A straight forward, conscious approach to investing in penny stocks. Understanding these small stocks with huge potential, the ins and outs of the market and identifying stocks that will create an impact, will produce long term profits and higher purpose.

Not everyone ventures into this field. Not everyone has a full understanding of the of the penny stock market, or the experience to identify the growth potential of these stocks.  I’ve been investing in penny stocks for more than 12 years. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum – working the market as an investor and working internally as a CEO, advisor, etc., building fundamental magic and wealth out of companies participating in this market. I understand the flow. I vibe higher in these high risk – high reward investments; because I know which ones will achieve that 1000% price share growth.





I’m a free-spirited trailblazer, a CEO, a president, an investor, a top market conciour. I’ve been pushing boundaries both in the penny stock market by trading stock and making money; and as a penny stock company executive. I’ve done it, I’m still doing it. In my book, I’ve chosen to share my experience, what I’ve learned in my time on both ends of the market. The materials and insights shared here are a fresh, balanced approach to investing in the penny stock market with actionable insights, long term strategies and positive energy to consciously raise your capital and your success.


My trading past

I’ve been there. My father has been there too. I grew up listening to venture capital business jargon while driving to soccer games together. I understand the corporate dynamic – I’ve been doing it for 30 years. My insights in this book come from a place of experience – a combination of my corporate past, my stock market success and my spiritual, chill vibe. Using the formula I share in the book, I have been able to push the bar and make conscious driven investments that scale revenue and make an impact.

My present-day entrepreneurial spirit

I’ve gone from trading penny stocks to revitalizing penny stock companies. I've been on both sides of the spectrum, l truly understand these high-risk, high-reward companies. I’ve been directly involved in tons of penny stock companies that have achieved exponential share price growth. For real.
I know what to look for, I know what they can achieve and the importance of investing at the right time and selling at the right time. I’ve chosen to empower open-minded entrepreneurs with the information I’ve accumulated over 30+ years to help them generate conscious and sustainable success.

My experience turning metal into gold

I’m a free spirit with a positive vibe and an entrepreneurial mind. I find my vibe in this market. In a market where you can inject new energy, new ideas and fresh strategies and, in true alchemist way – turn metal into gold. My Alchemist spirits also drives me to help those around me grow. To inject fresh ideas by sharing my know-how and build bridges to make an impact in those around me. My book will do just that – multiply the positive impact I create working with these companies and investing in them – and pushing those around me to think outside the box and achieve financial freedom and happiness.


I’ve done it before. I’ve had more than 30 years’ experience on both sides of the spectrum. I have successfully invested and built penny stock companies and have seen more than 1000% share price growth. These wins do happen. If you know where to look. 

This book is not filled with fluff or filler text. This book is a straight up, give it to me straight, no bull facts about the penny stock market. How people just like you (and me) are making thousands of dollars a week, while drinking a latte at their local coffee shop.  Well, now is the time. Buckle up, because I’m coming at ya from space of personal experience with a simple, fresh way to explain how you too can be leading a fulfilled life while earning thousands by investing in the penny stock market.


Are you in?




The ‘Penny Stocks Bible’ offers a fresh perspective and a conscious approach to penny stock markets. Business driven forward thinkers will get straight forward, easy to understand tools and tips on how I personally invest in this market. This information can and will drive investors to push forward, challenge the conservative rules and inject new energy into their portfolio.

The book includes:

  • Fresh insights on the penny stock markets and penny stock companies – terms, general info and key details you need to know before investing.
  • An assertive, proven approach to penny stocks with a fresh and positive view on these high-risk, high-reward stocks.  
  • Strategic tips on what to look for and how to identify the next company that can and will drive conscious and ethical share price growth.
  • Think-outside-the box approach to penny stock investing, based on my personal successes and failures, focused on what I do best – conscious business and ultimate freedom.


What are you waiting for? Download my ‘Penny Stocks Bible’ now. Start making money!

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Chad has come to be a trusted source on marketing, early-stage finance, and capital markets.
— James Black.

VP, Listings Development at CSE - Canadian Securities Exchange


This book is a direct result of my experience and my success in the penny stock market.

By using the tools, tips and tricks I’ve learned from my own trailblazing experiences, you will be able to identify which up-and-coming penny stock company is going to genera results and help you achieve your financial goals. You will be able to strategically analyze the market, grow your portfolio and fluently flow through to a life of financial freedom and abundance.


Sound like something you're ready for?

I’ve done it. I’ve invested in penny stocks and built a penny stock company. Straight up - I’ve seen firsthand the share price growth and the returns that these stocks generate. These wins are real, they happen. The Penny Stocks Bible’s tips, tricks and insights will help you:    

  • Evaluate penny stock companies and their potential growth in the market
  • Understand key terms and relevant concepts used in the market
  • Establish a research methodology or technical analysis that will help you understand and evaluate each penny stock company, and contrast and compare
  • Create a check list of things to evaluate when considering investing in penny stocks by answering my questionnaire (and compare it against my ‘Perfect Penny Stock Company Profile”)
  • Watch for certain company milestones and catalysts to consciously decide where to place your investment
  • Identify the best penny stock options within a pool of thousands
  • Manage your holdings and help management succeed – actively working with them, rather than against them 


Chad has been an invaluable mentor to me. His expertise, wisdom and knowledge [...] is mind blowing.
— Ashleigh Gryzko




This book is for all open-minded investors who are in the market for a new venture, first time investors or investors who’ve been in the game for years. Trailblazers that are looking to make money, real money. Who will go against conservative investors and are willing to put in the time to understand the risks and the rewards in the penny stock market.  Forward thinking action takers who are willing to do the necessary research and technical analysis required to positively identify a penny stock company that will bring them that 1000% share price growth. This book is for focused spirits looking for new energy, new adventures and most importantly, a way to consciously (and exponentially) grow their profits.




People who don’t have an open mind. Investors that are more focused on the negative and not open to growth opportunities that can (and will) bring positive financial gains. Investors who are looking for easy wind, who are not willing to put in the work, understand this high risk-high reward market and are closed to innovative investment strategies. Judgmental spirits who chose to stand still, refuse to vibe higher and close the door to these think-outside-the-box financial gains.



Imagine this:

Freedom. Financial freedom. Personal fulfillment. Abundance. Happiness. All while sitting on a beach, taking in the sun – while your money works for you. That is what this book can do for you.

I’ve seen it, done it. I’m doing it now. You can too. You can understand this market, visualize the possibilities, learn to trust your gut (after having all the necessary info) and live a life of financial freedom - if you want it.


Are you up for it?




1.  Is this book for everyone, or just experienced investors?

The Penny Stocks Bible is for people who are new to penny stocks investing, and who want to learn how it all works.

2.  Will I know how to invest in the market after reading the book?

There is always risk in the markets, and sometimes from variables outside of our control, but after reading this book, you will understand my own proven system for picking penny stock winners. You’ll get all the tips you need to understand my research process, how I make my own investments decisions and the tools you can also use to dive right into penny stock trading.

3.  Is there a guarantee that what I learn will help me make money?

The only guarantees in life are death and taxes.  Playing smart is up to you.

4.  Will I have access to the author or his team if questions, ideas, or constructive feedback comes up?

Questions, ideas and feedback are always welcome. Feel free to reach out through any of my channels if you need guidance, have doubts or simply want to chat.






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