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9 Planet Solar System Bracelet for Prosperity and Good Fortune

Power Up with the Planets. ✨

Embrace the magic of the galaxy with our solar system bead bracelet, helping you thrive with the universe around you. 

Consisting of lava stone, tiger's eye, amazonite, spectrolite, Picasso stone, agate, and more, these 9 planet stones help stimulate courage, strength, prosperity, good fortune, calm, creativity, motivation, intuition, grounding, stability, and protection.

Both stylish and unique, our healing crystal solar system bracelet is a great accessory for stargazers, astrologists, mystics, or anyone else with a cool sense of style who loves the night sky.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Made of lava stone, red stone, shell/yellow stone, golden tiger eye, amazonite, spectrolite, red tiger's eye, banded agate, Picasso stone, green tiger's eye, blue tiger's eye, agate
  • 8mm Beads
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Matches with any outfit or occasion
  • Can apply essential oils to beads for aromatherapy
  • Makes a great gift for a friend or family member


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