Straight up, I've learned over the years to take responsibility for my life, create the life I want, call things the way I see them, trust my instincts, always be closing, and make a positive impact in the world and the lives of those around me.

Chad’s highly innovative and creative.  He’s a master at insightfully finding..issues, helping to solve them and then putting the right (pieces) in place to succeed.
— Gabriel Napora
 Chairman, Imagination Park Entertainment
chad mcmillan

Through my experience, I have found a fine balance between building exponential wealth and retaining maximum flexibility and personal freedom.

I am unique. I know I am not like other coaches, mentors, creatives. I don’t have a bunch of fancy designations after my name. My teacher has been deep, hard hitting EXPERIENCE. I am rocking my life based on the philosophies I teach, and proving they work, leading by example.

My contribution is my experience. I share the secrets, tools, and insights I apply to my own life. I seek to challenge, inspire, and empower you to consciously create the life you want. I do this by applying ancient techniques the balance two, generally contradicting poles: business and conscious living. I have developed a unique philosophy that combines business structure, analytics and steady financial growth, with holistic, spiritual, metaphysical believes about our universe.

Chad has a unique way of teaching which is highly effective. (He) has had a tremendous impact on my life by helping me develop and recognize my personal well being, self awareness and wealth. Through his coaching and mentoring I’ve began constructing a solid foundation on which I can achieve personal empowerment and financial success and I look forward to continuing this journey with him all the while using the teachings and coaching to make my own way. He is truly one of a kind.
— Jason Clegg

 Webpreneur, Startup Investor




Conscious business and lifestyle guidance and mentorship

I will guide you in a sustainable journey of self-exploration to take ownership and responsibility of your life, both spiritually and financially. We will build and explore they best way to go from struggle to success by empowering you to set up the foundation to receive the abundance, success and overall satisfaction you seek for yourself.

Impact startup and Venture Capital investments advisory

Together, we will find the perfect balance between building continuing equity and building to improve the world. The kind of business you are leading, the system you have established and your company values will determine your financial growth, spiritual abundance and the number of people you will inspire.

Creative and Inspired Storytelling

Creatively I am blazing ahead with artistic passions, exploring myself and my invisible boundaries through film, television, music and the arts. I am a consummate professional, fully committed to guiding you in your process to opening yourself up creatively, finding what inspires you and identifying your artists passions - all while being profitable.





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