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Chad comes from a very loving, open and brilliant place, which makes every moment working with him incredibly inspiring and enlightening

Ashleigh Gryzko


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A first mover.

An inspired storyteller.

An awoken VC.

A fearless creative artist

I came back a different man. Connecting with different cultures, different people and your inner self can do that to you

Today, I consider myself an awoken, conscious spirit. A trailblazer that has found a perfect balance between a spiritually in tune and corporate mindset.

I went from struggle to success. I'm experiencing a new dimension of life – and now I want to share it with inspired (and uninspired) entrepreneurs, teams and companies, ready to change the world.

1/3 artist, 1/3 impact company builder, 1/3 conscious lifestyle guide, and all parts positive impact.

I went from inexperienced office administrator to inspired c-suite executive, rocking the turnaround of several start-up public companies. I led tons of multi-million-dollar transactions; everything from mergers and acquisitions to joint venture deals and everyday finance stuff. In the corporate sphere I successfully turned around 2 different companies – taking them from less than $1 million dollars to over $25 million-dollar value.

But, even after all that success I still felt empty. Solo business travels meant a lot of quiet time to think about the life I wanted, my passions, what brought real value to my life and those around me. I went for the life I wanted. I followed my heart and set off to find MY path and MY purpose. This took me to a hell of a lot of places: