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  • How to Attract What You Want for the Life of Your Dreams

    28 min read

    How to Attract What You Want for the Life of Your Dreams

    No more chasing.  Now it's time to attract it in..

    I love talking about this one, because we have this mindset that we have to go and chase everything to get what we want. It's not our fault really, this is built into our DNA from generations and generations back of this hunt, this philosophy of needing to go out and chase what we get to eat, what we kill as we call it. In so doing, we get to survive, right?

    We go out into the wild. We find the food we need to eat. We bring it home in this way. We drag it home and we cook it up. We're nourished, and we are able to survive another day.

    Now within that, not mutually exclusive of that, is the art of attracting what we seek in the hunt. So, when we relate this to our lives, when we relate this to sales, when we relate this to everything we're doing, I'd suggest to you, when we're stressed and full of fear and when we're operating impulsively, we move into this chasing hunt type of a mindset. We're much more aggressive. We need it urgently. There's this emergency state we're operating and to try and go close business and to try and go and make things happen and earn money and all this good stuff.


    The more aggressive, I suggest you come at opportunity in your life, the more resistance you’re going to face.

    What I'm suggesting to you today, that the actual technique that I use and the technique that I'd suggest to you is much more effective, long term and sustainable.  A technique that is better for your health, your lifestyle, your world, your relationships and on and on and on is attracting what you seek more than having to chase it and run around after it. What do I mean by this? Well there's just two ways we can go about it. I can call up a whole bunch of people. I can sit on the phone today and I can just dial, dial, dial, dial, dial, dial, right? I can get slammed down. I can get shut down. I can get rejected all over the place over and over and over again and that's fine. So, be it, but what a challenge of an approach to be trying too hard close like that, to be hunting so aggressively every day. Are we building relationships that way? Are we building long-term sustainable business partnerships that way? Are we simply hammering phone lines for a result?

    Similarly, gentlemen approach a woman that we like. We're aggressively skipping through the steps of actually caring about what she's saying, space or any of these amazing things that she has to offer about who she is in her world. You're moving right through all that just trying to get her number. What are you doing? I mean there's going to be a hard shell you're going to be faced with.  The more aggressive, I suggest you come at opportunity in your life, the more resistance you're going to face.

    The problem with this is the more resistance we face, the more aggressive we get. The more aggressive we get, the more resistance we face. So, this is a lost leader. This is a lost path, a losing proposition. I'd suggest if all we're doing is just hammering on the door, every day chasing the business; but what if instead we're doing this in a different way. We're setting up ourselves and we're setting up our businesses and our ventures in a way that attracts those who are interested in what we seek, interested in what we do and are driven to find us, to come to us where we're holding space for people to approach us, connect with us, ask questions about what we're doing as opposed to pitching them, as opposed to knocking on their door, they're opening their door and coming outside. This is the difference between attracting what we seek and chasing it and now chasing it.

    A technique that is better… is attracting what you seek more than having to chase it and run around after it.


    Let me say this too. With a lot of these things I'm going to talk about, there's two poles. There's the light and the dark side of these techniques. Whatever works for you, so be it. I will tell you this. If you just call me up and you're trying to hammer me with a sale out of the blue, not even asking me how I'm doing or how my day is going, you're going to be met with resistance. You're going to be met with like, "Okay, great. Thanks." but we're not really talking about what's mutually interesting for us or what I need. You're just telling me what you want for me. That's what shuts people down. So, to each their own.


    As I talk about a lot of these things on my blog and through my content, you're going to find these poles. You're going to find the dark side and the light side of these techniques. There's poles to everything. This is no different. Even if you're out there prospecting as a salesperson as an example, you can walk into a place and say hello and meet someone for the first time but then what are you setting up within that environment. Are you hard closing? Are you pushing? Are you just saying "Hey, hey, hey, here's my stuff. You should check this out. Sign now. Here's the document. Let's do it today. Boom, boom, boom." This person is like, "Yo, I just met you like 10 minutes ago and you're shoving a contract to my face." Who does that?

