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  • 3 Popular Tarot Card Spreads | What They Mean and How to Use Them

    4 min read

    3 Popular Tarot Card Spreads | What They Mean and How to Use Them

    Life is a process of expansion and change. Think back to only a year ago, and you’re likely to realize just how far you and your goals have come.

    Even if the changes we experience are subtle, like learning how to say 'no' more often, rather than defaulting to 'yes’ mode, it's important to give ourselves credit for the growth we make.

    Every single day brings new insights, opportunities, and decisions to be made. And having a helpful tool, like Tarot Cards, can amplify our intuition to make more well-rounded decisions.


    Tarot Card Spreads - What they are and how to use them


    What are Tarot Cards, and how do they work?

    A Tarot Deck has 78 cards, and each card represents a different meaning for our lives through the use of symbols and imagery.

    Typically, a Tarot Deck consists of:

    • 22 Major Arcana cards:These cards represent your life's spiritual lessons and karma.
    • 56 Minor Arcana cards: These cards symbolize our day-to-day life experiences.

    While it can be all too easy to assume that Tarot Cards foretell the future, a more accurate description is that they tap into our intuition, explains Bright, the author ofEveryday Tarot, founder ofBiddyTarot.com, and an Intuitive Interpreter.  

    When you ask a specific question and draw your cards from a Tarot Deck, their vibrant symbolism can connect you to your subconscious.  

    Where does the information come from when you do a Tarot Reading?

    "The wisdom we connect to when we read the Tarot is different for the individual ... some call on their Guides, some go to their Higher Source, while others simply go on their intuition," says Jill Merzon (Master Teacher of Tarot with 40 years of experience).

    As you advance as a reader, you may begin to dive deeper into the meanings and symbols shown on each card while paying extra attention to the colors, the numbers, and the astrological content, notes Merzon.

    Before you begin your reading with a Tarot Card spread, settle into a quiet place, and make sure you feel calm, relaxed, and focused.

    Below are three popular Tarot Card Spreads:

    1.  True Love Spread

    Whether you are a high profile attorney, artist, or a hashtagging tween, love seems to be oneveryone’s mind. And this popular spread helps you peer through the rose-colored lens of love to determine your spiritual, emotional, and physical connection to that special someone in your life.

    TheTrue Love Spread consists of six cards, and each card represents different aspects of your love life.

    1 – The first Tarot Card deals with numero uno, you! And it reveals your immediate feelings about the relationship.

    2 – The second card depicts your partner's attitude, expectations, and possible emotions towards you.

    3 – This card shows the connection you have with your partner in terms of bonding characteristics.

    4 – The fourth card indicates thestrengths of your relationship.

    5 – With strengths come weaknesses (sorry to say it!), and this card shows any weak points that your relationship may have.

    6 – And finally, the card we've all been waiting for, yourtrue love card. It shows how you can build upon the positives in your relationship.

    Of course, you are the boss! Trust your inner guidance and seek any additional or professional advice before making any major decisions.

    1. Celtic Cross Spread

    Sophia Loren, an experienced Tarot Card Reader and creator of the comprehensive siteTarot Prophet, explains that theCeltic Cross Spread is excellent to use in situations that feel complex.

    In theCeltic Cross Spread, each card sheds light on a specific life situation by looking at the many angles involved.

    1 – Your first card shows what’s happening in your current situation.

    2 – This card highlights the situations that are either assisting or holding you back in life.

    3 – The third card represents your heart's true desires and other powerful subconscious influences that you might not be totally in tune with.

    4 – The fourth card clarifies whether the past is serving you as inspiration, or if it’s hindering your growth.

    5 – The fifth card emphasizes where you should place the most energy to attain your desires and dreams.

    6 – This card magnifies any negative energies that you may encounter (and how to stay on track to reach your goals).

    7 – The seventh card points out your dominant thoughts and actions.

    8 – This particular card shows the different energies in your life and how they're influencing you.

    9 – The ninth card will keep you focussed on the areas in life that you should hold with importance and realize their relevance.

    10 – Your tenth card signifies a situation's outcome. To read this card accurately, touch base with the fifth card drawn. Is your current mood (or energy) complementing or conflicting with the desired outcome?

    1. Three Card Spread

    The classicThree Card Spreadis often a fan favorite, because of its ability to highlight a situation, the problem, and the action we can take to solve it, says Bright (ofBiddyTarot.com).

    Past, present, and future are also popular categories to use in aThree Card Spread.

    1 – The first card signifies a particular situation.

    2 – The second card shows the problem within the situation.

    3 – Lastly, this card suggests a course of action we can take to remedy the situation.

    No matter what Tarot Card spread you use, or if you're reading for yourself or someone else, "Make sure you, as the reader is clear, grounded, and remain neutral," says Merzon.

    Now that you know some popular Tarot Card Spreads, get yourself fully equipped with a customized Tarot Deck (made by yours truly).









    Chad McMillan
    Chad McMillan

    Chad McMillan is an independent venture capitalist and creative artist focused on personal growth and exponential entrepreneurship. Connect with Chad at chad@chadmc.com.

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