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Hello and Welcome,

I’m Chad, VC and creative artist, and this my site; my portal to you, and my portal to the world.

Here I curate, communicate, and share with everything I have.. Exceptional work, design, and ideas, at the cutting edge, or as close to the cutting edge as possible.

For years many have approached me, curious about my tastes and interests, how I live my life, and looking for guidance and inspiration on what is possible.  For my part, I’ve spent pretty much my entire lifetime exploring same.

Now, I work with exceptional creative artists, entrepreneurs, and financiers to bring big visions and huge ambition to life, some of which you will find here as this portal continues to grow.

In the meantime, I continue to create, build, and play as I go, with a clear intention to have a positive impact in our world; to turn lead into gold.

Want to connect with me? Try me on any of my social channels or via my contact page.  Want to work with me or collab on something? I keep myself busy creating and vibing in a lot of areas.  Check out  some of the ways we can work together 

In the meantime, I hope you find something of interest, something inspiring, and or something of great magic for you here.

Everything is possible, so let me know if you ever have any questions or comments.

To your Dreams.



Who I am

Venture Capitalist | Creative Artist | Brand Designer | Strategic Advisor | Independent Content Producer | Business & Lifestyle Blogger | Trader | Social Influencer | Digital Nomad | Actor | Innovator | Trailblazer | Thought Leader | Alchemist | Spirit Guide | Tastemaker

My Principles & Interests

Flexibility | Versatility | Creativity | Personal Growth & Transformation | Plant Based Nutrition | Functional Fitness | Yoga | Mindfulness | Travel | Adventure | Startups | Entrepreneurship | Prosperity | Abundance | Passive Income | Impact Investing | Freedom | Expression | Strength | Vision | Connection | Participation | Contribution

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