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  • 5 Key Tips to Support Your Conscious Lifestyle Transformation

    10 min read

    5 Key Tips to Support Your Conscious Lifestyle Transformation

    The journey inward to transform our lives is a courageous one, but one that only we can do for ourselves.

    We all have different thoughts, feelings, perspectives, experiences, reactions and stories we tell ourselves and believe as it relates to who we are, where we're at, what we're doing, how we're doing, and at the same time who were doing all those things for.


    Personally, I have lived my life in a perpetual state of growth.  Knowing what I know now, I'd suggest to you that that person you once met when I was a teenager, versus my college and university years, versus my early thirties vs. my current state of mind – we are different people.  

    I suggest to you that we all evolve and transform through our lives as a function of learning the things we don't know, as and when we are meant to.  Who we are in that moment, how we’re behaving, and how that behavior impacts other people is a process of growth and awareness; a bastion of opportunity for those who choose to self reflect, who want to see, and who become aware of themselves and their place in the universe - this I suggest, is the dawn of a personal awakening; An awakening to transform from who we are into who we want to become, how we want to be, and what impact we want to have in our world and with those around us.  I suggest that this is the channel of growth for our experience on the whole; for our participation in local, national, and global communities, and the improvement and harmonized, respectful, and high vibrating experiences of same.  

    Personally, this has been a long journey for me, and in some ways has felt like it, but it is also a journey that continues in this day.  At the end of the day, no matter how this, that, or the other thing plays out, I suggest that we must always remember that wherever we are at in this moment, is right where we are supposed to be, without blaming, shaming, or abusing ourselves or others about it. 

    Personal transformation is a part of growth, and it’s an inevitable process that will continue throughout our lives.

    In fact, I suggest the only thing we can tangibly commit to for ourselves along this path, is our commitment to growing into and realizing our best possible version of ourselves in any moment, moment to moment, along both our individual and collective respective paths.                                                                             

    Transformation in Personal Growth

    So, this said, where do I want to be? Who am I?  And want do I want to become?

    Allowing the opportunity for growth to take place in our lives, that will then move and guide us into new feel good space and experiences has been the drive that has inspired my own personal transformation, and I’m blessed and grateful for it to this day.  Personally, I grow every day, I consciously walk in a state of openness now every day in this spirit as well.

    The strategic actions that lead to this transformation are unique for each person. Each step up an opportunity for us to create and define who we really are and want to be, as well as what we really want to become and how we want to participate in the world.

    Now, why do we seek this transformation?  I suggest we seek transformation because we are not happy with our circumstances on a whole potential number of different levels, likely including and most possibly led and guided by how we feel.

    Personally, I am of the opinion that a number of different things can stimulate an awakening into a journey of transformation or growth.  For my part, it was a combination of variables. I've always been on a journey per se, cognizant of my evolution, but then where also in the past I suggest to you here that I was resisting it.

    Ultimately, if we want our lives to change then we need to change our lives.

    I feel in our journeys we find a moment where we fully embrace our full potential, and open to it when we're ready.. truly committing to it and going for it, without putting any undue pressure on ourselves or trying to control it.. Just being one with it and observing our growth and progress as we go.

    I suggest to you here that embarking on this path, opening true to our wishes and wants and destiny requires courage and commitment, and it's through this inner work that over the past few years in particular, I’ve made profound moves to fundamentally and sustainably change my life.  Today, as a function of my own transformation, I offer you five key tips that I suggest you consider when transforming your own life or beginning a process of transformation:

    Number 1 - Hold Space for Yourself.

    First and foremost, I stopped abusing myself. One of the ways we abuse ourselves and how many many many people in our Western society in particular (but I'm not going to exclude others) do this is by not holding clear and sober space for ourselves to listen to and explore our feelings.

