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December 02, 2018 1 min read

Happy Valentine's Day, sure, but Happy Self Love Day, too. Why? Is this just some hipster cliché rejecting this longtime celebration of partnership? Nah. I suggest to you here that:

Self-love is the foundation of all love in our life experience.

The work we do on ourselves, to move from wherever we are, to wherever we want to go, is a gift to ourselves from love, (while I suggest that the resistance and rejection of this work to honor ourselves in becoming the best we can be is the opposite of same).

Today, in this moment, whether single or married, or in partnership, or whathaveyou, explore this moment and all of your moments today. Try to begin exploring your life with a consideration and eye on your actions and behaviors. Do you experience your life from a place of self-love? Or not?

If not, it's ok; there's no pressure or judgement, we all have our stuff. But our work here will be to find the way for each of us into these higher vibrating states of love, so that you too can manifest and create and realize everything you've ever wanted, which I suggest to you now, you deserve.

My gift to you today, check out this empowering piece on self-love below.  I feel you'll dig it, as I did.

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