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  • My Top 5 Reasons To Go Vegan | Plant Based for Better Health

    9 min read

    My Top 5 Reasons To Go Vegan | Plant Based for Better Health

    I want to talk about going vegan and being vegan. Particularly, I want to share the top reasons why I'm vegan. I've been vegan for nearly five years now, and it has been one of the most amazing things that I've ever done for myself. I used to have meat in every meal, and I used to think that was required. I had this protein paralysis fear where I thought that in every meal I needed to have some sort of animal protein or else who knows what would happen or what would go wrong.

    Finally, I burst through that and it's been amazing ever since.


    Why did I go vegan? Well before I started to change my diet, I hadn't spent a lot of time paying attention to it;  I was generally active and just eating whatever I wanted and doing whatever I wanted to do.  But that said, as it turns out, I was actually being quite hard on my body and really neglecting things I needed to pay attention to.  Over time I started to recognize that I felt very tired, as well as emotionally and mentally burned out, while at the same time I had physical pains, indigestion, upset stomach and heartburn.. I wasn't in a very healthy state and I was feeling it at all levels.

    Now, one could argue, and I appreciate the position, that the stimulus that creates these various items and experiences was not necessarily entirely nutrition based. However, I would suggest that diet is a component and contribution of that.  I believe in the axiom that you are what you eat, and I believe that certain foods carry greater nutrients than others, thereby making us feel better than others and assisting us in experience more positive, higher vibrating, and 'feel good' states. 

    As such, I began to explore a different lifestyle and diet for myself.  It took a little time and effort and research to figure it out, but having a vegan diet was a very clean, restorative, and healthy consideration for me to make; adjustments to rebalance my health, and for how I treat myself and my body and honor my life and my world going forward..

    Getting into it, here are my top five reasons why I enjoy being vegan and why  suggest someone going through the same or similar challenges should consider a vegan diet and lifestyle:

    #1 - My Energy.

    Before, I used to experience a great deal of fatigue after I ate, in particular right after a big meal. Then I'd feel sleepy or sluggish where I wouldn’t necessarily lay down, but I wanted to.  My energy level would sink, and I'd feel the need for midday catnaps at my desk or similar, no matter whatever I was doing. I just didn't have a sustainable storage of energy levels throughout my day.

    Now, since I've gone vegan, I've found that my energy levels and sleep patterns have been very consistent day in and day out.  Since I started eating for fuel, I’ve had steady fuel throughout the day and I don't feel like I need to crash from a meal.  (Note that gluten I've found was also a contributing factor for this and so I've cut this out of my diet as well, and it's been awesome).

    We say eat for fuel not for entertainment. We're very much programmed and marketed to eat for entertainment; chips, chocolate bars, and things like these that are considered major, major entertainment food campaigns. When you eat for fuel, you eat what nourishes your body best, that makes you feel better about your body, and makes your body sing in alignment with you, your needs and your lifestyle. That's a tremendous reason that I've found to go to a plant based, vegan diet – it drives the shift in your energy level.

    #2 How I Feel

    Energy is one thing but I suggest that how I feel with the food that I eat and through the food that I eat is also extremely important. Before, my diet used to cause me different types of pains that were quite frustrating because I didn't know, couldn't recognize nor understand where these sources were coming from. I thought I was eating healthy, but I was experiencing these pains in different parts of my body and it was a buzz kill. It doesn't feel good, and nobody I know particularly likes to feel physical pains in their lives. It was a heavy thing to carry and it was especially frustrating when I didn't know where and how to address these problems.

    By moving to a plant-based, vegan lifestyle, I moved into an alkaline based vibration. My body responded tremendously well to it and since has felt fantastic. (Knocking on wood here :). Now I don't have big pains when I eat. Now I don't have heartburn and indigestion from the foods I eat, and it feels awesome. It was quite draining and tiring and physically frustrating to have been experiencing these symptoms on those levels, and appreciate both that they are no longer present, and that these good vibes I get to enjoy with this diet continue.. :)

    #3 My Aura and Glow of Being

    Some have looked at me and tell me my eyes feel or look lighter, whiter, and clearer. Generally speaking, I see it in pictures of me and with others, that my skin glows from the diet that I'm on. There's full color in my being, my skin is clear and healthy. There's tremendous radiance, I find even just looking at myself now vs. pictures from the past of before I made this shift.

    What is clear is that there are healthy nutrients in my body, and for it my body is thriving.  There is a radiance in my spirit from this nourishment and this allows me to really glow and vibrate at my highest potential levels.

    #4 My Body Proportions and Homeostasis

    Since becoming vegan I've found a great shift in the way my body looks, feels, and is proportioned. Before, my body used to store fats in some specific areas. Since, this has shifted, and my body has rebalanced along with this diet. They say that you can very much eat whatever you want on a vegan diet and your body will use those nutrients, that fuel and that food, optimally and efficiently, moving whatever you don't need through your system to the parts of your body that does. (Source: Men's Health).  Over time, I suggest this diet will assist your body in optimally rebalancing to homeostasis; balance.