    For my part, I certainly lived much of my past life looking for means of suppressing those feelings and emotions, ignoring them, as opposed to recognizing them as valid and my guides.  I suggest to you here it is very important to listen to them, so we can explore them, acknowledge them, and move through them on to bigger and better and higher vibrations and versions of ourselves.

    Number 2 - Having a Better Relationship with Myself and Ending Cycles and Patterns of Self Abuse.

    Once upon a time I experimented with various drugs and drank recreationally, as a way of coping with my experiences, as opposed to facing them head on.  Now, through each person's eyes, there are varying levels of drug use; there people that have used less drugs than me and there are people that have used a lot more and different kinds of drugs as well. 

    For my part, I suggest to you there was a time when they served to suppress me from recognizing certain parts of myself. In those times, I needed to take a lot of them or more of them, and these patterns lasted for years without me even truly recognizing that they were there or existed.

    But then, there came a time when I realized that I needed to make a change for myself, and in a healthy way ultimately.  So, on those levels, I quit. I quit accepting negative patterns of subjecting myself to the same repeating cycles of low vibrating and depressing kinds of experiences such as these.

    To each their own, but nowadays, I move through layers of my experiences with an open mind, body, and soul, acknowledging them for what they are; catalysts and portals for growth.. moving through them and releasing them as opposed to repeating the same self-abusing patterns over and over again.

    I suggest to you here that this transformation is very important.

    In stopping the habit of abusing ourselves in those ways, we also ourselves to join the world fully present, and clear.. to invite and take on the full adventure of our experience and all the pure and natural richness it offers.

    Number 3 - Taking Ownership.

    Another way I suggest helps along the path of lifestyle transformation is taking ownership of our lives..

    Go walk the streets today.  If you've ever done it, you might see what I seem to see as well.. That there are many people who are without home or people who are struggling in their journeys; people who are on the streets, homeless and asking or begging for money.  I trust we've all seen this, sure, but look closer.

    From my perspective, for many of these people, (I will never generalize and say all, but many), when you look closer, you listen, and you truly hear, these are often the projected stories of victims.  They believe they are victims and that the responsibility for their experiences lies at the foot of someone else - Not themselves. 

    This is an important consideration in that personally, I used to carry this belief as well, and I believe it hurt me.  And truly, you don't even have to let go of that belief, but only really explore the philosophy.. what if you did?  What if you do?  What will happen if you consider the perspective that you are the only personal responsible for all of your successes and failures?  If so, what will you change in your life and do about it now?

    For my part I have explored and come to deeply believe in this philosophy - That I am the source of my experience, whatever it is. I don't blame myself for the experience, nor do I blame others.  I accept the experience for what it is and if I don't like it, I do something about it to change it.  I take ownership, and I take initiative, to do what is required.

    How do we do this?

    The first thing we need to do is stop blaming others for our experiences as opposed to taking ownership and responsibility for them.

    Not doing this prevents us from facing ourselves. Permitting ourselves to accept ourselves as the source of our successes and failures allows us the opportunity to become the solution for all of same.

    Now, we will still be faced with ourselves and our our stories and resistance as we grow, but as we approach ourselves and take ownership more often with this perspective in mind, I suggest to you it gets easier and we begin to feel more happiness, fun, and all the magic in our lives that we are then also responsible for creating and enjoying.  Upon this philosophical shift, the pattern then opens for us to take action and to do what is required to shift our lives, right across the spectrum, if we so desire.  Try it, and GIVE YOURSELF THIS GIFT.

    Number 4 - Eating and Honoring my Body.

    I started eating healthy years ago. Personally, I am vegan and I have been on a plant-based diet for 5+ years. The research that I have come across regarding healthier eating habits have undeniably demonstrated that this is the best healthy eating option – for myself at least, at this time, and I physically feel fantastic.  

    In a plant-based diet, our entire overall well-being, our energy levels, our internal health supporting all our systems, and general appearance is affected in a positive way. I believe in eating for fuel, giving the body what it needs, and not just eating food for entertainment.  I suggest to you to embrace this, and watch your entire life transform before your eyes.  