    So, within that environment, are you attracting or are you chasing? It doesn't mean you don't walk in. It doesn't mean you don't prospect. It doesn't mean you don't introduce yourself to people and make yourself available to be connected with. What I'm primarily getting at here is through this technique and this philosophy in your business and in your life, you're not hard selling. You're not full court pressing trying to force things to happen immediately. You've got to let them flow. They will flow into your world with abundance if you're ready to receive them. So, we set ourselves up in a way that we can receive what we're seeking, in alignment with our dreams, wishes and visions for our lives, our businesses and our world. We optimize these in various ways so that those people who are looking for what we have, also find us.


    I've said this before and I'll say it again; as Rumi says "What you seek is seeking you." So, that tells us, that suggest to us and that's balance. What you seek is seeking you. There's two poles there. Here's me on one side seeking and there's someone over there seeking. There's a match. There's up and down, left and right, in and out. These are poles. This is big alchemical stuff as it relates to balance of the universe. So, if what you seek is seeking you, there's a match. So, that suggest to us that we don't actually need to do anything necessarily to find those who seek us as much as to position ourselves in a way that those who are also seeking us can find us with this type of philosophy, with this type of methodology.

    Through this technique and this philosophy, [things] will flow into your world with abundance, if you’re ready to receive them.

    So, what is he talking about? What is he saying, man? How do we get into this and what do we do to adopt and consider this type of approach to business?


    If you watch and study any level, sometimes I wonder if anyone even pays attention to some of the things I'm doing to be quite honest, not that I need them to, but you know what I mean. It's like, "Has anybody even seen some of the techniques I use?" because a lot of people don’t.

    A lot of people do this differently, yet I seem to generate consistent and exceptional results on a very regular basis with a lot of the things I create. So, your call, other people's call. But these are the things I do and these are the ways I work. Because I do think differently than a lot of other people, that's why they prove to be quite effective.

    • Prospecting and Positioning
    If they don’t ask, they don’t care.

    So, how do we optimize ourselves to attract what we seek as opposed to chasing what we want? Now, again, doesn't mean you can't prospect. It doesn't mean you can't introduce yourself to people, but it's not doing it in a way that you need to sell anything. It's positioning yourself in a way that they ask you what you do, the people are intrigued. Remember, have you ever heard this before? If they don't ask, they don't care. If you're talking with somebody and you're not giving them a chance to express their level of interest in what you're doing, they don't care. If they ask you, "Hey, what do you do?" It means you've got their attention and it gives you an opportunity to then share what you're doing.

    You don’t want to tell anything about what you're doing to somebody who doesn't care about it, right? I mean, so be it. Listen to their story, whatever, but you're only looking to do business with people who are interested in what you're doing. You don't need other people who aren't … and you need to somehow pander yourself to these people like, "Oh, please be interested in what I'm doing. I'm so needy. I need all this attention. Dah, dah, dah." You don’t actually. You only want those people who are interested and aligned with what you're doing to connect with you. If they become one of those people, they're more than invited. We invite everybody to the table who is interested in what we're doing and building but we don't force them. We're not interested in forcing people. It's totally unnecessary.

    You only want those people who are interested and aligned with what you’re doing to connect with you
    • Setting yourself up

    So, what do we do to set ourselves up in a way that people are drawn to our work and drawn to our goals and our missions and find ways to collaborate with us? I had a meeting the other day with someone who reached out and connected and said, "I feel we have a lot of mutual interests here. Can we connect?" Sure enough, I checked out what they're about and everything they had up there. I said, "Yeah, of course." There was a lot of alignment there. At the same time, I'm not easy to reach really, because I don't just let anybody in who says, "Hey Chad, I want to meet with you today." "Well, that's great. I still have a life to live so let me think about it. Let me see if that fits into what I'm doing." It's not disrespectful, it's just honoring my own space as well.

    So, I went and met with this person. When I met with him, they're like, "Yeah, we had all these things aligned." Then also, once I dug deeper into who you are and what you're about and everything you're doing, I thought, "This isn’t just someone I need or want to do business with, this is also someone who I should just be in tune with, connect with on some level, up to speed on what they're up to because they're doing a whole bunch of cool things." Of course, I'm flattered by their suggestion and thank you very much. So, we connected. It was an awesome meeting. It was really great. It was a terrific discussion and I think we opened door to a new potential business relationship. It was unforced. It was very natural and it was balanced in expectation and it was just meant to explore. It came from this person finding me and reaching out and saying, "Hey I think we should chat." So, how do I do that? How do I set this up so what I seek finds me?

