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    Are you ready for when your ultimate success actually happens?

    Okay, amazing. Let's talk about success, and the notion of success, the idea of success, and very importantly, preparation for success. What does that mean?

    5 Tips to Prepare for Success.png

    Well, a possible example of success comes when you win the lottery. As some people define it, success is defined directly in alignment with money, and not being ready for success, and prepared for success is what happens when for example, someone wins the lottery, then you see them a few years later, if that, and you hear these stories and they've lost all the money, or they've spent all the money.

    You hear stories of people who have been worse off they say, from winning the lottery, as opposed to better off, and I suggest to you here that the reason for this is because they aren't prepared for their success. They buy the lottery ticket, but they don't prepare themselves for what they would do if they actually won it.

    Life in business is just very much the same. It's the same analogy. We build companies, we build missions and dreams, we talk about making millions, and billions of dollars and all these fancy things, but may of us do little to nothing to otherwise prepare ourselves for the realization of those visions and dreams. We say, "Oh, I want to be successful, and oh I want to make all this money, and, oh I want all these fancy things," but what have we actually done about that and for that and to support tho intentions?

    What have we actually put in place to get ready to place to be ready to receive this success?  

    From one perspective - Are you providing a service to the world? Are you building anything? Creating anything? Are you running a company?

    From the second perspective - How do you run your bank account? Do you have a financial advisor? Do you have any sort of awareness as to how you are managing your money, which is the fruit of the activity that you are embarked upon?

    So, with this, we need to prepare. My suggestion to you is that to succeed and ultimately succeed in it for the long term, we need to prepare ourselves, and set ourselves up for success. So, this piece is about preparing yourself for success.

    So wherever we're at, I am assuming here we all want to succeed. We all want to be successful, we all want all these fancy things, and amazing things to occur to our lives, and in our world, and that is valid, and as a function of that I am suggesting to you here that to be ready to receive it, we need to do the work.

    So, what is the work?

    Number 1: We need to be rested.

    We need to understand the pattern of sustainability and consistent energy. With success, things are still occurring. There's not less stuff, right? There is a consistency of energy in the world and there is always energy. We are energy, and energy is always around us.

    Now, to call in success from where we certainly are, or to each our own definition of success, we need to understand that there is still a vibration associated with success, and to sustain and maintain that vibration, which is the vibration of success as we define it. I suggest to you here we need to shift and move ourselves into that vibration and sustain it. So we need to find rest for ourselves so we are rested enough to shift into the vibration that is success for us. Follow me?

    So think right now, of what it would feel like if you were successful in your life, in the way you envision. How does that feel? Move into that vibration, and now staying in the zone of success and of sustaining success is a function of consistent energy flows that carry that vibration of success. We are moving into a new lifestyle, a new way of being in a new life pattern, and so we need to be rested, aware of it, and re-calibrated for it. If we're burnt out and/or exhausted, then we aren't and can't stay in our zone. So get some rest. Sleep in a little bit. Right? Don't work harder for it. Rest up to be clearer with what it is that success means to you, and then start steadily shifting your vibe to become one with it.

    Number 2: Get healthy.

    We need to be healthy to vibrate at the level that calls in our success, and sustains our success. Ie. If we're given a huge wad of cash as a reward, but we are not mentally, physically, and spiritually in balance then I suggest to you here we are going to do stupid things with that money, that are going to make us feel bad about who we are. We're going to come into these negative, and lower patterns of shaming ourselves for our behavior, and we're going to blow that money and then feel bad about it, which is going to move us back into a vibration of feeling like we're failures, as opposed to feeling successful, and abundant, and prosperous in our lives, and in our worlds.

    This is a common pattern, this yo-yo pattern of life.. One day we feel great. The next day we feel sorry for ourselves. We need to shift out of that pattern. So to do so, I suggest we need to find stability in our health. Mentally, physically and spiritually. Spiritually I don't mean in a religious sense per-say. To each their own, in your own faith, but I mean spiritually in an energetic way. Right? So that we free and clear to vibrate. Freely and clearly on the daily, in alignment with our vision of success. We're shifting the circumstances of our lives. As I've said, and I say here, "If you want your life to change, you need to change your life," and that's what we're working on here. Getting healthy.

