer those around you. By understanding your circumstances and committing to change, you’ll be able to establish the foundation of your vision of success, to live a free, conscious life that creates an impact. Upon completing this phase of the Prosperity Mastermind course you’ll have a renovated fresh mindset, achieved through:

  • Inspiring online videos that will empower and enlighten you to reach your full life potential.
  • Case Studies, real life examples of underdogs turned successful, free spirits.

  • Daily Rituals that open your mind and body to healthy, mindful living.  
  • Deep internal self-examination methods to help you understand your lifestyle choices and what needs to change.

  • Roadmap that drives real actions and mindset changes in nutrition, health and exercise.

  • Vision Questing exercises to push you towards the life you want.

  • Methods of personal discovery and personal branding.

  • Conscious techniques to master your finances and positively contribute to your business.

Get all the details on each module, the topics we’ll touch on and changes you’ll achieve.

“My lifestyle transformation course empowers you with all of the tools you already have to transform your world into the life you want. And you don’t just have to take my word for it, these have been the secrets of the great kings, queens, wealthy, prosperous, though leaders, scientists, and philosophers for thousands of years.”
— Chad Mcmillan

This course is a personal transformation from dark to light, the first step to a 360 life change. I share my experience, insights, tools and resources to help you find your voice and your place in the universe.  This course will empower you to achieve the fulfillment and abundance you seek in your life.  

The course is an intelligent force of change that will help you succeed. If you open all your senses and listen to yourself, you’ll become a trailblazing, awoken spirit living your best life and making an impact in world.



  • Intro to Meditation and a Guided Meditation videos.

  • How to Eat Vegan and Alkaline + A Vegan Meal Planning and Nutrition Guide.

  • Conscious Living Resources Handbook; People, Accounts, Websites, Books, Channels, Movies Etc.

  • Vision Boarding Cheat Sheet.

  • Trailblazers Vision Questing Handbook.





results and benefits.jpg

I’ve done the work and the research. I’ve been through the journey. I know it works. If you choose to believe in yourself, make a positive mindset shift and commit to making a change, I will guide you in your path to becoming a free, thriving spirit to live your best life.  The “Lifestyle transformation” course will:

  • Enlighten you to truly understand who you are and why you are here.
  • Reveal self-sabotaging patterns that are holding you back and teach you how to integrate and release them. 
  • Show you how to integrate healthy, feel good life patterns to your everyday.
  • Explain how to attract, receive, and manage your money for prosperity and abundance.
  • Guide you on how to open, trust, and navigate your life listening to your intuitive instincts.
  • Teach you how to hold your own space, love yourself and live your life on your own terms.
If you want to change your life, then your life has to change.


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Go for your best life.

You take action, change your life - you begin this journey by enrolling to my ‘Lifestyle Transformation” course. The course is an online self-paced course – you can start building, changing and flowing as fast (or slow) as you want.


The daily work.

This change requires work; constant, hard work. During your journey, you’ll get a daily challenge, visualization exercises and a conscious lifestyle to discover. You’ll get follow ups after every session and constant reminders that you’re well on your way to living your best life, making an impact, and becoming a free, trailblazing changemaker.


The buy in email

You’ve done this. You’re committed. You’re set for the change. What’s next? send me your buy-in email with all your questions. I’m in this, my commitment to your journey 100% - and I want to make sure we address all your doubts and questions in the sessions.


The support system.

This course gets you into the “Lifestyle Transformation Private Facebook Mastermind Group.” The empowered impact seekers in this group are on the same path you are. Fuel your mind, soul and passions with like-minded spirits who are discovering their new vibe, just like you.


The change begins.

All 10 video sessions and other resources will be available to you online, on whatever device you want to use. Go through it at your own pace and come back when you need a refresh; you’ll have access indeindefinitely.



Envision a life of fulfillment, abundance and freedom. A trailblazing spirit, living consciously and making an impact in the world. To flow through life with this attitude, really vibe, you need to commit to making the change.

You can do this – I can help you.  Look inward to thrive outward. Find a new mindset, live an abundant, prosper life and make an impact in the world.  I’ve gone through this process and continue to live thought this every day.





1.  How much time will I need to complete the course?

My courses are self-paced, which means you can begin your journey and start living your full life as fast, or as slow, as you choose. You’ll be able to access the course content on your laptop and/or your phone.

2.  How long will I have access to the course resources?

Forever. You'll get indefinite access to videos, case studies, support groups and daily inspirations that will push you to a life of consciousness, happiness and  abundance.


3. Do I need to start with the “Lifestyle Transformation” course or can I begin somewhere else?

I suggest you start here. The Prosperity Mastermind courses are meant to help you flow, step by step, to live a life of abundance, happiness and satisfaction. However, if there's a specific course that you're in to - dive in! 

4. Is there a chance to get feedback or support?

Yes.  By enrolling in the “Lifestyle Transformation” course, you get access to our community of trailblazing spirits. This course gets you in to the exclusive “Lifestyle Transformation Private Facebook Mastermind Group.” The change-makers in this group is on your same path. This is your support system.  Join the conversation with like-minded trailblazers who are living their awakening journey, just like you.

5. What if this is not really for me?

I have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy, for you and for myself. I need you to trust me and this process, to put in the work, flow consciously through the process, honestly commit to the program and to these changes.  But, if you still feel like you’re not getting any value – get in touch. I’ll evaluate your case, understand where we missed the mark and give you a full refund. It’s important for my personal growth that you share your mind with me – My trailblazing mindset pushes me to continue to improve on the daily.