    I set that intention and just let the world flow and the universe bring me what it wants to bring me when it’s meant to and when it’s right to.

    Here's another example. I was looking for a long time for a great tech company to start working with. A public tech company what we generally call a vehicle or a shell to start embarking on a path to build some very cool and amazing things. Suddenly, one day, it was a couple months after I set that intention and just let the world flow and the universe bring me what it wants to bring me when it's meant to and when it's right to, and in comes an email from an old colleague and they just say, "Hey, I've got this company. I'm looking to do something with it. Are you interested?"

    I look at it and I say, "Well that's really interesting. Send me the information." Sends me the information. I said, "Man, this looks really good. Looks like all the right pieces are here. Let's sit down and have a chat about it. "So, we did. Next thing you know I was making an investment in the company. I brought in some of my network to also make an investment in the company and my colleagues. The way we've gone started this venture which is just in the early stages of its journey, just the beginning, but as I've told you before, that's how things start.

    How did I attract that opportunity? So, some of the things I do to attract versus chase so important is the how to this technique.


    Create a consistent presence for ourselves across all of our social channels.

    So, firstly I make myself available to be found. There's some people out there and bless you if you're one of them who have all your social account set up, but you don't have the picture. You have very limited bio. You're like super obscure. I can't find you. Nobody can find you anywhere. You don’t want them to because you want to stay hidden in the darkness. Well good for you. I respect that. It's your wishes. That's fine. Good on you, but the outcome of that is nobody can find you. Then when they do find you and they connect with you, they want to learn more about you and you're sharing nothing about who you are.

    So, what does that make someone feel? Does that make them feel more comfortable? Does that make them feel more confident doing business with you? Does it make them feel more confident or comfortable to connect with you? No. It's weird. I see a lot of banker types do this. They're big bankers or just people that are doing some big stuff and that's great, but you're completely inaccessible. I've no idea who you are really. It's cool that you're doing a bunch great things. I'm sure you're a nice person, but you're not really letting anyone in to explore or connect with you about that. It doesn't mean just because they can that they're necessarily going to waste your time, but I'd suggest to you that you are keeping a lot of people from your doorstep by not being findable, if that's even a word findable. You need to be able to be found.

    So, what we do is we create a consistent presence for ourselves across all of our social channels. Now given that each of our social channels can be a little bit different and not just your social channels or website as well we need one of these. We need a business card or calling card. We create this consistent presence. No matter who you are, no matter whether you like pink or blue or red or gray or black or white, it's okay. Big iconic logos or really multicolored funky logos, whatever you want to do. Imagery that's more pop art, imagery that's more stoic, pick your own flavor of all the things you love and you like. Create this consistent identity for yourself and in alignment with your beliefs. Who are you? I'm an artist. I'm an entrepreneur. I'm a venture capitalist. I'm an actor.

    Who are you? Are you a creative artist? Are you a blogger? Are you a business development executive? How do you describe yourself and what is it? Find the sweet spot of how you describe yourself, who you are and in alignment with the types of people you want to connect with. Now, it's interesting because I connect with a lot of people in a lot of different areas, being that I'm from the creative realm but then equally, I'm from the venture capital kind of investment banking capital market realm, a lot of these audiences are quite different.

    One likes to wear funky clothes and pants and colorful gear and be very expressive. The other tends to well, sometimes do that but generally in the form of a suit and a very particular image type and they communicate very analytically in many respects. There's a different style to these tones creatively. We don't necessarily carry ourselves as serious per se. We carry ourselves professionally but much more openly. There's just a deeper field component to it where the other side of it is very much analytical and very succinct and very pro and conservative in those respects.

    So for me, as you can imagine, bridging the different audiences that way with myself as a consistent presence across all of them, because I do not need to be a different anything for different audiences, I am myself but I also play with all these different audiences among others that we're trying to find that sweet spot.

    For yourself, find this identity, find this presence for yourself that you can then share across all platforms.

    So for yourself, find this identity, find this presence for yourself that you can then share across all platforms. It doesn't need to be complicated. It can be one picture that is your authentic true yourself and it could be like three things you do as your profile headline or your profile descriptive. For me, VC, startup exec, creative artist. That's I think the best way that I qualify myself to a broad range of people. Instead of qualifying myself in a way that makes them feel, I'm kind cornered as one type of person. If I'm an actor, which I am and I'm putting actor in my bio, that's all well and good, but if I'm connecting with producers or casting people or directors or writers or anything like that, and my profile simply says actor, am I attracting those people to me to collaborate and co-create and to explore what's possible?