    Number 3: Make sure you have the Right Tools in Place.

    It's so interesting how many times I come across people that are talking about success, that they want success, and they're so great, and they're doing all these great things, and they're so ready, and blah, blah, blah blah, but they're not. Right? Because many haven't done the fundamental work to be ready to receive success. If the goal is financial for instance to receive wealth and abundance of prosperity in their world, and to live in a state of wealth and abundance and prosperity in the world, then we need to do the work to be ready for this to occur.

    Ie. Many haven't optimized and rebalanced their debts and liabilities, haven't set up the right types of accounts and support for themselves to receive and sustain what they receive. They haven't set up the tools so that someone could actually give them a dollar.  We need to do this work friends!

    Here's a great little short anecdote that I always like to tell this one..

    The priest and the beggar, this is called. So, a beggar goes to a priest. There's this fantastic priest statue on the hill, overlooking this community, this town, and this beggar moves to the priest statue at the great church on the hill (and just to be clear, non religious this story, but you'll get the point of it when I'm done).  So the beggar comes to the priest statue, and he's praying and he's begging, "Please, please, please, priest, please, I'm hard up, if you could please help me, I need your help. Please, please, please let me win the lottery. Please let me win the lottery," and the statue of course sits there, and the man kind of weeps, and kisses its feet and walks away.

    A week goes by, the beggar comes back and he comes right back to the statue, and he says, "Please priest, I beg you. Please. I beg you. Would you please let me win the lottery? I just have nothing. It's hard out here. Life is so tough, I'm not doing well. I'm not good enough, I need the breakthrough. I need the love, I need the money in my pocket, and then everything will be fantastic. Would you please, please, please let me win the lottery? Please." He kisses the statue's feet, and he's on his way.

    Another week goes by, and it's the third week upon the community, and the beggar comes to the statue again, and he crawls up begging on his hands and knees and he goes, "Please priest, I am begging you, please would you please let me win the lottery? I'm begging you please. Would you please let me win the lottery? Ah. My life is so difficult, it's so hard. I just really need this so much, and it'll change my life, you know I just have had no success anywhere and I'm not good enough. I need some help. Please, would you please let me win the lottery?"

    Just in that moment, the statue moves, and he looks down at the beggar, and he says, "Hey, I hear you man. Would you please, please, please buy yourself a ticket?"

    Haha. I always love that story. The point is, as in with the story of the priest and the beggar, you have to prepare yourself with the tools you need to receive what you seek, in a way that allows you to prosper and succeed in the ways you define for yourself, and your life, and if you don't, how could you possibly expect to receive those things in your world? Right?

    I mean if you were looking to make more money, how do you expect to do that if you do not have a job, or you do not have a product, or a service, right? Or an invention, or something of some type to offer to the world so the world can give you their money. Because believe me, they want to.

    The world wants to be sold fantastic things. It wants to be offered amazing things that improve their lives. It happens all day, everywhere, all the time. So what is your magic? What is your gift? Right? What is your lottery ticket, so to speak? That you prepare and that you set up, and you're ready for, to receive the success, and if you're on path with this already, then continue that work.

    Build the fundamentals, the strong fundamentals that allow you to be ready for when the success comes. When multi millionaires and billionaires come knocking at your door and say, "I want to do business with you. I want this so much, and so bad. Please, we're ready. Can we have it?" Then what are you going to say on that day? Are you going to say, "Oh, well, actually I need another six weeks, it's not quite ready," or, "I need another six months," or "you know what? It might be ready in three years, but it's not ready yet. Sorry, no thanks."

    Is that how you are going to respond to opportunity when it knocks at your door for you to move into your realm of prosperity, success, and abundance in your life, which is what you seek, and which is what you are asking for, but what you may not be ready for, which is why you are not yet receiving it?

    So, do the work. Prepare yourself accordingly. Dot the I's, cross the T's. Be ready to receive. Right? So, so important, and the sooner you begin this work, the sooner the success you define for yourself will come to you.

