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    Make a couple of these adjustments and help take the edge off..

    Alright, I feel today’s a great day to talk about stress and managing month end financial stress in particular. I too have dealt with this over the years and done a lot of work on myself in this area, where I now feel blessed and grateful that I don't experience this nearly quite as painfully as I used to because I’ve make adjustments and have become much more aware of it.

    8 Ways to End Month End and Financial Stress Flowers - Chad McMillan

    Surely, I’d suggest to you that the best thing you can do to reduce stress in any area of your life is to bear witness and to recognize your own triggers and where it comes from.  Lately I've been witness of and bearing witness to many people who have been strung right out and put right out by financial pressures that show up right around month end in particular.

    If you’ve been following my writings and website, you’ll know that I embrace the philosophy that we are energy; that we live in a state of vibration, and that the vibration we are currently resonating in is a direct mirror of our experience in life. (More to come on this later).

    Now, in consideration of this philosophy it also follows that if we allow things to lower our vibration, then we will attract more of same.

    As such, I suggest that we want to stop or steer away from those things that keep us from realizing true prosperity and abundance and that month end financial pressure is one such major trigger to avoid.

    You see the problem is, if you allow things to affect your good vibrations.. ie. You have a great month and then towards month end everything gets dark, then you will start attracting similar darkness to your world.  For us, we want to live up and stay up, and flowing, in joy, peace, happiness, and abundance, ALL THE TIME.  (And why not??)

    Ultimately we can choose to believe the darker or the lighter side of this pattern; that we are managed as a function of time in order to facilitate control by ‘the powers that be.’  Or, you can accept a much more holistic lighter side to this that ‘month end’ and ‘monthly payment’ structures simply help facilitate connection and communication and flow between all of us.  For today, let’s focus on the positive side and the latter, but acknowledge the impact this monthly turn event seems to have on many of us – and address it.

    The work that I do every day on myself is to identify and recognize the triggers that have an impact on me around month end, make adjustments, and let them go; to take away their power or control over me so that I can carry on with the good vibrations I am enjoying in my world, without shifts, or blips, or financial stress. 

    Without further ado, my top 8 ways to manage and ideally avoid, month end and financial stress:


    1 - Pay Early

    Don’t wait to pay your bills at the end of the month when they're actually due.  Instead, try and pay them earlier in the month when there’s no pressure to do it right away.  This will help alleviate the stress of having to do all of this immediately on the one last day, which can be exhausting.


    2 – Request to be Paid Mid-Month Instead

    Many companies pay out in the middle and end of the month, which I appreciate, but for your part, why not try just getting paid for the full month in the middle of the month? 

    Many payments can be delayed at month end and if you’re relying on a daisy chain of events to receive your money, just to line up to receive that payment then I suggest this is a good procedure to adjust.  This way, you can organize and coordinate receiving your money and any budgetary needs with a little breathing room.. while you’re cool, calm, and collected.


    Number 3 - Automate your Payments

    This is a great technique so you don’t have to manage every single payment, every single day.  Set up automated payments wherever possible to avoid the stress of managing them.  I have a calendar set up that notifies and reminds me of when my payments are, so I’m in the loop then looks after them for me, so I don’t even have to do anything.  I think personally I’m at something like like 90 or 95% of my payments automated right now.  A great optimizing tool and pretty huge. 


    Number 4 - Don’t Trade on Margin

    Now I’m not a financial advisor but I don’t find it a good idea to trade on margin.  In stocks, as in life, earn what you own, and pay with what you have.

    When you trade on margin it could be a good idea out the gate, in that hey, you’re getting some more leverage there is something’s on a roll.  BUT, what happens if that trend turns?  Now it’s down 20% on some random news and you’re sitting there like oh God, now I've only got you know I've only got some of the cash to cover the loan, which you now need to pay by the end of the month.  Not worth the stress in my opinion.


    Number 5 - Change your Team Schedule

    Sure, a lot of people on your team may be in a month end rhythm, but if they work with and for you, it’s your job to help them improve their processes as well.  Get your whole team on the mid month payment schedule and help them stop asking you for their own payments (which of course they deserve), at the end of the month.


    Number 6 - Unplug/Leave Town

    Sometimes, when people are losing it and everyone wants your money or attention, the best this to do is just buy yourself a couple days and some peace of mind, unplug and leave town.  Yes, many may want to convince you that the world is about to end if you aren’t around, but if you need it, take it.


    Number 7 - Yoga and Meditation

    These two topics alone are of course worthy of a deep dive.  Yoga is also meditative, so not mutually exclusive to meditation, but one and the same really.  Yoga helps pull us out of our minds and bring us into our bodies, grounding our energy and chilling us out.  Meditation in and of itself, relaxes our bodies, clears our mind of all the crap and drama and aligns our focus.

    Both of these are more or less a part of my near daily regimen and highly highly recommended.


    8 - Comedy

    Comedy is gold and such good tonic for stress.  In the toughest of moments, if you just come out of your head for a moment and look at all the drama that’s playing out in front of you, and letting it all go, believe me when I say this that you will see the comedy in all of life.  Equally, look for the comedy in all of life, it’s everywhere.


    Bonus 9 – Don’t Take on the Drama

    As a final point, as I’ve said, if someone is freaking out out there around you, accept it as a mirror, and listen for the message, but don’t take it on.  Just flow with it, stay in your zone, and let the energy pass.  Everyone will be better for it.

    Enjoyed these tips?  Like, comment, or share below, maybe even tag some people you feel could use it.

    In the meantime, have a great day.



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