    For my part, I've seen shifts in my body and my weight. If you're struggling with weight issues and you're having a hard time doing it; yes, you can go to the gym and you can run on a treadmill for hours a day. Some people do, they spend hours in the gym every day trying to lose weight. However, the common consensus amongst many advanced athletes and trainers is that diet and nutrition is 80% of the work to being in great shape. 

    Remember, healthy living is a state of being, it's a lifestyle; It's not a destination.  It is a high vibrational state of living that is fueled by small and consistent repeated actions in support of this want, to feel, look, and live your best

    I suggest to you here that this diet is going to support your body moving into this state of being, helping you lose weight where you don't need it to be.  Highly recommended, if you're fighting or struggling with weight, try out a plant-based diet. Talk to your doctor, but just try it for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. Really, just start today trying it and just watch this melt away from you, truly. Remember, fat is stored energy and that means if you're carrying high levels of fat, then you're consuming more than you need.  When you're eating on the vegan diet you're consuming what you need and you're storing modestly what you need for later on a continual basis.  Ie. Now, for my part, I graze throughout the day, which I consider a fantastic technique to support balanced, healthy, and modest consumption, so I'm always fueled up.  Then as you go, you continue to nourish yourself as needed on that basis as your body shifts, and your consumption habits change.  It's changed my life, and I highly recommend it.

    #5 - The Growing Vegan Community

    This is a bit of a different one, but the fifth reason I love being vegan and suggest it's something to explore, is that the vegan community is growing and it is full of fantastic people, that are on a collective mission and embody a collective philosophy of looking after other people and looking after each other, building community, and really just feeling great and vibing high in their lives.

    I find that on the whole, there are two common traits people hold in pursuing a a vegan lifestyle; one is the pursuit of and the interest in a vegan lifestyle to feel good. The other is that vegan people tend to feel great and feel good because they are charged with good fuel and positive energy. They are healthy, and they are feeling emotionally and hormonally balanced in different ways because of this nourishing fuel-minded and fuel-focused diet that they are on. When all of us get in the same room, the passion in these communities about feeling this way and enjoying feeling this way together is a fantastic vibration.

    I've met tremendously amazing people in the vegan community, and it continues to grow globally. There are beautiful things, I feel, to continue to come from that.

    I'm not  going to stop there, I'm going to kind of bonus this up a bit too, a sixth reason to consider being vegan.

    #6 - My Respect and Love for Animals

    This is obviously a bit deeper and it is part of the vegan movement itself. A consideration of animals and our respect, care and love for animals. Many have animals in our lives in all different shapes, ways, places, and forms.  In many religions or spiritual circles, animals also carry sacred symbolism and messages; different forms of nurturing, healing, signaling and so forth.

    As we know, plant based food and nutrition does not include meat or dairy.  The meat and dairy industries within the mainstream food systems are two easy areas that you can point to with a horrendous track record of abusing animals; highly documented circumstances of incredibly disturbing and inhumane treatment of animals who coexist with us on this planet. (Check out the documentary "Vegucated" for a most humbling journey into this world).

    #7 - (Ok, one more!) Hollistic and Global Impacts

    All of this said, there are tremendous vegan calculators out there that demonstrate many holistic was that every day, you and I as vegan make a positive impact on our world:

    • We save forests.
    • We save grains.
    • We reduce CO2 consumption.
    • We reduce the slaughter of animals and save animal's lives, among others.

    Check out the Vegan Calculator

    You see, we generate positive, good karma footprints in a number of different ways for the world as well, not just ourselves, just by partaking in a more holistic diet. It betters us  personally as individuals; energetically, vibrationally, visually, spiritually, emotionally, while also contributing in a positively vibration way to the global community.

    In Conclusion

    I'm telling you, you're not missing out on protein, there are plant-based protein sources that are fantastic, and you still get all the nutrients you need, which is wonderful. You're not hurting or harming the environment and other beings are spared from the lower vibration emanating around you.

    It is a fantastic way to live. It feels tremendous for me, and I greatly, greatly enjoy the choice I've made to participate in the vegan world and look out for myself and others in this way.

    To that end, I have prepared a Quick and Easy How to Go Vegan Guide for you, and eBook and audiobook.  Check it out and sign up to my newsletter if you're interested in diving in and learning the secrets about how I partake as a vegan in the world, despite an active and busy lifestyle, a both active business and traveling lifestyle.

    With this information, you can very quickly, today even, consider making some of these dietary adjustments without fear, concern, and without major shifts or panic in your lives to make it very, very easy for you to equally embark on this vegan journey.

    Hope you enjoyed this post. If you like it comment below, share if you're feeling it so others too can pick up some of these good holistic vegan lives.

    Let me know your thoughts. Dive into the book if that is something you're interested in and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

    (Remember always to consult with your health care practitioner before embarking on any significant health, exercise or dietary changes).

    To your great health,


    Chad McMillan
    Chad McMillan

    Chad McMillan is an independent venture capitalist and creative artist focused on personal growth and exponential entrepreneurship. Connect with Chad at chad@chadmc.com.

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