    (Find more personal insights on the benefits of a going vegan, check my ebook here).

    Number 5 - Changing my relationship with Money.

    Personally, I have taken responsibility for my finances and my spending; I have changed my relationship with money.  

    Money is energy. I do not believe money is the root of all evil, I believe it can be abused, but that it is also a necessary tool used for exchange between people. In ancient older times, you would trade straight goods to get what you want.  Commerce has evolved to our modern day global currency system, which in many ways is much more efficient.

    So, as I continue to transition into a higher personal vibrating space, I explore my relationship with money and my finances and realign my money flows to provide and earn great value, to and from the world. 

    As Elon Musk says,

    We are paid in proportion to the size of the problems we solve.

    Understanding and embracing our connection to money will establish a mindset that is in line with how we choose to live life as it pertains to our relationship with it. If we are around people that have a scarcity mindset in regard to money, their mindset is  vibrating with this scarce philosophy, and it will drive strategic actions that support that approach. If we're going to energetically burn it when we get it, and blow it on stupid things; of course, no sustainable energy and conscious money will circle back to us later.. we are just simply expending it.  

    Understanding this, if you struggle with money, I suggest to you the world will provide you money in exchange for you sharing your gifts.

    Figure out what your own unique gifts are, and what they're worth to people, then start sharing them with the world.

    The rest will look after itself.

    Bonus Number 6 - Self Acceptance

    So, this is my final strategic point of how I transform my life (for now ;), one more than anticipated, and I remind myself of this one on the daily.. 

    Over the last several years, in particular during my personal exploration and transformation period, I began having a better relationship with myself. I began to take into consideration my heart and my feelings, and I started listening; not to what I was being told I'm supposed to be or suggested to me what I'm supposed to be, but rather accepting how I feel, who I am, what I like, and how I choose to enjoy my life, FOR MYSELF.

    I’ve changed this perspective because I felt I was allowing many people around me to influence and define my own participation in the world.  Recognizing this, I began to define myself for me and started to do the work to allow me to express myself and stand strong and confident in my own space for who I am, accepting that I don't need everyone else to accept me for me to be accepted..  That I am just who I am, I give myself permission to be that person.

    I feel blessed and grateful to live in a world where we are permitted to be whoever that is and so I started to allow myself to openly express and create and play on this levels.  I will also suggest to you hear that I stand for political philosophies globally that accept same.

    My Company, McMillan Stategies, and my www.chadmc.com brand is a true reflection of who I am and what I'm up to in my world. By sharing my entire journey, website, projects, mission, and my thoughts, I’m living my life and allowing myself the space to see and explore who I am, my philosophies, insights, and perspectives with those who seek it, and do all of this without worrying about requiring the permission of others to explore this.  As such, this space and place is truly my own canvas.

    Where's yours?

    In Conclusion

    The journey inward to transform our lives is a courageous one, but one that only we can do for ourselves.  Take inventory of where you are at, what you seek, what you love, and what holds you back from same, then start making the changes to do whatever is required to be and live life on the terms that you want them to be.  There is no real going around this really.  The only way in is through, and the sooner you do, the easier it is going to be.

    * * * 

    Going deeper, watch for more resources as it relates to this topic on my lifestyle transformation courses coming soon with awesome ways that I hope to help you transform your life along your own journey.

    In the meantime, on all kinds of different levels, I will continue to share the how, where, what, why and when of these perspectives, so that you too can also undertake your own transformative experience, and well as share in my own milestones and achievements as well, as I do.

    Have any thoughts, comments, or questions? Like, comment, share, and join the discussion below.

    To your prosperity and success,


    Chad McMillan
    Chad McMillan

    Chad McMillan is an independent venture capitalist and creative artist focused on personal growth and exponential entrepreneurship. Connect with Chad at chad@chadmc.com.

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