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February 09, 2019 3 min read

Got something good for you today, Pinterest for business. Are you on Pinterest?

There are 250 million people using Pinterest every month. Pinterest is massive. This is what it's about. It's not a social network. Everyone thinks it's a social network. Pinterest is actually like a big repository of visual content and then, it's curated in very specific ways that allows everybody else to find it and learn about it and make these new discoveries. This is the place man. Pinterest is I believe to be the largest visual search engine in the world. So, here's kind of the nuts and bolts of how this works..

1 - You sign up for Pinterest, you create a board. That board can either be public or it can be private. Let's just say it's a public board, then your friends can follow you and you curate these things and whatever topics you're interested in. So say I'm interested in business, I have a board that's called business and what I do is as I search on Pinterest and I search through all these different topics related to business. I save them back to my board so we get images, we get quotes, we had all kinds of content related to business so now, I've got this curated collection related to whatever topic I want.

2 - Now, other people see that and they go man, Chad's business board is ballin’. This is amazing so then they follow my board.  So, maybe I'm interested in business and then, this other person's board is sales. I'm like oh I got to learn more about sales and their sales board is far out. So I follow their board.

This platform is growing like crazy. Pinterest is an amazing place to curate and build these tremendous vision boards to plan our lives, to explore products, to compare different types of content, to learn and why we're talking a bit here today about how to use Pinterest to expand and grow the awareness of your business.

In my option, there's a ton of potential for you here. Over 90% of Pinterest users are using Pinterest to plan or shop. I think it's like 60 to 70 percent of people who are on Pinterest have bought something online by going through Pinterest to do it. Tons of people are using it for this just to discover cool things.

So, I'm not sure maybe what shirt I want to buy so I type in a search “pattern shirt” and all these patterned shirts show up in my feed for me to consider. The ones I like, I put to the side. Okay, which one do I want? This is huge because if you're a patterned shirt maker and I'm looking for your pattern shirts, I find it so easily.

It goes beyond that. People can then go and find your content and your boards, they can share it on their boards, brings new eyeballs to your brand, to your business, to your ideas and this thing is growing exponentially.

We used to have the time and the interest to just read things for days but now on Pinterest, it's like boom there's a picture, there's a title, there's the shirt. So mine's gone crazy. I have over 1,500,000 (that's million!) people that see my content on Pinterest a month.  That's a lot of people who come through and see my name and whatever brand and content on Pinterest every month and I'm just getting started. It's super easy to use, it's super powerful, it's growing exponentially and everyone's shopping on it.


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