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December 02, 2018 2 min read

What is conscious business? Is your company woke?
Conscious business enterprises and people (also sometimes referred to under the label conscious capitalism) are those thatchoose to follow a business strategy, in which they seek to benefit both human beings and the environment. The Conscious Business movement, which emerged from the theory of corporate social responsibility, pushes for "values-based" economic values where values represent social and environmental concerns at both global and local scales. This effort is related to not-just-for-profit business models, conscious consumerism, and socially responsible investing. 

What is Conscious Business?

There is an alternative way of thinking about Conscious Business now emerging, which regards conscious business as more as an on-going process including awareness, self-awareness, awareness of purpose, practice (social theory) and relationships. (source: wikipedia)


  • Want to make an impact with your business?

  • Want to inspire your staff, clients, partners, community, and supporters?

  • Want to build a movement that mobilizes to make a difference?

  • Want to bless your organization with more goodwill and positive karma?

  • Want to increase organic and word of mouth brand awareness for your business?

  • Want to generate more sales and revenue while at the same time helping those in need or improving conditions in key areas that need real support and attention?

  • Want to sleep well at night knowing you are making a contribution to your community, society, and our planet as a whole?

AWAKEN YOUR COMPANY WITH THE PRINCIPLES OF CONSCIOUS BUSINESS.  Together we can and will make positive impacts on our world through the principles of conscious business and entrepreneurship.  

Looking for more insight on conscious business?  Check out these great and popular books on the subject:

Conscious Business; Build Value through Values:

Sacred Commerce; Business as a Path of Awakening:


How is your business adopting conscious principles?  Would you like conscious ideas from an awakening community of ideas to help you shift and raise the vibration and impact of your activities?


Want to raise awareness for your conscious company or projects?

Like, Share, Subscribe, and Comment below to join the discussion.. Together we can raise our collective vibrations and make some serious impacts, starting right now!

Let’s make this THE SPOT to raise conscious business awareness! Let’s go!


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