    Not necessarily, because the general suggestion when a guy just has actor in his bio and he's connecting people like this is that he's just looking for a gig. That's not entirely true. I love to perform. I love to play. I love to explore and tell stories through this craft, but it doesn't mean that that's the only thing I'm capable of doing or the only thing I'm looking for. So, I think take that consideration as you position yourself for others to find you, at the same time for others to connect with you.

    • The Key Words:

    Include keywords. Include keywords through your bio but start with a simple bio and then you can always expand on that later. Be in all the right social channels and also find a domain name the sticks for you because that domain name becomes your identity.

    You can look @chadmc.com domain as an example. You see how I hold my own presence. I work with companies, but those companies don't own my voice. Those companies are not … they aren't solely responsible for what I say nor do I govern what I say to be sensitive to those companies. It's unnecessary. So, I hold my own space, as you should too. If you are the flower wizard of some type and you create flower bouquets, it could be juliesflowers.com or something as your brand. If flowers and everything to do with flowers is your niche and what you're looking to attract are people who are also in the flower business, people who are also looking for flowers and custom flower arrangements for their events or for their own personal activities on anniversaries or Valentine's Day or birthdays or whatever. You want to be the person that people find.

    Maybe you're teaching people how to create their own arrangements. Maybe you're teaching about how to grow your own flowers in your own garden and there's all these different things, but if that's the world that you're in. Mine is entrepreneurship and a combination of metaphysics with same. So, I'm this marriage of metaphysics, conscious awareness and quantum philosophy with entrepreneurship and public markets and capital markets and startups and investing and marrying these two principles together in the interest of aligning energies so these resources flow and that we can all prosper and benefit, realize our greatest good and ultimate prosperity and sustainable prosperity in our lives. That's really what I do.

    Even in that vein as I perform, I perform with that same spirit. I seek to participate in projects that carry those same types of themes or the journey of those types of themes, the hero's journey of entrepreneurs and underdogs and those that move through themselves to realize this type of success.

    We each have our own pocket, but yours could be flowers and there could be some angle on flowers and how flowers relate to you, but do people know that? Do you have a website up that is your brand? Even if you work for a flower company, you can still have your flower website or your own personal brand about flowers. This is a big theme as people just set up their own domain like I did chadmc.com which is short and brief but it's mine. It doesn’t what company I'm working with and for you neither.

    You could be working with 1-800 flowers,  but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t have julielastname.com or whatever similar and it's all about flowers which is your own channel to do whatever you want. Blogging, create courses, sell e-books, sell services, sell flowers right out of your own backyard locally for daily delivery, whatever you want to do, but this is your right to do it.

    So, if you weren't set up anywhere to do that, then nobody's going to find you. This is so, so important to attracting. It doesn't mean you have to do anything else than that. You can run these things super lean. Setting up your website I mean maybe it's a modest investment, but you spent more going to the bar or out for a fancy dinner I will tell you that right now.

    • Just Start

    So, it's not get all you know and not it's about cost and things like that. Just start. Just set the intention. It's the intention to do something clean, professional, well. Square space, check it out. That's a great way to start a blog. Use your own domain. Figure it out and get started. Then set this up the same theme across all your social channels. If you don't have anything like this set up, I mean first off, if it's your own name site, you can change it to whatever you want later.

    So, if later you don't like flowers, I mean who cares, right? You can come back to it and change it to whatever you want. If you like motorbikes more later, you can pivot. Not a big deal. At the same time, same you’re your social channel. So, you can change all this stuff. So, consider that. Do it. Get started. Then apply the same styling and the same messaging across all your social channels. This is how people are going to start to find you. Just doing this alone is going to have people start to find you.

    • The CTA

    Now you have a call to action associated with your brand and the work you're doing. What is a call to action? It means like call me to order your flower bouquet. That's it. Boom. Here's my number. That's not even a sales pitch. That's just like, "Hey, if you want to, here's how you find me." That's it. That's not a hard sell. Somebody who wants flowers will call you. They'll find you and they'll call you if you've got yourself set up in this way on your site. They'll email you. Put your email, whatever. Not a big deal. This is all same stuff. Same idea, I think you get what I'm saying. Make the choices that feel comfortable and appropriate for you.

