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    "Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom."


    Have you ever experienced the mind-boggling feeling of clouded vision when faced with an important decision? It’s no fun to brave a significant choice, but not quite recognize whether the answer should be a solid ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

    Going with an option that feels grounded and backed by inner knowing brings surefooted confidence before plunging into your bold next move. Even if the question up for grabs is where to eat dinner, clarity always feels better than uncertainty.

    How to use a pendulum for making better choices

    The truth is, we are all much wiser than we give ourselves credit for. Within us, flows an infinite source of wisdom that we can sync up with. But sometimes, a little help from a spiritual tool, like a simple pendulum, can bring things into clearer focus.

    Eva Joy Browning owns Ask Your Pendulum,  and explains that with some practice, and in just a few minutes, we can use a medium such as a pendulum to connect to our intuition.  

    What is a pendulum?

    Used now (and in times of old), swinging pendulums are believed to tap into unseen energies and help those seeking to find sources of water, minerals, andgemstones. On a more mainstream note, many people use pendulums as a way to link up with that badass inner wisdom we all have before making a decision.   

    Do pendulums really work?

    It's said that when we use a simple pendulum, we're actually in commune with our Higher Selves. And when you swap chaotic thoughts for clarifying focus, swinging pendulums are believed to connect you to sage intelligence bringing an answer.

    Where does a pendulum's wisdom come from?

    This is up to you. Some feel that using a pendulum offers knowledge from Angels, Spirit Guides, or a Universal Loving Force. Choose an answer that resonates most deeply with you and your beliefs.

    Of course, like anything, you want to ensure that you're making balanced decisions. And relying on a pendulum to be your ultimate decision making machine isn't suggested. Consult a professional before making a life-altering change (or if you're struggling with an issue).

    Now, time for the fun part.

    You've bought your pendulum ... congrats! Hopefully, you're cozy and settled into your zenlike home ready to use that gorgeous tool to connect with your inner knowing.

    Below are eight tips on how to use a pendulum for making decisions:

    1. Choose your pendulum.

    When it comes to selecting your pendulum, you can shop in person or in a store, but however you buy, let yourself be drawn to a piece naturally.

    You may find that an individual design,healing crystal, or chain on a particular pendulum seems to stick out and calls your attention.

    Choosing your pendulum is part of the process and fun. Which one seems to sparkle the most? What healing crystal relaxes and calms you? Which stone feels best in your hands?

    No matter which one it is, it's suggested that you make your choice based on the pendulum that most captivates you. Not to mention, as you practice using a pendulum, you may find that it's useful to have more than one.

    1. Clear your mind.

    Before using your pendulum, you’ll want to begin by grounding and centering yourself.

    Everyone has a unique method for clearing their thoughts. I like to journal, stretch, or go for a walk. Others prefer guided meditations and yoga. Whatever helps you to feel at ease, calm, and centered will do the trick just fine.  

    1. Get into a comfortable position.

    Having the right posture can help you feel ready to use your swinging tool in comfort.

    Ideally, you want to sit up straight and have your feet firmly positioned on the ground. Hold your pendulum along the chain and rest your arm on something substantial (like on the arm of a chair or the edge of a coffee table) while the healing crystal dangles, explains Browning.

    Now that you’re in a comfortable position with your pendulum in place, you're ready to roll.

    1. Connect to your pendulum.

    Best Vibes Ever, a blog devoted to healing through energy work, crystals, and "good-ass vibes" explain that you should connect with your pendulum by taking a moment to appreciate its beauty, weight, or by holding it up to your heart.

    Most likely, connecting to your pendulum sets a tone of intention and helps you to form a relationship with it.

    1. Program your pendulum.

    Programming your pendulum is quite simple and more straightforward than you may think. In this step, you'll choose the direction the healing crystal will swing in as it answers your questions. You'll also only need to do this step once, says Browning.

    Common direction choices are:

    Side to side (often represents 'no')

    Front to back (often represents 'yes')

    As soon as you have the directions down, verbally ask your pendulum to move in the motions of your choice. For example, you can talk to your pendulum and say something like, “Please move front to back when saying ‘yes,’ suggests Browning.

    1. Try out your pendulum with 'yes' and 'no' questions.

    Have some fun and ask your pendulum some questions to see it in action and to confirm that it's programmed.

    Begin asking your pendulum basic questions such as:

    • “Is my name ________?”
    • “Do I live in _____?”

    At this point, it's been suggested that you can even name your pendulum. Giving it a name helps you to enjoy the experience, practice asking questions, and further enhances your bond with this special spiritual tool.

    How can you name your pendulum?

    All you need to do is ask. For instance, ask it:

    • "Is it okay if I name you ___________? (choose a name).”

    Once you feel sure that your pendulum is answering you clearly, you can move onto something that feels more meaningful.

    1. Ask your question.

    All of your diligent preparation pays off now! Your comfortable, focussed, and so is your pendulum — time to get to the meat and potatoes.

    When you ask your question, be as specific and straightforward as possible (stick to a 'yes' or 'no' request). Try to stay away from opinion questions that can leave a grey area for confusion, notes Browning.

    State your query and pay attention to the swinging pendulum's directions. And that's it! You should have your answer.

    1. Clear your pendulum.

    Have you ever gone to a wine tasting? If you have, then you most likely received cheese in between each tasting. The snacks are not only tasty treats, but they cleanse your palate, so you're ready to try a new vino.

    Much like cleansing your palate, you'll want to cleanse the pendulum after each question. You can do so by touching the healing crystal onto the palm of your hand once you get your answer. This action signals that you and your pendulum are ready to move onto the next question.

    And when you aren't using your pendulum, you can wear it as a necklace (or bracelet). Wearing it all day helps your pendulum to connect with your energy, explains Browning.

    How do I clean the healing crystal on my pendulum?

    When you choose your pendulum, it's important to check in with the retailer you buy it from to find out the care instructions for your specific healing crystal.

    Some stones love water, moonlight, sunshine, and some don't even need to be cleansed.

    We know you’re excited to use your pendulum, but before you jump in full swing, here are some extra pointers:

    1. Relax and enjoy the experience. There’s no need to rush the process … it’s about the journey, not the destination.  

    1. Swinging pendulums are smart. In short, do your best not to try and predict the answer. By no means do you need to take action on the response you received, but allow the answer to flow naturally.

    1. Keep your question as concise, simple, and as binary as possible.  Here are some sample questions to get you started:
    • Will I enjoy this (movie title or book title)?
    • Is it a good idea for me to go to (event name)?
    • Is it is my best interest to buy the (item's name)?
    • Will it (rain, snow, be sunny) tomorrow in (your town)?

    1. If you'd like a stronger response from your swinging pendulum's motions, simply ask it to "be more clear," or "respond louder."  

    1. To help focus and strengthen the energy, you can hold your free hand under the healing crystal in a cupped shape, suggests Browning.

    With all of the info above, you’re set to enjoy your beautiful pendulum!..








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