    Number 4: Be clear on your definition of success.

    What is success? What it is for me, and what it is for you, can be quite different. For my part, I could live on a beach, with a coconut stand, and some music playing, and some fantastic people joining me on the beach, and I could be so happy and have so much fun, and that might be all I really need.

    But then I also enjoy building. I enjoy creating. I enjoy playing. I enjoy challenging myself mentally and physically, and socially and otherwise. I love that journey and adventure. Both of them are great, but at the very least I know that in the root of that, in the simplicity and the minimalism of that lifestyle, that I can still find joy and peace and love and happiness in my life.

    So everything that I have today, I feel blessed and grateful for. I am successful, I am succeeding. I am prospering. There is more wealth, joy, peace, love, happiness, prosperity, abundance, adventure, magic, great people, experiences, creativity, opportunity, and contribution for me to bring and to come in my life and in my world, because I define it in such a way for this to be so..

    I've said this before, and I'll say it again; One of the best ways to visualize how we define our success, for me, is using Pinterest. I'm a huge, huge fan and proponent of it, because we can curate the visions, and ideas we have for all these different elements of our lives that are the way we choose, and define our lives to be, and I tell you, as and when we do this, it is fantastic to look at these curations. To look at these bundles, these boards of our visions and say, "That's what it is. That's what that vibration of success looks like for me," and we then begin to grow our way into them. We will be true to ourselves, and what it is we seek, and we will grow into these visions because if we don't, the only experience we're experiencing is of us lying to ourselves about what that is.

    So stop lying to yourself. You cannot lie to yourself. We cannot lie to ourselves and succeed in the same breath. We are the ones who defines our respective success, and we are each the creators of it. So as soon as we get real with ourselves about what success means to us, and what we really, truly, deep in our hearts want this to look like, and we paint that portrait for ourselves, then we are able to truly work backwards knowing exactly what we need to be able to move into it, and for it all to really happen.

    This is the course I've set through my site, and everything I'm doing here. Though this portal I will continue to offer, and demonstrate, and share tools that I believe will help you grow through, and into this realm of vibration, but you need to do the work, because only you know what your ultimate vision of success and prosperity looks like for you.

    Next, once you have established these elements; once you're rested, once you're feeling healthy, and you're vibrating.. rested, and healthy and clear. You have put the right tools in place to make sure you're ready.. your house is in order, so to speak..You have your bank account open. You have a way for people to pay you. You have a product, or a service for people to do business with you. Or an invention that people can buy from you. Once you have these tools, or an invention that people can use, once you have these tools, you are then managerially, physically, actually ready to receive and for the universe to send you what you seek.  And you have to be ready for these things, because if you're not, the universe could be standing right in front of you, trying to give you millions of dollars, and it can't because you haven't set up a pay now button on your website, so somebody can actually pay you the money for your service. There's no store. So how do you expect to receive it if there's no way for people to pay you?

    So you've done these things. You're rested, right, and you're grounded. You're healthy, you're looking after yourself. You're clear on what your intentions are. You have great tools in place. You're clear on the definition of your success, in your life, and your world, and what you want that world to look like for yourself. So now..

    Number 5: Call it in.

    You say it very clearly to the universe. Just say to the universe.. you can say it out loud right now, "This is my definition of success. This is what I want for myself and for others, and this is the world I seek to live in," and you call it in, and start putting those vibes out there, and doing the work to bring this success, prosperity, and abundance you seek for yourself into your world, and into your life, with and by and for yourself, committed to your vision, and I assure you as I sit here, and I tell you all the tools, and resources and people you require. All the opportunity you seek is right in front of you. It will come to you. It will meet you with your intentions, and those intentions will absolutely, surely, 100 percent be realized in your journey.

    Trust, I know this. I've lived this journey, and I realize these achievements and these fulfilments and these experiences in alignment with my deepest dreams and wishes, every. single. day.

    * * *

    Does this piece resonate with you?  If you like this piece, like, comment, share with others. Let me know what you think. Share with me your visions, and your intentions about what you want and what you seek for your world, and I look forward to chatting with you soon.

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