    • Your Target Market

    Extension of this like who are we serving. This is another great thing to help the right people find us. Who are we looking to connect with? Have we ever thought about this? Are we looking to connect with wedding planners if we're running a flower business? They use a lot of flowers I think. I've been to a few weddings. Haven't had my own to date but I've seen lots of flowers at these things. Wedding planners, they use lots of flowers, right? So, are you looking to connect with wedding planners. Well, you put that out there. Hey, these are the people that I'd like to connect with or I'm open to connecting with. Put these in your profiles. Put this on your website. These types of people will find you, because you're inviting them to join you. You're not selling them on it.

    You're not going somewhere and saying, "Hey, who's all the wedding planners in this restaurant? I'm looking to talk to you." Everybody will look at you like you're crazy. They're like, "Who's this person yelling during my dinner looking for wedding planners? This is the most random thing in the world." If you're in there and having a conversation during your dinner and say, "Yeah, I do flower arrangements for so-and-so and such and such and that's my jam." Someone would say, "Oh cool, you know what? My friend is getting married and she's looking for a flower person. I'm going to let them know about you. Hey, do you have a card? I'm going to have them give you a call."

    That's the difference between the two techniques. The latter is the one that leads to success in my professional opinion. Everything I've done, everything I've seen, this is what works and that's how you want to be set up is to be able to attract these types of things. So, who are you serving? A great extension to that, first setting yourself up to be found, then asking yourself who you are serving, who are you ideally looking to connect with in a succinct way so that you attract them to what you're doing.

    • Your online content

    Deeper in your online presence. I want you to think about keyword SEO, search engine optimization, and same with both your website, your profiles and your content. Your content should be related to what you're into, what you do, what you believe in, your niche if it's flowers. Your content should be related to all things flowers because you will then attract people who are interested in flowers. More importantly, if your content is related to wedding planners and how to plan and how to best utilize flowers for weddings, then your content should be related to that. It should speak to that audience and you will build a big following of people who are wedding planners and will continue to bring business to your flower business, because you are setting yourself up as an authority in that wedding planning/flower provider niche that is always in demand.

    So, to do this two ways. One, the content on your website, the content in your profile. Use the keywords that are associated with these types of things you're looking for i.e. wedding planners, i.e. flowers, i.e. roses like whatever relates to what you're doing specifically. Think of these keywords and embed these keywords in your content so people who are looking for same will find you. Then in your deeper content being blog content, social content, whether you have a YouTube channel, whatever you're posting on LinkedIn, Instagram, whatever you're posting on Twitter or Facebook. Relate it all to this stuff.

    Here's an example. A friend who I recently connected with, she's a matchmaker. Interesting enough always a fascinating business for someone. It's always intriguing how they operate. She's fantastic, a great spirit and she does very well in her business, but her content is always about, "Hey, dah, dah, dah, dah. This about relationships or this about connecting or this about finding the right person or hey this opportunity of this person looking for such and such." This is the flow of her content which attracts people who are looking to find love and happiness through relationship. So, very, very interesting. Your content should be related the same. You'll see in my content it is the same idea. It's an evolution.

    Get into the rhythm of sharing this stuff so that every day you’re creating content that adds value to the world, but it is not a hard pitch.

    Don't worry about it. Don't stress about getting it perfectly right. You'll get better at it as you go. The key is just to begin, to start talking about this stuff and start getting it out there, because you'll start to track those who are in alignment with it. Mine is a little interesting because I've got different areas that I work in and I explore different ways to tailor my content that adds value to people in their lives including yourself. Listening to this, people that are interested in bettering your business, techniques and results as you go about your day and as you look to improve your life and you look to attract greater prosperity in your world.

    A common theme, people looking to make more money or attract more money in their life, in the world. So, this is all embedded in the value of what I bring and what I provide content wise through my channels. Always evolving. So, not a big deal. Just get started with it. Give it a go, but the key is this. Consistency. Get into the rhythm of sharing this stuff so that every day you're creating content that adds value to the world, but it is not a hard pitch. You're putting that content out there every day which reminds people of what you're doing, and they can see what you're doing, but they're not being sold anything. They're being drawn to what you're up to. That's the trick. I'm not putting posts out and I'm not putting content out there that says, "Hey, buy my service today." Not hard pressing things and making things available and saying, "Hey, if you're interested this is available to you. If you're not interested, that's cool too, but it's here for you if and when you're ready."

