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Market: $0.05 - $0.055

Shares Outstanding Approx. 24 million

Website: www.imaginationpark.com

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For the past 6+ months I have had the privilege of diving deep into an exciting new venture, one that combines my experience in the markets with a love and passion for the arts, and technology, and creativity.  If you want to stop reading right here and start doing your own due diligence, the company is Imagination Park Entertainment Inc. (cse: IP) (www.imaginationpark.com).

The Backstory

Over a year ago I began taking a look at this shell company called Geonovus Media (GNM).  The Company had an interesting team but some fundamental issues, so I watched from a distance to see how this venture would progress over time.

As I found myself back out west after my travels, and in talking with one of my long time associates, I was actually introduced to the team to take a closer look.  After some discussions, what was apparent was a company in turnaround, with some lingering skeletons, a lot of strength in some key areas, and a real need for some capital market experience to shore up the strategy and vision to move forward.

For those of you who know me well, you know I am second generation in the junior venture capital business, have over 12 years of public company management experience under my belt, have been involved in and led a number of M&A transactions, and participated in or led a number of multi million dollar financings as well.  All of that said, and not to be discounted, I was also the chief architect, President, CEO, and Director of a public venture that grew from a $1 million to a $26 million market cap company (approx. $0.12 to $1.50 per share) in quite a short time frame based on solid fundamentals, so I do believe I have an idea or two about what I am talking about.

So, this said, I performed a full review of this Company, spoke with nearly all of the Company’s creditors, sat down with each of management and major shareholders, and devised what I believe to be a sustainable, scalable, long term vision for this Company going forward.  Upon presenting this to management, I signed on as the Company’s Senior Strategic Advisor and rolled up my sleeves to execute.

The Present

Give or take 6+ months later, the Company has been significantly reinvented in the following ways:

The Management Team and Corporate Culture has Undergone a Complete Transformation.

As you will see in our recent management change announcement, we have reorganized the management team with a focus on individual passions and strengths.  The team has recalibrated from lower vibrating to higher vibrating frequencies, moving fully, confidently, and intuitively in the flow of opportunity as they present themselves, anchored with a solid foundation and understanding of a new model that benefits both the existing film and entertainment industry, as well as this publicly trading company’s stakeholders.

The Company has a New, Technical Qualified and Ready CEO,

Mr. Gabriel Napora.


Gabe has worked in the film and entertainment industry for nearly 20 years and has an exceptional eye for quality and talent.  (For film buffs), he is the guy who gave Neill Blomkamp his start, the Director of District 9, which was a huge hit.  He has also sold more than one of his concepts to a major studio, including Tetravaal, which became Chappie, another big recent hit that was the top grossing film in the world for two weeks running.  On a personal level, he has also just signed another studio deal privately with Paramount Studios, so he knows a thing or two about this business.

As a function of his management style, Gabe is humble, professional, proven, and technically qualified as an exceptional visual and special effects producer.  He backs up his talk with action.  He dots his I’s and crosses his T’s.  He has already rolled some of his own projects into the Company and is currently vetting more opportunities to roll in as well.  Truly, Gabe continues to meet me at the level I challenge him at every day, and raise me several chips more.  He has waited patiently for his opportunity to lead, and in my opinion has done what is required to prove to me and others that he is ready.     

Nearly All 3rd Party Debt Has been Settled*

*(Save one lingering creditor I wasn’t able to get ahold of for $18k that we intend to settle for shares at some point in the future when the appropriate contact is made, but this by no means hinders the Company to move forward at present).

We have Reinvented the Company’s Business Model

and Acquisition Structure


We are a feature film and virtual reality project incubator, accelerator, and producer.  We create and acquire intellectual property, “IP”, hence the stock symbol and brand.  We source these projects from proven, talented, and promising up and coming independent producers, screenwriters, and directors, acquiring them into our Company, upon which, by making a modest investment (say $10-$20k per project), we ensure each project is packaged at a professional level: screenplay written, concept art completed, proof of concept or trailer completed, and the project fully budgeted through production to release and distribution.  (For an up and coming artist, this is the real deal).

When a project is ready, we then take it to the next level, introducing it to major studios, financiers, and production partners, packaging the entire project in a multi-party joint venture. (Maybe you or your group are interested?)

We Now have Multiple Near Term Potential Revenue Streams

For our time and investment and contributions to each project, the Company will retain a carried working interest, as well as the option to produce, upon which the Company will earn production fees for every project it produces with our partners.  On the budget scale, the Company will produce films between $1 and $15 million, and will not be putting the production capital up ourselves.  We will showcase our projects and partner with those well established institutions who are already capitalized and seeking to invest in exciting new film projects; exactly what we offer. For the traditional resource or mining focused minds out there, the appropriate analogy would be to consider this Company a project generator model, with a royalty streaming back end, and an individual project management service offering attached to generate near term revenue.

