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Essential Oil Car Diffuser | Aromatherapy on the Road


The Best Essential Oil Car Diffuser for Your Ride.


Improve your driving vibes and freshen up your car with our awesome, lighter-powered essential oil car diffuser. Compact and easy to use, this little gem takes the edge off. Aromatherapy on the road.. 



How it Works:


  1. Pick whichever essential oil scents you like.
  2. Add water and your favourite essential oil into the diffuser.
  3. Plug it in to your car or truck lighter outlet.
  4. Touch the button on top to start.
  5. Your diffuser will then start misting out your favourite aromatherapy scents in your car or truck while you're driving.


The Benefits:


Aromatherapy is considered to have many benefits, including:

  • Managing pain
  • Reducing stress, agitation, and anxiety
  • Soothing sore joints
  • Treating headaches and migraines
  • Fighting bacteria, virus, or fungus
  • Improving digestion
  • Boosting immunity

(Not to mention making your car smell better).


Simply pick your favorite color and we’ll ship it to your door, so you too can start enjoying the benefits of your new car diffuser like we are. :)



    Essential Oils Safety for Children & Pets


    If you are planning to use your diffuser around children or pets, we highly suggest reviewing the following information so you choose the best oils for your particular home:

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