    That's the nature of what I do here. That's the nature of what I suggest you should do for yourself as well in your own niche and pocket but do it regularly. For me, I've been experimenting with five days a week Monday to Friday and the weekends off, because it keeps me sane. It can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge some days, trying to keep up with the rhythm and timing of my content, but as long as I get something out every day during the week, I'm feeling good about it. When I look back, for the last couple of months just as an example, I've created a ton of content already. The reason for that is the extension of consistency which is getting in the systems and automation and getting into a rhythm of content creation and what it takes.


    Remember, everything we’re trying to do is create from a sustainable place.
    • Creating

    So, here's my A to Z process, ABCD of what it takes to come up with the theme or the title for the day. It’s usually intuitive and inspired on the spot from whatever we're talking about that day and in my business. Say, "This is coming up and this is a question somebody asked. I'm going to turn that into content because that's what they want to know." Then, how do I create the imagery for that? How do I create a video for that? How do I edit same if required? How I post that? Once I've posted it, is it optimized properly for SEO so that when people just search through Google, that they just find the content? How do I distribute the content through social media or through other distribution outlets, directories, RSS which is syndicated distribution of blog posts and content that we can get into more later? How do we move it? How do we get that out there?

    So, just getting into this consistent rhythm of creating and then in that, establishing these systems and automating were possible so it's just, you throw the stone basically. Remember, everything we're trying to do is create from a sustainable place. So, you throw the stone into the lake as I stare at this beautiful lake where I am right now and it creates a ripple. The ripple effect is the positive energy and the positive effect of our pure intention of what we're creating and what we're building and what we're sharing with the world. We throw it out into the lake, poof, ripples in all directions. So, that's what we're trying to create as opposed to trying to create the ripples in all directions with our body.

    We're trying to throw the stone. We have one action, throw it out there, boom, it moves. That's the sustainable way to operate. Now when it moves, what is the impact of that movement? What is the impact of that ripple? Well that means that message travels out there to those who are interested in what you've just created. The effect is that it going out will draw opportunity back to you and over time, because another point of how all this works is familiarity. So, as we share content, people will become more familiar with seeing it on a regular basis and they'll start to respond to it. It takes time to grow. It takes a bit of familiarity with the way we're communicating for people to connect with it, to dig it and to just recognize it as part of who you are and why they're connected to you is the way you communicate.

    • Sharing

    So, you got to share it a few times. You got to get it out there a few times and regularly for people start to get used to it. The more they get used to it, the more they're going to tell people about it. The more they tell the people about it, the more it's going to grow. This leads us to our next element of how this all works is social proof.

    • Receiving

    So, as you start working with people, they start providing feedback and they start providing testimonial, response to the great work you've done. This becomes a whole loop of opportunity of you putting content out there, not being someone who using sleazy sales techniques or tactics and trying to really hardball people, but you're putting it out there and as a function of doing that, you're attracting people to work with you. As they come, and they're interested in your products and services and they work with you, they provide feedback and say, "Hey that really helped." You say, "Fantastic. That's great." "What did you think?" They provide you some feedback and say, "Hey this is so-and-so and such and such." as it relates to what you're doing.

    So, you then ask if you can use that and use that in your materials as social proof about how people feel when they've not only found you, but they've gone deeper into connecting with you and doing business with you. This is attracting the opportunity in. As opposed to you going out there and saying, "Hey, what's happening? My name is Chad. I work in this place." I'm like, "Yo, what's up?" "Man, I am the greatest. I am so good. I am the best at all these things I do and you should do business with me right now because if you don't, you know you're crazy." When people talk like that, we just tune out, don’t we? We're like, "Whatever dude. Beat it."

    It's one thing to say that if you're being asked to justify who you are, you're being invited to share what you do. You can say, "I am an expert, an authority in the sector and the results I deliver X, Y, Z and that has been proven over time through my methodology, so on and so forth." So, mic drop. "If you'd like to do some business, let me know." Again, I don't need you to prove that to myself. I know that to be the case because here's my Rolodex testimonials and here's the results of the business that I build. Any questions, right?


    It’s always about relationships first.