We Now have 10 Projects in the Portfolio, and More to Come

Largely courtesy of negotiations with now CEO Gabriel Napora’s Triton Films, the Company has added 6 new projects to its existing portfolio of 3 proof of concepts and one fully released feature film called Absolution.  The Company is also now in talks to bring in more interesting projects, and will continue to lock up high quality and promising IP for reasonable terms, whenever and wherever possible.

Deal terms are back end loaded, primarily for stock (unless otherwise for direct contribution to the development of the proof of concept and trailer), and tied to milestone achievements in moving these projects forward; very reasonable terms that are more than manageable for a start up public company.

We are One of the First Public Company Movers at the Tip of the Iceberg in the Virtual Reality Production Business with the ability to Produce Full 360 Degree, 3D Virtual Reality Content


The Virtual Reality sector is already experiencing significant growth and interest, with major investment and support from the likes of Facebook, Google, Apple, Samsung, and more.  The giants.  And while those companies are focusing primarily on hardware, what is available is ample opportunity to create the content for these platforms.

For our part at Imagination Park, we are right now ready and open to entertain expressions of interest to produce full 360 Degree, 3D Virtual Reality content (with special effects) as a 3rd party service provider, to create our own virtual reality products and concepts, and/or create new and innovative virtual reality content in co-branded partnership with inspiring organizations and brands.

The Management Team is Already in Talks (and Partnerships with Several) of the Most Well Known Hollywood Production Studios

We are already speaking with Sony Pictures, Paramount, Warner, Fox, Bad Robot, and more, and more to come, with great interest being expressed in our new company, project portfolio, and model.  Discussions are ongoing.

The Company has now been Completely Rebranded with an Inspiring New Name and Symbol


While all brands grow and evolve over time, it is time for the Company to move out with the old, and breathe in with the new.  The past life of the shell, whatever it was, is behind this team now.  Everything lies in front of us.  Imagination Park represents the seed of creativity in your mind.  What’s in your Imagination Park?

The Future

As we are all well aware, there are walkers and there are talkers on these streets, but since I became involved (which I all I can personally speak to), I can assure you that everyone on this team has contributed to what has been required for us to get this Company going.  We pride ourselves on having fun, we pride ourselves on creating cool and interesting projects, we pride ourselves on doing business with sound integrity, and we pride ourselves on walking the walk.  On all of these fronts, right now I suggest to you that is exactly what this team is doing.

I am now a large shareholder, a proud supporter of this team and this mission, and I firmly believe everyone here will be well rewarded for their time, energy, and support to bring the full potential of this company to life.

Going forward, I envision you will see the Company secure more acquisitions of some of the latest and greatest independent intellectual property available, with some of the hottest up and coming talent as well.  I envision you will see us enter into significant partnerships on multiple levels with financiers, production studios, sales and distribution agencies, exceptional production talent, actors and directors.  I believe this because this is our objective, and we seek to work with no less than the best.

As it pertains to running the business, I also foresee this Company to begin generating revenue in the near term, moving quickly into scalable profitability as well.  Of course the proof will be in the pudding, but this in entirely possible.  The company has the technical talent and ability to begin securing service contracts right away, and the Canadian film industry has been red hot so far this year with the current valuation of the Canadian dollar vis a vis the US.  This is also not to mention the growing demand for virtual reality content, which still remains both expensive and highly technical to produce, something we are technically capable of fulfilling.

In Conclusion

Given the amount of time I’ve spent working on this company, and my experience working in this business, many felt it appropriate for me to make first comments and introduce this new vision to the street for the first time, so here it is.  If you have any questions or comments by all means feel free to reach out to me, at chad@mcmillanstrategies.com or visit my website at www.mcmillanstrategies.com.   

I choose to chart paths where others are not; to blaze new trails, so if that is the spirit of your journey as well then perhaps we can do some business here.

Let me know.

Otherwise all the best of luck to you, and good luck along your own path.

Best Regards,


Chad McMillan

McMillan Strategies




IG: @chadmcmillan



Market: $0.05 - $0.055

Shares Outstanding Approx. 24 million

Website: www.imaginationpark.com


About the Author:

A Founder, Principal, or Executive Member of start-up and small cap companies in a variety of fields, McMillan has been intricately involved in public and private company management for over 10 years.  He has led and been involved in a number of multi-million dollar financings, merger, acquisition, and joint venture transactions, and most recently completed a 10 month pilgrimage into Central America to explore intuitive techniques and the principles of higher consciousness.

He has just released his first book, Penny Stocks Bible; An Insider’s Proven Formula for Building and Picking Winners, meant to help the average investor understand the fundamentals of the early stage public venture capital business, and avoid the pitfalls.



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