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December 02, 2018 1 min read

Elon Musk is my homeboy. This guy inspires me everyday by showing up and taking on puzzles and challenges that people simply say can't be done. And then he does them.

Soon he wants to launch his first satellite so the entire world can have access to the internet.  Think about this - connected to high speed internet literally EVERYWHERE. Amazing.

A couple weeks ago he launched his Tesla roadster into space with a mannequin astronaut behind the wheel as a test for his mission to put humans on Mars. Cheeky and incredible. His launch felt like a major sporting event. You think he's having fun?

This is the stuff. This is long term, world changing, exponential business, global contribution, and long term legacy work at the highest level.

This is the kind of koolaid that I'm drinking.

I'll have another couple of posts soon about where I feel the world is heading and some of its greatest visionaries I feel we should all follow and take inspiration from, but for today, just to humble us up and giving us something to think about heading into the weekend.

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