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December 02, 2018 2 min read

The other day I was walking through the grocery store, Whole Foods to be exact (love Whole Foods).  I was there on a detour during my day to treat myself, to pick up a little vegan chocolate pudding.


(Now I digress, this isn’t your average chocolate pudding this is world class chocolate pudding.  And vegan.  2 points).

So anyways, I'm walking through the grocery store pudding in hand and already living ahead of myself tied to a matrix schedule mindset of where I need to be next.. and I just stop.  I stop in the middle of the grocery store and just look around.  I remind myself that I don’t need to run after anything, and that everything I need is already here.  That everything I need is coming to me now in alignment with me greatest good.

Now, the point here isn’t that you don't necessarily need to drink my kool aid, or even change your whole life to this perspective if you don’t want to.  But the point I am making here is, what happens if you do?  And that you can.

So I’m standing in the middle of the grocery store and I look around, and as so often happens to me, which I always feel so blessed and grateful for, I see signs and signals from the universe that even though I am technically in the space on my own, that actually, I am not truly on my own.

There, across the room, staring at me on the wall is a message meant just for me in that moment, just like they always are.  And I just start to laugh, as I do whenever I receive these kinds of messages...

Want to see what the message was?  I took a picture..


It reads.. "Creating WEALTH, profits, & Growth"..  Which is a reminder of exactly what it is we are doing here.

I mean come on, I can't make this stuff up.

Remember that no matter what you ‘think’ you are going through, that may not be exactly what you actually ‘are’ going through, and you are never alone.  The universe has our backs.

So today, as much as any other day, take a moment today and just stop, let everything go, look around, and see what comes.  This is how you let the magic in.

Have a great day.

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