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  • My New and Full Moon Rituals for Business and Life

    5 min read

    My New and Full Moon Rituals for Business and Life

    We are deeply connected to the cycles of the moon.  Depending where the moon is in her cycle, we can feel her gravitational pull.. she influences the tides of the oceans for instance, and as we are also 80% made of water, she can shift our inner tides as well.

    When the moon is full, we can feel her presence, and most often for many, unconsciously.  It is as metaphoric as anything the old my of the werewolf appearing on full moons.. The werewolf is us.

    Alternatively, the new moon presents an opportunity for cleansing; a reorganization if you will.  As the energy of the moon’s intensity grows towards a full moon in its cycle, we charge up.  As the moon ‘wanes’ from its full moon cycle, we release and decompress, until the new moon signals the start of this cycle once again.

    As a function of this, many partake in rituals on both the new and full moons, present company included.

    As you may know by now, I believe that I am the creator of my experience, not a victim to it.  Embracing this philosophy, it therefore follows that if I clear my mind and spirit from any junk and drama that may come up in distraction, I can use the energy opportunities of these events to recalibrate my focus and vibration in alignment with what I seek in these phases.  As you get more in tune with these cycles, you’ll find that these habits and patterns just come naturally to you, to flow with the universe, as opposed to fighting it..

    My New Moon Ritual(s)

    When the new moon arrives, I usually feel light, and fresh, and ready to sink my teeth into projects and and goals and objectives.  Some of the things I usually do around a new moon, are:

    1 - Clearing my Space

    I naturally try and declutter my space around the new moon.  I move things around and throw things away that are no longer required; that are tasks and missions and notes and items around my house and my desk reminiscent of my objectives and intentions of a past cycle that has come and gone.  I clear my slate so to speak, physically and energetically so I can focus on what I feel is most important to call in and achieve in this next phase shift of my journey.  I often also use sage for this, burning it around my home and work space to cut any potentially lingering and unnecessary ties to past people, patterns, or circumstances.

    2 - I Open to New Tools and Resources; of the Metaphysical Kind

    One of my favorite things is to watch for new tools and resources that cross my path around a new moon.. tools and resources that are meant to amplify and assist my abilities in alignment with my activities in this next lunar cycle.

    3- I Obtain Crystals

    One great example is crystals.  Crystals are well known to carry certain vibrational properties with them, each vibrating in a different frequency, and each frequency offering some different form of amplification to our life experience on all levels.  They can heal, empower, enlighten, and more, and I have felt their impact in my world for quite some time.  So, for my part, in and around a new moon I usually find myself in and around metaphysical shops feeling into what tools and resources and crystals, among others are drawing my awareness and meant to help me along the next steps of my journey, even if the who, how, what, where, and why are not yet clear.

    Do you have crystals around you in your world?  Highly suggest exploring their benefits and invite you to watch for a future post of mine on the subject..

    4 – I Set Clear Intentions

    One of the best things to do around the new moon is to find some space and set clear intentions for the cycle.  This can be easy enough.. Put on some nice music, light some candles, grab a tea and a notebook, and realign and recalibrate your intentions for this new phase.  Write them on paper or in your digital notebook, why a focus on outcomes that you seek, not on tasks. 

    What’s important here is that you are clear in what you are asking for from the universe, not particularly how the universe will bring it to you.  Let the universe figure that part out in alignment with your greatest good, you just be clear and ask clearing for what you want.

    My Full Moon Ritual(s)

    When it comes to a new moon, the moon’s energy is at its peak.  Vibrations are high, and this can throw many people off, particularly unconsciously.

    For one, it’s not something you necessarily need to avoid, but take note that if you are in areas where there are many generally unconscious people, there many very well be some emotional volatility around these times.  Just remember to ride the waves, not to fight them.  Let energies flow, and pass, do not take them on.  Remember that the real trigger for many people that occurs around the full moon comes completely unconscious to them.  Have a little patience, and let them get it out.

    This said, there are a few common full moon rituals I suggest worthy to partake in..

    1 – Drum Circles

    While drum circles can occur at any time and are usually awesome, the energy of drum circles around a full moon can be particularly magical.  The reason for this is everyone’s heightened states of awareness and percolating vibrations, but then where around a full moon this energy is consciously channeled through the body and between each other in positive ways.  The collective channeling and vibration of a drum circle is an amazing ritual outlet for the channeling of powerful full moon energies.

    2 -  Crystal Cleansing and Recharging

    The full moon is a great time to cleanse our metaphysic tools, and crystals, when the vibrational power and influence of the moon is at its peak.  Particularly, place them in salt water near a window for 24 hours and you will cleanse and rebalance the energies around these elements, priming their powers to assist and protect you through the waning and new moon cycles to come.

    3 – Decompress and Release

    With the full moon at its height, there can be great waves of activity and intensity around us.  This is a function of a build up of energy beginning in and around the new moon and then peaking at the full moon, to be then gradually released with the waning moon until the cycle begins again.

    For my part, I often simply hold space, lay out, be with the energies through the peak of the full moon, and let them pass.  Sometimes I feel compelled to go on full moon adventures, but fully conscious of the intensity of the energies likely to be present around me, as I have witness so so many times in these cycles before.

    Very important I feel though, whether during or right after, to allow the peak of this energy to subside, and take care to make sure that in the build up to the full moon and through it, there is no collateral damage from your actions if you went head first into this period both unconscious and flying blind.

    Looking for more insight on the new and full moon cycles and what they mean?  Check out one of my favorite resources, Mystic Mamma, as she is deeply in tune and very well connected on the spiritual planes, right around the world.

    Like this post?  What are your new and full moon rituals?  Like, share, and let me know in the comments below..

    Chad McMillan
    Chad McMillan

    Chad McMillan is an independent venture capitalist and creative artist focused on personal growth and exponential entrepreneurship. Connect with Chad at chad@chadmc.com.

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