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The COMPLETE New Pinterest Marketing for Business Online Course

For MORE Followers, Engagement, Traffic, Leads & Sales.

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Become a Master of the Most Powerful Visual Search Engine.

Set up. Optimize. Track. and Scale.

  • Niche Ranking

    Learn how to become #1.

  • Account Design

    Attract and Inspire your audience.

Learn the Platform Most Influencers are Overlooking.

16 Modules.

Over 8 hours of Content.

Supplementary Worksheets.

Access to my Private Support Groups.

All of my Best Tips and Strategies.

The A to Z Course for Pinterest Growth.

Everything you need to set up and grow your Pinterest account.

Build a Thriving and Active Community Around Your Niche.

Watch your stats go through the roof.

  • More Followers

    Daily and consistently.

  • More Engagement

    Increased impressions, repins, and comments.

  • Steady Traffic

    Daily referral traffic to yourwebiste and online store.

Drive New Engaged Shoppers To Your Online Products and Services.

Over 80% of Pinterest Users Shop with the Platform.

  • Master Posting your Products for Organic Traffic

    Your customers are already looking for you.

  • Drive Targeted Traffic with Pinterest Ads

    Leverage powerful visual search advertising for targeted scale.

Discover New Audiences Hungry For What You Sell.  

Powerful analytics will show you to the way.

  • Learn What Content Your Audience Likes Best

    Refine your posts to expand your reach.

  • Uncover Your Customer Wants and Interests You Have Considered Before

    Surprises await you when you use it right.

Grow Your Business With My Powerful New Marketing System.

Drive traffic and track sales SEO friendly content.

  • Generate Passive Income

    Share your pins and they will keep driving traffic to your Products and Services

  • Grow an Engaged Shopper Audience

    Pinterest users come to the site to shop

  • Discover new Product Trends and Ideas

    Leverage powerful analytics offering deep audience insights

Join over 1.5 million of the world's top companies using Pinterest for Business

Everything you Need to Known in 16 Online Video Course Modules



1 - Introduction to Pinmasters

2 - Pinterest Account Set Up for Beginners
3 - Account Optimization
4 - Account Branding
5 - Boards & Pinning
6 - Curating your Account
7 - Account Growth Tips
8 - Welcome to Pinmasters Advanced
9 - Intro to The Pinmasters Advanced Method
10 - The Pinmasters Advanced Method
11 - Using Analytics
12 - Advertising on Pinterest
13 - Power Tools for Pinterest Influence and Growth
14 - Money Making Strategies with Pinterest
15 - Tips for Pinterest Success
16 - What's Next? Your Next Steps for Pinterest Growth

When I first started using Pinterest, I didn't really have a clue what I was doing.. A pin here, a pin there.

And then I started to make some changes and see some great results. My views have grown to as high as 1.5 million a month. Over 50,000 engagements a month. And steady daily referral traffic to my website and online shop.

In fact, Pinterest is now the top referral source to my store. I absolutely love this platform, and I know you will too.

~ Chad McMillan


Take Your Account to the Next Level.

Start Growing Your Business With Pinterest.

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