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Veganism is popping up everywhere these days. We have started to recognize that our bodies are in desperate need of gentler, healthier diets.  You may have been contemplating taking the leap. But not too many resources exist for vegans or people thinking of going vegan and the hardest part about deciding to go vegan, is knowing where to start

If you’ve made the decision to ditch all animal products and start a plant-based diet, this book will be your quick and easy guide, taking you through the basics, understanding the decision process, nutrition tips, and the physical and mental benefits you can expect.

Veganism is not for everyone. I’ve been a vegan for 5+ years. The information shared on this useful guide is based on my own experience, the changes I’ve personally seen and felt and the impact this dietary change has had on my life and work.


I want to show you how veganism can impact your life.


Total investment in your Health: $25


I’m a free-spirited trailblazer, a vegan, a plant-based and gluten-free diet fanatic. I’ve been pushing my own boundaries by way of conscious nutrition, moral commitment and long-term health success.  I’ve done it for 5 years, I’m still doing it. To this day I still see improvements and results from this lifestyle change. In the “Going Vegan –  A Quick and Easy Guide for Busy People “I share my experience, what I’ve learned through this transition and the positive changes I’ve seen with this change. The insights and ideas I share here are fresh and come from a place of experience and of balanced, conscious efforts to drive improvement.


My non-vegan past

I wasn’t always vegan. In fact, I was the opposite, meat protein in every meal, dairy and alcohol every day. I started to feel the negative effects of these kind of foods in my diet. I was tired, I had heartburn I had no energy.

My insights in this quick guide come from a place of experience – a place where I was not feeling good and needed to make a change and my transition into this lifestyle change as a positive solution.


My personal journey

A combination of my current state and my new-found spiritual awakening led me down the vegan path.

The first steps were hard. I was fighting negative lifestyle patterns and was freaking out about the daily intake needs, where and what to eat, how this lifestyle change would change my social life, etc. But I did it anyway. And I’m still doing it.

There are not a lot of resources available on how to go vegan. I did a lot of research, consulted a lot of book and chatted with people who had gone thought this transition themselves. This guide is a collection of everything that I’ve learned thought my personal journey – to help you with yours.


My vegan present 

Today, I’m a free spirit with a positive vibe and a healthy body and mind. My vegan, plant-based and gluten-free diet is a one of the main guiding philosophies of my energy, my vibe and my lifestyle.

My Alchemist spirit drives me to give others a hand up, give them the tools I’ve discovered to help them grow. To inject fresh ideas by sharing my know-how and build bridges to make an impact.

The Going Vegan guide will multiply the impact of what I’ve learned though my personal journey into veganism. It will guide trailblazing spirits going through this transition and make their own journey flow seamlessly.

I have some amazing gifts to share, are you ready to receive them?

My approach


I’ve seen and felt the benefits of veganism. I am a vegan. I consume a plant-based diet, no dairy and gluten free. I know what it means to be vegan and I’ve been through this shift and gone through all of this myself. I understand.  

This book comes from my personal experience. A straight up, truth bearing, real facts about the experience and process of going vegan, the easy parts and the hard ones. The truth. Tips, tricks and advice on how to change your attitude and your diet. Now is the time. Make the shift and choose to honour your temple, your present and your future.

Are you in?



This guide is a direct reflection of my experience, my success and my energy since becoming a vegan.

By opening your mind and taking into consideration, tips and tricks I’ve learned from my own trailblazing approach to veganism, you’ll be able to seamlessly make this life changing transition. Changing your mindset, your diet and your approach to eating will help you drive forward feeling more energized, empowered and living a fuller, healthier life. The Guide includes:

  • Fresh personal insights on the benefits of eating a vegan, plant-based, gluten-free diet that will drive you to take the steps you’ll need to commit to this transition.

  • An assertive, proven approach to breaking negative patterns that limit your commitment to this change.

  • Some of my favorite vegan foods and resources that you can start eating and using right now.

  • Strategic tips about eating vegan, maintaining a balanced diet and not freaking out about it. 

What are you waiting for?

Maria Rodriguez.png
I’ve been contemplating going vegan for sometime. The hardest part about deciding to take the leap was knowing where to start. Chad’s approach to going vegan and the insights he shares of his personal journey in the “How to go Vegan - A Quick and Easy Guide for Busy People” provided a fresh, easy going perspective to the transition, giving me the confidence and guidance I need to take the first step.
— Maria Rodriguez



I’ve done it. I’ve gone from eating and drinking whatever I felt like to a balanced, healthy vegan diet, and I’ve seen the positive changes. Straight up - I’ve seen firsthand the impact that these simple dietary changes have made for my body, my energy and my mood. The “Going Vegan -  A Quick and Easy Guide for Busy People” is a to-the-point approach to eating vegan with tips, tricks and insights from my personal experience that will help you:    

  • Understand the relevant benefits of a vegan, plant-based and gluten-free diet.
  • Break through the negative patterns that are limiting your commitment. 
  • Establish a long-term commitment to veganism.
  • Create a strategic plan on how to manage your diet and make sure you’re getting the nutrients and supplements your body requires.
  • Identify the benefits that eating for fuel is generating for your body, energy levels and mood.
  • Manage your diet, lifestyle and every-day life in a way that supports your commitment to veganism.

"If you want to change your life, then your life has to change."




This guide is for open-minded trailblazer looking to make a change in their diet. Regardless of the reason for this transition and change, the “Going Vegan Guide” is for forward thinkers who are ready to take the leap into a healthy, clean diet and want to make this change easy and simple. This guide is for focused spirits looking for new energy and food for fuel, new adventures and most importantly, a way to consciously (and exponentially) live a healthy, full life.



People who don’t have an open mind and are limited by negative behavior patterns. Unsure and judgmental spirits that are not truly committed to honoring their body. People who are not willing to make the effort or do what it takes to provide their bodies with the nutrients, energy, and fuel it wants and needs.    



A life of energy, health and growth. Making choices that will positively impact your lifestyle and making the transition flow as you choose to let go of negative patterns that control you. The “How to go Vegan - Quick and Easy Guide for Busy People” can help you achieve it.

I’ve made the change, I’ve chosen a better quality of life through food for fuel. You can too. You can understand the benefits, the results you can expect and get a few pointers on how to get there.

Are you up for it?




1. Is this book for everyone, or just people who are thinking about going vegan?

My courses are self-paced, which means you can begin your journey and start living your full life as fast, or as slow, as you choose. You’ll be able to access the course content on your laptop and/or your phone.

2. Will I fully understand what being vegan is after reading the book?

Forever. You'll get indefinite access to videos, case studies, support groups and daily inspirations that will push you to a life of consciousness, happiness and  abundance.


3. Is there a guarantee that going vegan will generate positive results for me?

I suggest you start here. The Prosperity Mastermind courses are meant to help you flow, step by step, to live a life of abundance, happiness and satisfaction. However, if there's a specific course that you're in to - dive in! 

4. Will I get a chance to connect with you, ask questions and share my personal experience through this journey?  

Yes.  By enrolling in the “Lifestyle Transformation” course, you get access to our community of trailblazing spirits. This course gets you in to the exclusive “Lifestyle Transformation Private Facebook Mastermind Group.” The change-makers in this group is on your same path. This is your support system.  Join the conversation with like-minded trailblazers who are living their awakening journey, just like you.


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