    So, different approach but this is how this whole loop starts to work for you and this is all based on this premise of attracting opportunity you see in anything. You haven't had a hard sell, a tough close, some real heavy square down, some really uncomfortable cold call or any of this. You haven’t had to do any of that to generate any of these opportunities. You're just clear on what you want. You're clear on what you offer. You're clear on who you offer it to and then you get into the rhythm of communicating that on a regular basis to build trust, to have consistent flow of content, through collecting the social proof of same and sharing that as you go and integrating that as you go.

    A few things to add to this segment on attracting opportunity. One, it's always about relationships first. So, as people find you and they're interested in what you're doing, we always let people ask what they want to learn, what they want to know, what their intentions are, where they're coming from. This is the qualifying process.

    You’ll learn about this actually, if you check out my new book on how to close deals. It's a great book. My whole real closing technique as it relates to qualifying, on boarding and closing business with people who legitimately want to do business with you. We don’t need to stress ourselves out. We don't need to drain ourselves out. We don’t need to force business to happen. We just need to marry what we seek with those who are seeking us. It's just that simple.

    So, building relationships, right? Because who cares if Jimmy who I just met isn’t interested in what I'm doing right now or they're resistant because they just come up for a bit of a skeptical upbringing maybe. They just always had a little bit of mistrust for people in their spirit. Lots of people are like this. They can always be guarded. It's like, "Hey, I'm not going anywhere. Call me anytime. All good. If it feels right, check me out. Poke around. Check all my social channels. Dig around about me. Ask your friends like whatever. Let me know. No stress."

    If you're building a relationship from that premise, then it gives them the comfort and the time to figure out whether they like you or not. At the same time for you to build a deeper relationship over time where that can be a perpetual or constant flow of business from them to you on an ongoing basis, which is not over seeking. Is this a long-term business relationships and flow of success and opportunity amongst each other? So, very much look at it like that, and I consider it like that relationship building.

    As we create these profiles, as we create this presence, understand what we’re doing it for.


    So, you're putting your vibration out there. You're putting who you are out there which then attracts what you seek, which is types of people who are looking for just what it is you do. Then we're holding space for them to figure it out for themselves how much they want or need it, when they want or need it and if they want to do business with us or not on their terms, which is fine because we're not going anywhere. We're just going to keep doing what we love and rock 'n rolling with the things we do. Let me know bro. It's all good.

    That said, as I touched on vibration it's an important thing. All this stuff as we attract what we seek. It's knowing what we want in our lives and putting that vibration out there like we already have it. Meditation is an important technique of mine. That I envision what it is I seek and then I feel in my body the vibrational recalibration of it already occurring. So, as we create these profiles, as we create this presence, understand what we're doing it for, understanding what you're doing it for. What do you want to achieve from it? What is the best vision of you look like as it relates to it? In doing this, you'll have a clear source of fuel I think and energy as it relates to where you're wanting to go and ultimately getting there.

    If you don't know where you're going to go, you're never going to get there. If you do know where you're going to go, then all these energies and intentions that you're setting towards attracting the pieces and tools you require to get there will come to meet you. They say the world moves out of the way for the man and the woman, the man or the woman who knows where they're going and that is just how it works. So, do you know? Make some choices. Explore this for yourself and then put yourself out there in a way that you don't have to sell, you just offer yourself in service to the world through your gifts, through these channels and techniques that allow those who are looking for you to find you.

    If you don’t know where you’re going to go, you’re never going to get there…. So, do you know?

    It's the best way to sell. It's the best way to create partnership. It's the best way to collaborate. It's the best way to find business is creating a presence and an identity and a mission for yourself that makes it very interesting to do business with, participate with, share space with and explore the world with truly, truly, truly.

    So, Chad McMillan here. Good segment. I like this one. The techniques of attraction and business and life. Apply this to all parts of your world and watch the shifts start to happen.

    Fresh and raw episode 10. Like, comment, share. Let me know what you think. Send around if you're feeling it. More to come. We're just getting warmed up here. Early days my friends. We're going to keep growing and making magic happen. Glad you're here. We will talk to you soon.

    Chad McMillan
    Chad McMillan

    Chad McMillan is an independent venture capitalist and creative artist focused on personal growth and exponential entrepreneurship. Connect with Chad at chad@chadmc.com.

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