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December 02, 2018 2 min read

At the end of the day, the only person who can do what needs to be done, is YOU..

Yesterday I heard someone yelling and looked out the window. Walking up the street was a man raging and yelling all kinds of obscenities, but at who? Someone it seemed like, but not someone I could see.  It seemed to be someone in their mind.

This is important. For years I've quietly tried to help people down on their luck. I've had experiences with same in the past and know well what it feels like when you don't feel you have any help nor anyone to turn to really, (which you'll probably recognize is a large foundational part to everything I'm building, doing, and sharing now in my activities; shining a big beam of light out there to help other people that may need it and are quietly suffering in the shadows find their way).

How To Take Ownership of Your Life

Regardless of wherever you feel you may be at in your own journey at the moment, the point of this story is that the pattern I have found, from so many people who seem to be angry and suffering and walking the street in poverty etc. is that most of them seem to blame everyone else for circumstances. Granted sure, of course, there can sometimes be psychiatric or other forms of mental illness present on a number of levels that may require deeper consideration here,(so I don't want to glaze over or over generalize these potential underlying conditions), BUT, as a general pattern, in my experience it genuinely seems to me that those who seem down on their luck or are unhappy about their lives consider themselves to be victims of their circumstances.

This said, for me, looking back at my own journey, in all the various ways that I've personally carried this kind of narrative in the past I have also seemed to experience same, where conversely, in every way that I have dropped this narrative and taken ownership of both of my life and my own power to change it, everything has shifted with me to the positive as well.

So, with this in mind, I gently ask: What victim stories do you feel you are carrying and how are those currently holding you back in your life?

Consider exploring the ways you personally either carry these victim stories in your experience or not, and, if and where you are unhappy with your life experience, not to project or blame it on others, but to step up and do something about it. To take ownership of your life, and goals and visions and life experience, and let these other stories go.

Trust me when I say this and take it from me; from this place, all great things begin.

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